Photo (CC) Brian Gurrola …and yes, we expect the bit on the right to come into greater focus soon.

The name gives it away: Record is a product based on a feature Reason users have long requested — audio recording. The surprise is, that need has led to an entirely new tool. Instead of just adding a requested feature, the company has revealed that they built a new application, re-examining in the process what recording really means. Internet rumors have been predicting something along these lines. The problem is, rumors can sometimes create distorted expectations. In this case, I think it’s worth taking a closer look, which we’ll be doing over the coming days.

Today, the first audiences of Reason users learned of the tool’s existence at the Producers Conferences events staged around the world. We’ll be able to talk about the details on Monday, but having spoken to Propellerhead co-founder Ernst Nathorst-Böös, I want to at least say that this really is shaping up to be something different.

Record is an audio recording program, says Ernst, but "This program has nothing to do with audio. It’s all about music… We wanted this to be about music making." Record is a piece of software designed around the musical possibilities of recording audio, he explains, emphasizing the actual act of recording and working with sound in ways that are always connected to musical time, beats and bars, and a fluid approach to tempo and tempo changes. It focuses on a single task rather than bundling together lots of tasks.

Most importantly, I am already convinced that Record is not intended to be a DAW, or Digital Audio Workstation – that is, a tool defined by bundling together different functionalities. This sometimes-muddled product category has been created after the fact to describe a certain breed of software, applications like Pro Tools and Logic. DAWs are defined by the way in which they combine a lot of different features, from audio and MIDI to plug-in hosting, mixing, and even video and notation. They’re useful and powerful for many tasks, which accounts for their popularity and staying power. But regular readers of this site are always up for new ideas, and attempts – in all varying degrees of success – to try new directions.

There are many new ideas in musical instruments and effects, but you don’t get entirely new ideas about how to put together a commercial music application very often. Actually changing the mold is a big challenge. Propellerhead’s own Reason and ReBirth, Ableton Live, Image-Line’s Fruity Loops (now FL Studio), and Sonic Foundry (now Sony) Acid all had a big impact on a wide group of computer music makers by effectively changing the mold. (And, of course, with or without big user bases, readers of this site are fans of many lesser-known tools that have done the same.)
We’ll have a number of months to begin to see what Record’s contribution might be. But whether it’s successful or not, the good news today was that, after all this time, Propellerhead isn’t using anyone else’s mold. Tune in Monday for our first look at some of those results, and then be sure to let us know what you think and what you’d like to know down the road.

Note that this is my own personal take. I did run it by Propellerhead, however, so this is not a rumor or leak. Embargo is lifted on the details on Monday, when we’ll be able to actually show images of the software.

  • wow. its a daw. it can record audio. how innovative.

    wait a minute..

  • Haldeman

    Wow, the iPhone. It's a cellphone. How innovative. Wait a minute…

  • tonio

    come on, you don't know what it is, so spare us your cynical opinion

  • At the risk of stating the obvious:

    If it turns out there are no more new ways to record sound, then I think I'll retire from digital music. Whether this software succeeds or not, I think recording is never something we should take for granted. It's too fundamental. (Ditto synthesis.)

  • Come on Peter, you have fresh information, give some more details about it!

    Congrats for publishing this 😉

  • its just a pretty lame argument for selling a daw isnt it?

    you can record audio.

    i would jump up and down in your ordinary happy fashion if they would tell me that i could travel through time with it or whatever, but record audio. i can record audio with the sound recorder (obviously) in windows, and to have that as their main selling argument is just weak.

    cynical as it may be, but weak nonetheless.

  • I don't understand these comments. There are no enough details about this new software. It seems obvious that Record will do something more than simply recording audio.

  • Haldeman

    GBSR, innovation these days is so much more than being the first to introduce the X8250 Emutronic Combobulator Algorithm before everyone else.

    Apple made a cellphone 20 years after everyone else, and looking at the specs on paper it didn't have the most megapixels on the camera or the biggest storage or a lot of geeky features in general. What it was, on the other hand, was "the smartphone done right". There's no one thing you can point to in order to explain why it's great, it's just the way it was put together and how it works so intuitively that nobody will ever have to look in the manual. Do current DAW offerings work like that? No. So there's definitely an opening for the iPhone of DAWs…

  • vinayk

    ahh press embargo – I was wondering why this was so quiet – almost as good as apple!

    next we'll have!

    Will be exciting to see how this pans out

  • beaters

    I'd just be happy if they integrated drag'n'drop of audio files and patches.

  • Ezmyrelda

    Said the starving person; "Wow, Food!? What an innovative concept!"

  • @Ezmyrelda: actually, yes, perfect metaphor.

