Today, we bring you a diversion — but a delicious diversion, like the taste of dipping your finger into some freshly-made sukiyaki sauce. (Mmmm… soy and sugar. Okay, now I’m hungry.)

It’s Godzilla, after all. That’s some good, clean, city-destroying fun, and lovingly crunched together here with the lovely sounds of Mochipet. The remix itself looks good — and DVJ artists Savage Henry have some other terrific friends, including my current live digitally-augmented drum hero, KJ Sawka. (Seriously – check his videos out.)

Now if someone would just take on Gamera – Gamera song remix, anyone?

This is a Music Video by Savage Henry for the new Mochipet Single Godzilla New Year
Featuring Remixes by: Vibesquad, Ana Sia, Ant-en-nae, Mimosa, Nortec Collective, and David Starfire

Savage Henry is a dvj production team that specializes in custom sketches and music videos. Created and performed by Bay Area artists James Christopher and Brodie Sullivan, Savage Henry works hand in hand with a network of music producers and visual artists from the west coast electronic music scene. Some of the talent that SH is currently working with include Mochipet, BLVD, Vibesquad, Djunya, the Flying Skulls, KJ Sawka and Alex B. Check out

Via the blog for, where you can go listen to some glitchy music while you code / edit.

Mochipet – “Godzilla New Year” Music Video Released!

  • Oh milordy. This looks like exciting dinner entertainment! *saves link*

    I recall first seeing Gamera on Sci-Fi (ah, the days before Imagine Greater") and I hadn't yet become hip to the WWW. I wondered how many variations of oversized reptiles there were. It would be years later until I learned some of these were presented as cautionary tales vs. nuclear war and such.

    I LOVE the VHS distortion at the beginning — I wonder, was some of that not in the source and added? Looks convincing and crisply synced. I'd delight in watching "the making of" those effects!

  • henry_72

    boring video …..