iQ font – When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo.

It’s Fonts: Tokyo Drift.

No sooner than I start talking about making motion from type, here’s an example of making type from motion:

Two typographers ( Pierre & Damien / ) and a pro race pilot (Stef van Campenhoudt) collaborated to design a font with a car.
The car movements were tracked using a custom software, designed by interactive artist Zachary Lieberman. ( )

Download the font here:

More pictures here:

It’s a really elegant example of how effective a simple, clear idea can be, particularly when it comes to computer vision and tracking. Instead of trying to make the work more complex, the vision application really focuses on what the computer can see easily, on reducing rather than adding. And, naturally, it’s also a nice example of working with the open source, C++-even-for-artists-and-people-scared-of-C++ toolkit OpenFrameworks.

Via Zach Lieberman + Memo Atken on Twitter.

  • @nukar: Uh… by "you Europeans," you mean …Toyota's marketing department?

    Yes, it's the new patronage. People buy compact cars > generate $$ > car company buys interactive art. Go figure.

  • nukar

    Some of you europeans have too much money and time on your hands. Jeez.

  • xpez2000

    seems like you end up with the same results as if you wrapped 4 ball point pens together and drew the letters with quick strokes.

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