    I love food. Food itself is not new, but that makes it no less enjoyable. And it is still possible to innovate with food. Now, back to my refrigerated Carne Assada Especial… hmm…

  • As an avid user of Reason since version I for one cant wait to see what kind of Innovations the Props come up with and how tightly it integrates with reason4 & 5.

  • Peter – great post and you get my respect for being the first to post this. Cant wait till 5 and see what its like. Quoted you on reasonstation – Latest info on Propellerhead Record.

    Re the user above "Propellerheads Record" – you might have the trademark police chansing you with that domain you've got –

  • Haldeman

    Yeah, isn't going to fly… TM infringement galore.

  • The Brain

    Go Propellerheads!

  • I think this could be pretty cool. I'm wondering if it'll be the Numerology of audio.

  • essex sound lab

    @StutterGlitchFizz: Or work well with Numerology plus hardware devices, for that matter!

  • and it's Propellerhead, not Propellerheads.

    and the product is called ReTape by the way. one Tape can only contain 140 bits.

  • Flash Bastra

    No one knows exactly what it does or is capable of just yet so, shut yer holes for a minute until you know what it does, at least.

  • All these shut-up-you-haters comments, are these examples of the slavering fanboy phenomenon I've heard so much about? Curious to be in its presence.

    Looking forward to seeing what this is all about. Given that these are the folks behind ReCycle, I think there's promise in whatever they have planned with this kind of tool. Thanks for giving us the scoop, Peter.

  • Sotiris

    Quote from Ernst, "This program has nothing to do with audio. It’s all about music… We wanted this to be about music making."

    So … it will record audio, automatically slice it like recycle, pitch detect it like melodyne and allow us to treat it like midi info, with "easy" tempo changes and transposition?

  • I can record in Cuba

    Unimpressed so far, May 9th was supposed to be the big announcement and all we hear is it can record audio. I had already taken that as a given. What else? VST finally or what?

  • Matt C

    I'd guess it will not have any kind of VST/AU/RTAS/MAS compatibility. Just because no other Propellerhead product has hosted plug-ins in the past, and they have not shown any interest in opening that can of potential incompatibities so far.

    I'll be interested to see what the product is lie but having just added Ableton Liv

  • Matt C

    Oops, premature posting there. Basically, I just got Ableton Live and I already use Pro Tools. Not sure if I need another recording app just now.

  • stan munch

    The guy who wrote this article KNOWS what this thing is, and what it can do, and he doesn't seem too knocked out by it, does he?

    He doesn't sound like anybody in that video, that's for sure.

  • Bobbi

    At the nyc conference now. There is a banner on the wall with a new logo that says "record". Hasn't been discussed yet though. props CEO is here though!

  • stan munch

    Ooo, the props CEO?!? What's he like?

    Oh, right, the new thing: I just happen to be wearing my bean-catcher hat, Bobbi, when you care to spill them.

  • I definitely think they're on to something. I've had some training in theory and composition, so for me the cognitive difference between recording audio and recording music is whether I can think in musical terms — beats and bars rather than frames and milliseconds — and snap samples and phrases to the places where I want them structurally without having to constantly re-align things on a microscopic level. I obsessively beatmap the bejesus out of my projects as a result, but that takes a long time, and a recording tool that automates that process is probably the most compelling master clock I can imagine.

    I'd have thought this was impossible until recently, but I suppose some basic transient detection paired with a smart enough parsing algorithm could do the trick. These days, having seen what Celemony is doing, I'm hesitant to rule anything out.

  • Souq

    Inb4 most obvious jokes on the interwebs

  • DRStudio

    PEFF posted the first pic of Record logo.

    Check it here:

  • The problem has always been…how do you get audio into Reason in real time to be processed by that sweet rack of effects units? Obviously this has to include some kind of enhancement to Reason that will allow it to accept streams from Record, otherwise there is nothing new here.

    But what I really want it for Reason to accept audio streams from any ReWire host. Think I'm giving up Logic for Record, props?

    Eagerly awaiting Monday for details….


  • DRStudio

    Props countdown is up!

  • Eric

    All I care about is how seamlessly it integrates with Reason. If it lets me add audio to Reason conveniently, without having to run 2 apps simultaneously, rewire them together, and load/save 2 separate project files, I'm there. Otherwise, as much as I love the Props, I have no real use for this.

  • Eric

    Countdown?!? Sigh…why do they torture us like this?

  • wacht

    all these morons who think it has something to do with beat slicing and melodyne aren't paying attention are they. it's about recording not post prod. damn techno children have another thing coming.

  • TheNullSet

    Plz, plz let them integrate LFO's and Envelopes into the tracks and then let me trigger them with special automation lanes.

  • CaptainHowdy


    If it lets me add audio to Reason conveniently, without having to run 2 apps simultaneously, rewire them together, and load/save 2 separate project files, I’m there.

