I really have no words for this one, other than there’s a hilarious APC40 meme happening on the Ableton forums. Is it love? Disdain? The APC as the new “All Your Base” for the Live warping set? Does it really matter?


It’s good to know that, even as Ableton Live use has spread, us computer music folk are really not normal.

Via Tara Busch on Twitter of AnalogSuicide.

  • best CDM post ever.

  • LOVE IT!!!

  • CPRoth

    Bush, and HAL 9000 personal faves. Hilarious!!!!!

  • NoChinDeluxe

    I have to go with the Bush one as the most clever and well-executed. But the Rowlf muppet one is a close second.

  • Oh man! This is completly ROFL inducing stuff! Went to the forum for more. You guys just have to see this one!

  • I didn't think it would get that big.

    boy was I wrong.

    it just keeps going!

  • Damon

    Excellent use of nonsense. Production value, very inspired. Socially illiterate geek factor, splendid. Now I'm off to talk about obscure stuff with people while being completely unaware that they are not as interested in what I'm into as I am.

  • lol, AWESOME thread

  • aje

    Outstanding! Fantastic, creative, laugh out loud stuff. Cheers for the link!

  • Martin

    I lol´d!

  • fioaejf

    i didnt lol.

  • Damon

    I don't mean to pee in the punch bowl, but I think some of those images are fake. Yep, can't get anything past me…

  • Justin Reed


  • John RMS

    Rolf takes it, but bigfoot is a contender.

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  • Waitaminute…Kate Gosselin? I can't imagine her pounding on anything other than Jon's ego. Hilarious…I wasted a good 15 minutes on that thread.

  • What started as a monome vs. APC 40 comparison thread turned into a full unmasking of the APC 40.
    Despite Akai's claims of the APC 40 "chassis" to be made of "metal" most of the unit turned out to be cheesy plastic.


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