It’s easy to forget how deeply strangers can be connected by music in recordings and performances. Sadly, we too often take this connections for granted until we lose someone. When Telefon Tel Aviv’s Charlie Cooper passed away earlier this year, the loss sent shockwaves through the electronic music community. Because his work was influential for many people here on the CDM community, we certainly welcome musical tributes.

Our friend King Britt of Five Six Media today posted a couple of heartfelt, beautiful tracks from Fhloston Paradigm, a mysterious duo from Philadelphia. They’re described as “songs of love and admiration.” I’ll leave it at that and hope you enjoy them. One thing, happily, musicians do not have to leave behind: silence.

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Direct link to Five Six Media:

  • Fhloston Paradigm are very close friends and they will definitely be happy to know this has been recognized. Much respect to Create Digital Music and FiveSixMedia for showing the way!

  • bliss

    Very cool and very good. King Britt = class act.

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