    How do expect it to do this when it's already been clearly stated that IT'S A SEPARATE APPLICATION?

  • The full announcement is coming May 11. I know some of the speculation is just that the full details aren't here… but that's helpful, as I can answer those questions Monday morning. You have less than 48 hours.

    Part of the reason I wanted to start talking now, though, was that I think there's more to software design than specs.

    It's accurate to say now that this software won't do everything your favorite DAW does. But if you have a whole bunch of software choices that do all those things, why not have something that *doesn't* – that takes a different approach? (I mean that whether it's Record, or anything else.) We complain a lot that there aren't new ideas in software, but if you really want anything new, you can't then expect that new application to duplicate all the features currently available. This has been the ongoing trend with software, so what we wind up with is often more and more monolithic, big, similar applications. Some of those applications are even quite useful – I need Photoshop for certain tasks. But surely you want to ask, what else is possible?

    This obviously applies to a lot more than just Record. 😉

  • And I don't know why people find the teaser ad odd. That's exactly what people say when I show them things on my computer. (Okay, what happens is usually more like "oops, wait, let me fix something — sorry –")

  • CaptainHowdy

    Actually I take my last comment back. It seems that you CAN use Reason devices within Record.

    Here's what you've all been waiting for…

  • wacht

    captainhowdy what the hell does separate have to do with it? excel and word are separate apps but I can still embed excel cells in word. propellerheads made the app, they don't have to use rewire like some farmers.

  • DRStudio
  • CaptainHowdy

    I guess the video was just set to private after I found it.

    Here's another one…

    From what I've seen, it's based on an SSL console and Reason device are accessible from inside of it.

  • CaptainHowdy


    captainhowdy what the hell does separate have to do with it?

    Being a separate app implied to me that any interaction with Reason might be done via Rewire. However, after seeing the video I see that Reason devices are available from within Record. I already took my comment back, prior to your post, anyway.

  • wacht

    well you posted ur retraction while i was writing. 🙂

    it just seemed stupid that they would do it like that when they can do whatever they want as its their program… the lord of the manor doesn't have to go through the kitchen entry (rewire). we been talking for years about how they could integrate reason seamlessly with a daw and it happened, so yay!

  • Ezmyrelda

    @Peter Kirn Yeah I thought the other peoples attempt at that metaphor had something lacking.

    I myself love trying anything new when it comes to the world of digital audio production. I felt that Rebirth was an amazing piece of software for its time, but when Reason came along I felt that emulating Hardware and Patch cables was a dated idea when such innovative things were coming along. I had no hardware, I didn't feel the need to be reminded this.

    But as the old saying goes.. To each their own and virtually every piece of Audio software I have ever owned has taught me something new about producing music.

    Anybody remember "Amen Beta" by Ziad Khouri? That program single handedly taught me the art of creating breaks.

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  • quantize

    OK yeh so it records and has liquid (warp) audio…and integrates the reason devices (i hope not via that woeful PIA Rewire!)…

    we'll need to know more before the USERS can decide if its a DAW or not…

  • stan munch

    At 1:03 in the video, a keyboard window pops up. At the very least, I think you'll be able to transpose the audio, but that wouldn't be awesomely different enough to warrant all the hoopla, so I'm thinking it's more likely an audio-to-MIDI thang, or, if they keep it "in house", so to speak, an audio-to-Reason devices thang.

  • Bobbi

    ok just got home from the nyc conference. was awesome to have the head propellerhead there to show it off. they were cool enough to trust us and show us a sneak peak so without going into detail… it's pretty badass. if you use Reason you're going to be all over it. and even if you don't, it's got more than a few tricks up its sleeve that are very tempting as well. i can already hear the choir of moans and groans over a few of the details, it's inevitable. but the oohs and ahhs definitely outweighed those, at least in that room. as a diehard Reasoner i'm all over it. but even if i wasn't, the mixing features alone would be enough to give me a serious case of the wants. now to just sit back and watch the counter tick away as this beta code burns a whole in my pocket!

  • fintain

    Embargoes, youtube videos with no details, hollywood trailers for audio software claiming that its the second coming of Jesus. Enough already, just make music and forget this marketing crap.

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  • Just go back from the NY conference, and all i have to say is WOW WOW WOW! What a job very well done, kudos to the developers and all involved wit Record! ….i cant wait for the Beta. This product is gonna make alot of other DAWs ENVY! Yea theres a few cons with it but alot of PROS to make up for it… my favorite quote is "JUST SHUT UP AND MAKE MUSIC"!

  • Eric

    All you conference-goers, I'm jealous. Along with your expressions of general enthusiasm, would it be possible to include a specific detail or two about Record? Maybe something we're all wondering that hasn't been definitely established? Like, VST yes/no, for example?

