Moderat caught my eye tonight, as I rather like their roadcase/sets design:

Moderat stage setup

Digging a little deeper though, and I realised that they’re a rather sexy collaboration between Modeselektor and Apparat, with a luscious studio DVD and live visuals produced by Pfanderei.

The live show looks lovely, with 3 rear-projected, portrait-oriented screens silhouetting the artists and their LED augmented road cases.

(more live videos)

The second half of their artists statements video focusses on Pfanderei’s DVD production and live visuals.

… objects built in material form, rather than on screen. Studies of physical forms rather than post-production effects.

It’s a wonderful process for building a live visual set. Collaborating closely with the ear-botherers, shooting specific material for each track, building a studio DVD, and then breaking it down for performance. Definitely the way to create beautiful performances.

The video + audio album can be previewed and purchased digitally from for €17.95 for 1024×512, or €11.89 for 480×240.

  • While the visuals work quite well for the performance (and I am a fan of the music), as a standalone "DVD" it really falls flat. I watched the videos before seeing the concert footage, and I found over half of them uninspired/cliche, art school pieces. Again, not to say it doesn't work for the live combination, but by itself…ehhhh. If I had gone to the concert first and then seen the videos, I might feel differently due to memory and nostalgia.

  • Interesting perspective digitalColeman. I haven't downloaded the DVD version, so I can't comment, but watching the youtube footage did excite me to the concept.

  • Johan Larsby

    What are those contraptions they are keeping their gear on? looks awesome.

  • VJ Air

    we had them perform at an event i worked at recently. as a live show, the impact was remarkably good. maybe not to everyones taste, but to be honest i think that those people who arent impressed when seeing them live will have a hard time being impressed by much.

    maybe they arent revolutionary, but the show was very well executed and had an amazing effect on me as well as the non visual savvy memeber of the audience.

    i left the event feeling i had truly witnessed something special.