Brian Kane, designer, Emergency Broadcast Network co-founder, and Vujak co-creator (the first video sampler), has a brain full of wacky ideas. The latest: a study for a sculpture in stone that immortalizes what Apple officially calls the “Spinning Wait Cursor,” and what we call the pinwheel, or “(*&$*(&*(&!” (Well, depending on how zenlike you get.)

Need to calm yourself in the face of your computer grinding to a halt in CS4? Sit and contemplate (Brian plans a bench at some point.) Consider the nature of time, and the wisdom that can come from not doing, but waiting.

And then waiting some more.

And yes, the pinwheel has its own, copious Wikipedia entry.

From Brian’s own blog, slashboing

  • andreas

    It's the SPWOD, innit? Spinning Pizza Wheel of Death!

  • I thought it was called the "FUCK YOU BEACHBALL".

  • Just a note – the colors don't actually spin in the Mac beachball. Here's a fun quick example video:

    Or more authoritatively…

    Although I much preferred the 'waiting hand' cursor on the original Mac which rolled it's virtual fingers on the desk. It was entertaining to try and copy what they did, and before you knew it, the task had completed!

  • xpez2000

    Actually if you wait long enough it will process everything and go back to normal…one time i waited for 5 days and it finished spinning and went back to normal!!!

  • It's even got a Dock-like, Web 2.0-friendly reflection!