  • If that DAW support vst i stop using logic pro

  • Bobbi

    ok not exactly a feature but a very important thing for me; absolutely astonishing CPU efficiency. the quality and quantity of what it was doing with barely a blip on the CPU meter, on a laptop, was simply jaw dropping.

  • "…how do you get audio into Reason in real time to be processed by that sweet rack of effects units?"

    This has been possible since 2006 with ReWuschel, which can be installed with ASIO4ALL. It's great for feeding live instruments through (using Reason as a live effects chain).

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  • gbsr is a fool

    i bet it will be awesome and GBSR will look even more like a fool than he already made himself to be

  • here it is
  • 2 Girls 1 Laptop reaction shots? While I'm interested in What It Does(tm) I can't say that I'm terribly excited since, like most people I imagine, I've long since marginalized Reason because of it's lack of the features discussed here. You won't find much hate from my end anyway though, at least not until I actually see it for real. At the very least though, their marketing is brilliant, if I base my opinion on the reaction this is getting here. If only my humble music were to garner such a response…

  • m@tski

    this kinda annoys me
    i stayed with reason for about 4 years then had to throw it in the bin due to its no vst or ext audio in support as standard.

    i since moved onto ableton ( version 8 now ) and ive seen the light ,, ableton even makes propellorheads recyle redundant as it can do that as well … ableton kiks reasons ass im afraid .. about 5 years to late for me

  • The Brain

    Yeh then you will hear complaints like:

    WTF took them so long.

    They are going out of business that's why they put audio in there.

    Too late I am happy using Live. Props loss.

    The sound quality still sucks.

    The Reason sequencer still sucks.

    and my favorite.

    Props development cycle takes too long. That's why I switch to Ableton/Logic etc. They need to catch up and stay up with the competition, they are being left behind.

    LOL at these idiots

  • Bobbi

    @The Brain: already hearing all those things, just wait till next week. no doubt this thing will get some serious press, good and bad. then there will be those who (quietly) take an honest look at it, buy, love it and use it forever without so much as a peep. unfortunately you won't hear as much from them. the quiet ones are busy actually making music.

    as for the Props development cycle; i wouldn't change a thing. literally haven't had a single crash in the almost a decade that i've been using Reason. that's just not something you can say about anything else out there. the fact that they don't need to collect one hundred and something dollars from me on a yearly basis is fine by me.

  • @madonna Amazing things that are amazing and incredible. They leave you speachless. You will look at a laptop and then post about it because you are excited/angry

  • The Brain

    Bobbi I am happy that a solution came from props for audio recording. I have not have Reason crash on me once as well, funny thing is I don't even think about things like bugs etc when running it. You are right about development cycle of others, its like a yearly subscription for lots of new features and lots of bugs.

  • Jaime Munarriz

    It's really called ReSt.
    It can produce Silent pieces of any lenght!

  • quantize

    most of the feature list have already been leaked by attendees of the User Conferences…happy to repeat it here if anyone hasnt found em

    SSL modeled eq and compression…including on the busses…built in Line6 stuff…run Reason projects without loading Reason itself.

    sounds cool actually.

    not a fan of 'countdowns' (see their site)

  • quantize

    The Brain

    that was a nice rundown of how ignorant you are.lashings of irony with that user handle of yours…

  • lou

    yo quantize.
    where were you looking?
    line6? hmm!

  • TM

    It records audio, duh!
    It natively opens Reason files…if you have Reason installed.
    64-bit mix engine.
    SSL 9000k modelded EQ and compression on every audio channel and an SSL modeled bus comp as well.
    Line 6 guitar and bass amp models.
    A simple Sound Canvas/Proteus tone generator.
    Very intuitive track comping.
    The best time-stretching I've ever seen. I saw a 40-track audio project (full band, vocals, etc.) time stretched from 130 bpm to 180 bpm to 68 bmp by simply typing in a new tempo value without any artifacting.
    The Reason rack convention is maintained, but you can now have as many racks as you'd like from left to right. You can do all the cabling, just as in Reason.
    No third-party plugins are supported, but it can be ReWired. As with Reason, Record is a "closed system" but that allows the code to be very CPU efficient. It will run on any machine that can run Reason, which is just about any lame computer.
    No time code support, no video support.
    The price is $249, $149 for registered Reason owners.
    Release date: 9/9/9

  • TM
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  • CaptainHowdy


    It records audio, duh!
    It natively opens Reason files…if you have Reason installed.
    64-bit mix engine.
    SSL 9000k modelded EQ and compression on every audio channel and an SSL modeled bus comp as well.
    Line 6 guitar and bass amp models.
    A simple Sound Canvas/Proteus tone generator.
    Very intuitive track comping.
    The best time-stretching I’ve ever seen. I saw a 40-track audio project (full band, vocals, etc.) time stretched from 130 bpm to 180 bpm to 68 bmp by simply typing in a new tempo value without any artifacting.
    The Reason rack convention is maintained, but you can now have as many racks as you’d like from left to right. You can do all the cabling, just as in Reason.
    No third-party plugins are supported, but it can be ReWired. As with Reason, Record is a “closed system” but that allows the code to be very CPU efficient. It will run on any machine that can run Reason, which is just about any lame computer.
    No time code support, no video support.
    The price is $249, $149 for registered Reason owners.
    Release date: 9/9/9


  • I think it's about time somebody addressed the state of recording sofware.

