You know the types – I’d say I had a music video made in MS Paint, and you’d watch it and it’d turn out to be made by some hypergenius insomniac who made some intricate animated film using only the spraycan tool. Happily, that is not the case here. “jono” writes to tell us about his Microsoft Paint music video, which he made while he had the flu. And you may feel a wave of nostalgia for MS Paint or the Bill Atkinson-created MacPaint that Microsoft cloned, because the illustrations look like the illustrations you did while bored in computer class. (I may be projecting here.)

And then there’s a flying copy machine. It’s sublime.

klerical team – by New Zealand’s EFT
Electronic Masters of Tapestry [MySpace]

I am also really feeling the lyrics – seriously. I have so, so much to do … so much follow-up to do. Off to Gmail.

Also, they’re from New Zealand, so expect an HBO show next week.

  • Joe

    Ahh, Paint… Where did I put that folder full of mindless nonsense again?

  • (I may be projecting here.) ha ha ha.. ;D

  • Yay for low-tech aesthetics!

    I did something liket this once in 1989 in MacPaint by just drawing objects on top of other objects, and MacPaint would animate everything by re-drawing it all in order until it drew your last object. Ah, good times . . .

  • massta

    My first animation was created with Corel Painter, now issued by Adobe. It was the only program I found that had frames or "frame stacks". That was in 1999. Man, we've come far.

  • Brilliant, Jono has always been able to create great music and video from the lowest quality gear!