Our friend Xeni Jardin at Boing Boing has had a sit-down with the folks from Apple to talk about the new Final Cut Studio, along with other videobloggers and Web producers. Yep, Apple is happily aware that video production isn’t only limited to big production houses.

Xeni has a nice overview of the highlights to which she’s looking forward in Final Cut Studio. I still have some remaining questions, but I have to live with Logic Studio first! One giant box o’ Apple software (okay, slightly smaller box, anyway) at a time.

The key features mirror some of the features I (and other commenters) thought looked promising. The biggest crowd pleasers:

  • Background export so you can keep editing while exporting
  • Easier exporting from inside Final Cut Studio, without necessarily needing Compressor
  • Sharing video editing sessions via iChat Theater
  • Dialog level matching in Soundtrack Pro
  • Powerful text and titling features in Motion

Apple’s new Final Cut Studio is out (short version: I am impressed). [Boing Boing & Xeni Jardin]

And yeah, that last one does mean that Motion is now the preferred titling tool rather than anything in Final Cut itself.

I’m still interested in import/export workflow. Background export is a huge, huge boost… I wonder if you can transcode one project while starting another, too, and how efficiently Final Cut handles the background test.

Meanwhile, I’ve finally started testing the preferred Windows tool among the Web video crowd (Vegas 9), as well as dipping my toes for the first time in a truly open source workflow on Linux. Each of those options is very, very different, but they also each provide some twists even Apple doesn’t have. Stay tuned.

  • Morgan

    The Final Cut Studio looks like a really strong package and am looking forward to testing it out. One of the things that Vegas has which has not been adopted by any other programs as far as I know is the ability to edit based on beats and BPM. I think it's a killer feature and must be great for editing music videos. It would be great to FCP adopt that one feature from vegas.

  • Yeah, and there are other reasons to use Vegas, too that FCP hasn't quite nailed… good performance on old machines, bringing in a lot of video without transcoding, very simple edit workflows, dead-simple audio mixing and effects adding without going to another program (again, its musical lineage). Heck, you could almost boot a Mac into Windows for it; I still believe that. Unfortunately, the 8.0x stream had some real reliability problems; those do seem better with 9.0x.

  • @vjwunderkind: Yes, it is. Sony also has 30-day demos of all their software so you can try it out.

  • Is this beat/ bar related editing also possible in the cheaper Vegas versions?

  • Vjwunderkind

    Great and thanks, Peter. FCS 3 should arrive today, at least that’s what Apple said…

  • Here's the first complaint about FCS:

    After MOTION starts, you can chose to watch an introduction on apple's website – guess what: the website with that introduction doesn't exist anymore…

  • Video editing in Linux is still a very sad story.

    I'm hoping Lumiera can fix that in a few years time, — and PiTiVi for the non-pro crowd. 🙂