    Have a read of my blog post criticising the greyness of Ableton Live and the fiddlyness of Logic Pro…

    <a href="; rel="nofollow">

  • vinayk

    @michael forrest

    I don't think prop's have the answer to your post – but I do agree, logic has these lovely libraries and great quality effects but can get really annoying at times. While live can be frustrating to use – I find the same thing navigating long lists in reason to add devices too. If I could use all my logic effects/devices in Live… now that would be COOL. Someone invent that (and don't mention soundflower!)

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  • I wonder will it support VST's and will it integrate with all of the reason modules like nnxt and redrum etc?

  • Will it have a sample accurate sound engine?

  • Alex

    No third party plugin support? zzzz.zzzzz….zzz…boring.

  • PoisonedV

    Third party plugin support? It's called record, not 'Propellerhead ReDAW' why would you expect it based on their track record? I've never had real problems with no plugin support with reason and the like, mainly, because I realize its not a DAW. and this isn't shaping up to be one, either.

  • Sounds like yet another cute, limited pseudo-DAW so far. Maybe there will be some interesting ideas in the interface and workflow, but the feature list makes it sound pretty boring.

  • mildheadwound

    The schtick about the 'Something New' commercial is, those people thought they were in the room for a Burger K*ng ad! So if they think it's cool, well, i take their word for it!! They seem like honest people!!!

  • z
  • z

    Sorry guys. I screwed up the above link- 🙁
    Here it is–

  • Claude Ravel

    So far no one has stated a likely huge win for the Props with this new app – Lots of "unregistered" users of Reason will very likely decide to become so.

  • PoisonedV

    If you're referring to piracy… how so?

  • SB

    cheers for the link, Z – totally agree with you – horrible interface compared to Live – and seems over-priced for what it is.

  • DIM

    Claude Ravel.yea you mightbe right as I love the way reason has it workflow.IT reminds me of being in a real studio.However a lot of people has thousands of dollars invested in vst plugins and we cannot just leave them all behind.REASON I love but they need to ioncorperate vst into the mix.The good thing is now one can do a full studio mix which is welcome.For my vst I can take a little instablity.REAON can PUT VST and put a not saying vst can cause a little instablity .

  • Cody


    Made this baby today… SPAM

    I like Record though… Flavoured interfaces like Reason can really inspire you (though I resent its MIDI editing). Ableton's just really clean, and it really takes a good bit of getting used too.

  • Scott MEschke
  • white_noise_bleed

    re cord as patch cord ? new way to wire the thing?

    can`t wait to see it

  • ableton does totally different stuff.

    this looks like the propellerhead answer to garage band so far, but we only have the most miniscule amount of information to work with, so that could be completely wrong.

    Beyond that we just have to wait..

  • Lord Toranaga

    I am interested.
    I did not like Ableton Live at first, but now I really love it.

    I will wait and see
    every one is so judgemental.

  • James

    I do quite like Reason as far as virtual instruments go. Thor is lovely, as is the Advanced Reverb. The little sequencers and arpeggiators can be fun, too.

    My big question would be…for those using Reason with hardware, would ReCord and ReCycle be a means of MIDI sequencing and recording hardware synths and turning them into REX files etc?

    There's a lot of mention re: the Audio side of things, but no one has really mentioned MIDI. There are plenty of people who use Reason as an instrument, alongside hardware synths etc for variety. Of course most of these people *would* have another DAW like Logic or Cubase for this purpose, but for those starting with Reason and then buying their first keyboard etc, it could be a good introduction to MIDI sequencing as well as audio recording. Arguably this isn't a huge necessity – if the time stretching is excellent, any tyro could play in their parts, and chop and stretch them as need be, but it'd be interesting to see if it was included.

    Otherwise, as a post-production and audio-introduction "shell" for Reason, this is promising. I do hope that virtual desk sounds musical and warm and precise all at once… a lot of people I know who've tried Reason argue that it requires a lot of post-production EQing and compressing carefully to get it sounding "full," as though the software itself sacrifices a bit of resolution in the filters and depth of sound (some say it sounds a little compressed or "safe" or other such abstracts). Other people claim to use it professionally, though whether this is as a cute, quick sampling and sequencing tool within a Pro Tools rig or Logic setup or similar with nice outboard or plugs, I can't say for sure.

