To quote the video:

Yeah, it’s great. It’s such a great thing.

What more can you say?

(Really. I think somewhere in all the Creative Suite upgrades, it’s possible we’ve actually lost some of the real spontaneity and sense of the medium with digital art. I think we could get it back, though – limitations of netbooks and mobiles and browser apps might actually help.)

Via Antje Verena, formerly of the fantastic Tokyo-based PingMag, on her blog Frottier & Frotteuse.


    Yeah, that's great!
    I love this video so much and here is a good comment about it. Thanks.

  • neb

    I agree with your observation, seeing a similar tradeoff in my own work. It seems that as the pixel count increases, leading to longer processing times, my style shifts from heavily layered and experimental to a processing-light tone-centric approach more coincident with mainstream photography.

    It would seem that the challenge is to see past the feature bloat as our tools outgrow themselves and begin to interfere with creative flow.

  • Of course, the aesthetic here looks simultaneously dated AND fresh to me — if that's possible. I guess, basically, I'm seeing it in a new way. And don't get me wrong — I'm not eBaying an Amiga just yet. 🙂 I love seeing this kind of simplicity with digital tools; it should be possible with some of the new functionality we're so lucky to have.

  • check out this whole article
    i've been emulating the amiga with winuae and it's great to go back to the old tools i started out with. photoshop has set such universal standards in design, that it's nice to go back to the magic before time began (as aslan may have said) and re-evaluate the concepts we are so used to.
    try spectracolor with it's luma bruhses and blended paint modes. it's got a deliberacy that you have to commit to before clicking the mouse button.

  • dietapete

    look at andy warhol, he is open-minded and says that this brand new amiga is "such a great thing". if he would see one of the newest computers with cs4 and stuff he would probably go nuts and wouldn't give a **** about the amiga.. i think the thougt to "go back" is wrong.

  • Oh, I don't think we're overly interested in going back — we're plenty addicted to the new tech. 😉 But I think some of the design clarity in early software is worth revisiting.

  • xpez2000

    Nostalgia for old tech wears off quickly.

    buy the amiga on ebay ..thrilled

    plug it in and play.

    start dreaming of new possibilities.

    start realizing how limited it is.

    eventually get bored.

    then turn it off.

    sits in closet for a few years.

    putt it on ebay and the cycle starts again. LOL

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