Photo: Sascha Pohflepp (bottom), watz (top).

I’m now headed to Newark Airport to fly to Portugal for the amazing OFFF conference. Don’t be jealous, though, if you can’t make it – expect plenty of coverage for both CDMs. (My talk Saturday will actually be more music-focused than visual, though as you know, the lines are always deliciously blurry between the two.)

If you are making it and showing work, do be sure to find me during the week! I’ll be doing impromptu interviews in video/sound through the week in hallways and the hotel (most of us are staying in the same place).

  • I´ll be there and im looking forward to see/hear your talk. ate logo

  • ocp

    Sê bem vindo ( ;

  • bem vindo 🙂

  • grigori

    looking 4ward to updates 🙂
    smooth sailing!

  • viva os portugueses no cdm

  • great talk, thank you Peter!

  • The bottom image shows Robert Hodgin, not Sascha Pohflepp. The top image is in fact me, speaking in 2005…