    Otherwise, good for Props for giving a Prop-grown option to bring new material into their program without comprimising the stability. Some people are Reason freaks because it can be fun and quick, and interesting sounds are achievable in a fairly creative environment. I'm not certain VST support is the answer, or if they're correct in stating Reason sounds just as great as an equivalent rack of hardware, but a toy in the hands of a child is still a toy, a toy in the hands of a master is an amazing tool.

    I think it'd be grand if Props bundle ReCycle in future editions of Reason (this was rumoured), adjust the layout a little, include a little more sample content and improve the sound engine and filters a bit. An FM module would be handy, as well, so would more Thor oscillators and filter types. Ie: rather than add a bunch of crazy new features, perhaps make the existing ones even better.

    As for ReCord, perhaps future editions could be updated with more post production tools.

    Just some thoughts. /ramble.

  • Oh this is GONNA get up to 100 comments.

  • T P

    Check Record Preview out Video Here

  • T P
  • JPV

    Sorry. For about $50 more then the asking price for Record, you can get Pro Tools 8 LE (which now has 48 stereo tracks!) bundled with an Mbox Mini.

    No contest.

  • based on the preview videos posted, it is a lovely program and you guys are going to hurt its feelings.

  • Claude Ravel

    Attention Earth Sequencers!!

    You may use more than one Daw. It is now allowed in all Earth states!!
    You can go back and forth between them at any time for however long you choose. It is not required for you to give up anything at all!

    In fact, We now allow you to use the best of any and all apps, in any way you choose.

    Because you are unable to figure this out for yourselves, we felt this message was needed. Please now go back to your sequencing. Thank You.

  • Alex

    Now, please tell me..wasn't the "excitement" of the people in the teaser video fake??? I had this excitement the first time i saw Reason, but now its just a made up situation IMO…There is nothing there to get so excited about!!!

  • Freak

    So Reason will be discontinued like Rebirth ?? 🙁

  • Alex

    @Freak: No, "Record" is just another product from Propellerhead software which functions like a "basic" audio recorder and probably works together with Reason or not.

  • Starting with Rebirth, then on to Reason 1 thru 4, I have come to love what propellerhead seems to do better than any other developer; they virtually give you the hardware. Simulating the studio environment and the process of making music with unlimited pieces of hardware puts them in a unique category of software that I'd call "Studio Simulation"

    What I see in the videos is another simulator, another piece of hardware to plug into. The question is whether or not you like the simulator… do you want to get your hands of a the console you never could afford? Maybe Live/Logic makes using the virtual hardware a waste of time. Personally I think this will surely be fun to play around with.

  • Claude Ravel

    Just saw the official vid. Extra points to the Props for lead singer comedy. 🙂

  • James

    Looking back on my last comment and on what they're offering, it's interesting to see what's on offer there. If the MIDI side of things is decent in terms of timing and MIDI fx, it looks like (amusingly condescending demo video aside) a good, simple alternative for the Reason lover who might wanna add a synth or two to his or her setup to sample etc.

    That said, impatient chap I am, I wanna see a new version of Reason now with an improved mix engine of its own and improvements and features added to all the instruments. Then I'd happily give these babies a shot.

    Like the fella said above, you can use more than one DAW…running Reason stuff through an effect in Reaktor or Guitar Rig or a nice sounding PSP tube emulation or EQ always seemed great to me. I would hope the Line 6 amp and effects models would be applicable to Reason's instruments also…nice bit of grit for your Nitzer Ebb bassline there…

  • Freak

    @Alex: Yes, but i think this is the "subtle" transition between Reason and a Propellerheads DAW, with all together.

  • Zodak

    When I first saw that little viral video of everyone being amazed in front of their laptops I was kind of excited being the geek that I am. But after checking out the video on their site it doesn't leave me the slightest bit impressed and a bit disappointed.

    I'm not saying anything negative about it, as obviously I haven't used it but as someone stated earlier on, it seems alot like Garage Band. Nothing earth-shaking from the looks of it.

  • Steve Elbows

    Underwhelmed, but never mind, maybe it will be real useful for some people.

    Minus one point for silly hype, and embargo's which didnt stop people posting stuff on youtube ahead of time.

  • Claude Ravel

    To explain a previous post a bit more. The upgrade from ANY version of Reason to R4 is $129. To buy ReCord for R4 users is $149. I think lots of people whom only bought R1-3 will upgrade and buy ReCord. Or they can also buy both new for only $350 more.

  • j250xor

    This looks like a great program for people in bands who want to do their own home recording, demos etc. More powerful than garageband and easier to get good-sounding results. Also good for experienced musicians who aren't too good with computers, the easy-to-use interface and the mixing console style view will make things easier to visualise for them.

    However, to most people using DAWs currently, doing stuff in Record couldn't be anything other than a step down. It's just a less powerful version of what we've got at the moment. Nearly all of it's innovative features seem to be in the user interface. Which is awesome, but only works because they've simplified things to a high degree. For people that are experienced in DAWs (I know Record apparently isn't a DAW – but come on – past all the hype it's a program that allows you to manipulate digital audio – maybe specialised towards musical audio – but its still audio), they're gonna need more control over things.

    So well done to Propellerhead for making a good garageband alternative, but it's not gonna set the world on fire. I didn't see anything that would make me say wow when watching the video. Apart from the comping interface, but I'm betting logic and protools will come out with something similar pretty soon.

  • Claude Ravel

    I am sure CDM people are not the market they are after.
    Rockers and Hip Hoppers. Not winky winky tweekys.

  • Ivan

    Guys after explore new Prop's Record I can only say: BEAUTIFUL! Integrated with Reason it's THE musical environment! Yes, there are much powerful and professional DAW's but with Reason integrated into this it's No.1 for me! [and I don't create Hip hop or rock :))].


  • i want to know what exactly those people in the video were getting so excited about.

    like Mr Elbows above I feel underwhelmed.

  • Rudi

    Whoop-de-doo… I was excited when I saw the teaser video. Now, I'll think I'll just stick with Live.

  • Genjutsushi

    Sound on Sound have published a longer exposition on the program and the props website have also added it.

  • Dragan

    yes…Record looks amazing…..and, yes….we can use more than one Daw…logic, live, reason…now with record….what else we can wish….and that mixer looks awesome…

  • MNRK

    My take on it…

    A cool nice looking offering. But not nearly enough that is new here to change the DAW game. A ripple at best in the current sea of existing DAWs.

    A great release for existing Reason users IMO. But a serious option for users of other more feature rich hosts (of which there are more than a few)? No way IMO.

    The suprised and shocked reaction from people in the initial teaser video clearly was because they saw recording finally offered by Propellerheads. That must have been a genuinely truly massive shock. But something new and geuinely innovative? Game changer? Not really IMO. Not at all.

    Propellerheads are extremely late to the recording table for DAWS. Very!

    If I was a Reason user I would very likely buy it. But with cheaper DAW'a offering as much or even more features and crucially VST suppport, Record simply cannot compete with my current Host options.

    Also one would need a Reason+Record combo to get the most out of it. Not cheap by any means compared to similar offerings at that combined price point.

    It cannot compete with Sonar and Cubase for instance at that price. Even if it was cheaper it cannot better features from most hosts out there for more, as much or even less money.

    It would have been a huge deal about 5 years ago. Now it's nothing new at all IMO. The DAW market moves verry quickly indeed. Record clearly has its own Midi and Audio features so whatever the Props say it is most certainly a DAW and as a result will be compared to other MIDI + AUDIO hosts out there.

    It's weaknesses (especially for the price) shows up very quickly IMO. Not much VFM here IMV.

  • DIM

    Has any one hear any thing on pitch shifting I am only hearing about timestreching but what about the other.Can one shift the bass track from c to f ?

  • essex sound lab

    I just read elsewhere that Record doesn't support MIDI out. Is that true? So no plug-ins and no MIDI out? What an odd little self-contained world.

  • Franco Heinrich

    Funny, but didn't FutureMusic announce this a couple of weeks ago??
    Propellerheads Set To Enter Digital Audio Workstation Market

  • Franco, FutureMusic chose to reproduce comments from someone breaking an NDA or choosing to leak information. CDM was the first to produce information publicly, which meant I was able to communicate directly with Propellerhead's co-founder. To me, the ability to fact-check and make sure information is accurate (at least to the best of my ability – lord knows I make mistakes) is more important than speed. In fact, the couple of times I've mentioned a rumor I have wound up regretting it.

  • QUAZ

    If you use reason this software is great. True its not gonna beat cubase or protools. Its very cpu efficent……..and if you already own reason its a way of adding audio. Reason provides a great way to produce tracks…but once you can add your own guitar…or bass line.. or perhaps you want to recod your self quickly without having to open another program?
    Now you can. I think its great. And if you dont use reason it would be hard for you to understand this software in simplicity. I have produced some great music with reason. Now that i can add audio and stay in a reason like environment without the worry of my computer crashing. GREAT! I can use the fantom and reason semlessly….i can add a vocal and still work in reason. Trust me if you make music in reason this is great. For years you complain that you cant record in reason the propellerhead offers you record and all you do is complain! No its not cubase it aint meant to be. Its reason with the addition of audio like people been screaming for. Be a lil grateful and paitent people …..end of the day it aint the tools its the mechanic!

  • Musiqtechnique

    I am glad to see the newer mustang or the new version of the VW!!! It may still get you from point A to point B but it is the accoutrements such as seamless Recording conjoined with beautiful GUI without having to use a program like Cubase or Logic etc in tandem or addition. 🙂 I am excited to see what we can do to test such a product as Record to assist in its fruition.

  • michaeltrudgeon

    Bout bloody time!
    This has been a much needed upgrade for reason users!
    But what about the Mac only support?
    Is propellerhead really going to ditch the pc user for this product?
    I was only saying over the phone to a musician friend of mine how I’m bored with cubase, and am tired of having to rewire reason in to cubase, just to have a decent mixer.
    But the truth is that reasons mixer is a bit of a turd! This is why time and time again I’m forced to rewire. That conversation was what prompted my search for new propellerhead products, ultimately leading me here!
    Id rather shaves my balls and dip them in acid, than carry on the way i am.
    And from over the horizon rides propellerhead on their white horse. I think it’s about bloody time!! My saviours!! And then the bustards ride straight past me to Mr Mac behind me!!
    What the duce!!

  • michaeltrudgeon

    i didnt write bustard………..hmmmm!

  • Michael, what are you talking about?

    This software supports both Mac and Windows. I'm actually testing it on my Windows box.

  • Practically all my songs have been initially built in Reason and I have always felt the process get disjointed by the fact that I couldn't seemlessly add my vocal or guitars. Live is great but it takes time to Rewire and by that time the mood is over. I've told friends for years if Reason ever incorporated audio I'm happy to stay exclusively in that environment and use Live for live performance and remixing. Now that is looks like this will come to pass I'm ecstatic! Bottom line I think if you're not already a Reason user you're simply not going to understand the draw.


  • Well, hm, I've been using Reason for years and allways been hoping they would add something like a harddiskrecorder device, or maybe simple audio clips, so you could get audio into reason. And I thought I understood why they never did: because they really wanted to keep the program really simple and fast to use. I thought that was why there was no plug-in support either.

    Then came version 4. They made the sequencer as advanced and complex as Cubase/Sonar/Logic and added an allround monster synth, instead of sticking with simple devices for specific purposes.

    At last there is audio for Reason. But I guess it's to late and to expensive: Reason 449, – Record 299, – makes 748, -. With such a price it has to compete with all the other DAW's but I fail to see it's edge… Record better has some tricks up it's sleeve, but I found nothing special on the propellerheads website about it, yet…

    Bottom line: this guy switched from Reaon to Logic because of Audio, but he certainely won't be switching back to Reason for Record!

  • Pandar Khila

    I've been using the Beta of Record for a few days, and I have to say it is absolutely mind-blowing, from what I've seen so far.

    There's a steep learning curve, even for someone such as myself who has been programming in Reason for years, there's nothing in Reason 4 I can't figure out, but the addition of the recording tracks within that rack has hugely complicated the process – but in a good way of course!

    I've been playing with the realtime vocoder, so you can dial up your carrier track from Maelstrom or Thor or whatever, then just do your Herbie Hancock impressions with a microphone.

    It recognises all the Reason refills, as you would expect, and I've had no problem with it instantly seeing my USB keyboard.

    There's a disclaimer when you fire up the Beta that it is slower than the final product will be, but I've noticed no sluggish action at all, no spinning pizza wheels here (I'm on Apple OSX, Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM Macbook Pro).

    As someone who started way back in '88 working in Cubase on the Atari, I've seen nothing that has excited me this much (in terms of audio sequencing and recording!) since.

    Anyone using Reason already will love this.

    The downside is that I hear they will be protecting their software via the use of a USB dongle – having been ripped off by the majority of Reason users over the years, you can't blame them.

    I don't like having to waste a precious USB port on a copy protection system, but at a recent seminar in London, out of a room of 150 people or so, only myself and my colleague put our hands up when the question was put to the room "how many people have a registered bought and paid for copy?"

    So all those Reason users who have up to now been freeloading it will now have to pay up, it seems!!

    The inclusion of the Pod series of guitar amp modelling is a good one, and there is also an ID8 series of simplified instruments, can't see why yet, but it might just be a quick way of nailing ideas.

    I've a lot to learn from this software, and I'm looking forward to getting properly stuck into it, but so far I can see very little to be critical of.

    Reason and Propellerhead have answered their critics and provided a direct audio input system, sure, if you're a Logic expert, or Cubase VST is your main sequencer, you may not want to make the switch, but for anyone who has been using the original solid state electronics for years – Reason/Record and the ability to go round the back and manually wire up weird and wonderful configurations just like the real thing – is for me unbeatable as a studio/sequencer.


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