Reaktor… you know, for kids! Oli, age 7. Photo (CC) Laura Whitehead.

Normally, pricing announcements and sales press releases bore me to tears, but this is actually news – Native Instruments is selling Komplete for July only at just US$/EUR 399, instead of $1139/EUR999.

That means if you were looking for Reaktor alone – about as good a desert island music software choice as you can find – this would be a good deal. You also get Absynth, the absurdly deep (if sometimes baffling) synth with surround sound envelopes and a workflow that could change how you think about sound, the very nice effects and loop recording in Guitar Rig, and the scriptable sampler Kontakt, as well as the Battery drum sampler and lovely Massive synth.

As recession specials go, this is a tough one to beat.

In other news, we’re opening up more discussion of tools like Reaktor (among many others) to the community here on noisepages; check out Peter Dines’ recent modulations blog for thoughts on Reaktor (and the free and open source SuperCollider), or his just-formed Reaktor group, on which he asks, “what problems are you solving with Reaktor?”

  • And I still don't have the money to take advantage of it. *sigh*

  • Well, on the free/cheap side, I still recommend stuff like:

    LinuxSampler (which now runs on more than just Linux)



    ShortCircuit (amazing sampler)

    I think $400 is a really good investment in Komplete. But if you don't have the cash, you do have options. (and I'm spending some time with some of these free tools, too, even with access to other software)

  • ShortCircuit has proven to be a nice program, so far. Also, as I'm shying away from synthesis toward an "all samples, all the time" composing style, a good sampler is my #1 goal to find. I tried UVI Workstation, as it has a sample stretching feature, but it also installs PACE without telling you in advance, which pissed me off, and in the end it's time stretching algorithm didn't sound that great anyway.

    Shortcircuit is pretty good, and amazing for the price, but the quest continues.

  • CPRoth

    As a Komplete user since v2, I can attest that this IS the deal of the year. Remember tho, that there's a few thing in here that'll use up some HD space: Akoustik Piano, Electric Piano, the Battery and Kontakt libraries as well. A cursory look at the contents of these on my 'sample' drive brings it to almost 60GB!

    There may also be some problems with some of the disc sets that went out (something about the way NI pressed their DVD installers that don't work with newer drives). NI turns this around pretty quickly.

    I say GO for it!

  • Crazy!!

  • John

    How does $399=€399?

    Once again, europeans getting ripped off.

  • bought my copy a few days ago, a great deal!

  • thomas

    I really hate this! I hate this big business attitude – and east west does the same with it's libraries.

    I mean I bought all of my software and I spend a lot (!) of money on this that I don't have – I don't think it's fair to loyal customers to do such big bargain offers. yeah I'm really pissed.

    I praise solid companies like RME.

  • I've posted my impressions of this deal here, along with a couple fun videos:… (I've sat for hours and explored sounds in the Komplete 5 collection).

    @John I wonder why that is, too.

    @thomas EastWest seems to have cyclical 2-for-1 specials. I wonder why they time it how they do, forthcoming product releases or to get more black in the books? (I don't know how they, as a company, operate.) NI has had some good upgrade pricing for existing users so like comedy, timing.

    Now, if only Audio Ease Speakerphone 2 would drop sub-$200… any choice alternatives?

  • Holy… That is an incredible price for this package. I picked up Komplete 5 last summer and it's so useful I didn't even think twice about the $1000+ price tag. But this is amazing.

  • Ken Burk

    @John, the euro was always supposed to be close the the USD. That it is so out of whack shows how bad the US economy is. Complaining about 600 euro savings instead of 625 seems kinda weak.

  • grimley

    thomas – I feel your pain. I just bought Kontakt a few weeks ago at full price. I now have everything in the Komplete package. Wish there was a way to convert (konvert?) all my single apps to the Komplete package so I can take advantage of upgrade pricing in the future.

  • Okay, ahem, Europe.

    You're assuming that NI prices the US first and somehow prices EU as an afterthought. This is all a matter of perspective. If you look at it from the US perspective, there are things that are more expensive. For whatever reason, accounting decided they could do equivalent EU and USD. Anyway, Americans pay typically about twice this much each month for health insurance. Don't sweat it.

    Also, as far as this being disloyal to their customer base, the alternative is leaving the pricing where it is. I don't think that necessarily punishes existing customers. Sales happen. I suppose what *would* be nice, that said, is if they offered a simultaneous sale on upgrades and crossgrades for their current user base. And there I'd absolutely agree this is a missed opportunity — I think it's a big win for a maker like NI to get people using their latest stuff; it seems it'd get them hooked on this set of tools.

    But that's just my perspective. I'm neither in sales nor accounting, and have little idea how this works. I'm just saying it's a good deal if you're in the market for these tools and don't already own them. And yeah, I'd be peeved if I wound up paying a lot in my currency or just bought the thing full-freight — so I totally understand where you're coming from. 😉

  • Well anytime you buy a product in the starting phase the innovators usually pay more in price… this is the case with anything….

    This drastic price reduction either shows that their software isn't really worth the price tag…. or they are just desperate as a result of the economy!

    I would be a bit miffed if the price went down after I purchased it but hey… it is an investment… if you buy it at a higher price… and you had the funds when you got it.. then don't look back! it isn't worth the frustration! 🙂

    Also guys.. if anyone is a student! even not music related! All of NI have educational discounts… you just have to prove you are a student and academic superstore!!!!

    Reaktor is 266 on their site! so keep that in mind!!

    I actually may get Reaktor at some point.. but honestly… I can do everything I need using Ableton Suite… and I hate to say it and may get some hating on this… but I just don't find any of my NI plugins to be as warm and loud… or put it to you this way.. I can't get the sounds out of them that I can get out of my basic ableton instruments!

    I also find at times that their GUI can be complicated compared to other instruments…. but that is probably my lack of knowledge and investment in their VSTs….

    However I can't say anything about Traktor b/c it is fantastic!!!

    So blahh! :)~


  • Machines

    I was going to upgrade my Komplete 4 to 5 this week, but now I may wait and see what 6 is bringing to the table. I got in to Komplete with 3 at $699. No complaints. The software collection has more than served me well.

  • Also they n eed to do what Ableton does with various products and upgrades… giving you prices based on the products you purchased in the past giving you various discounts!

    This is why I love the Abes soo much…. I upgraded to version 8 for like 200 bucks.. if even that..

    And to top it off.. I actually got the logo tattoed on my arm… which clearly I am an extreme example of product dedication…

    and guess what they did??

    They sent me a boxed version of the full Suite 8 version for free!!! LOL I sent them a pic of my tat and they said that based on the extreme dedication and the free publicity that that was their special thanks..

    Now I am in no way saying go out and get inked.. but It just shows how every message sent to ableton… that they respond and they are an amazing company to be involved in!!!!


  • grimley

    I want to see a photo of that tat! Personally I like the NI logo better … hmmmm, I am from the north of Ireland … maybe I need to get inked 😉

  • Kyran

    Well, I don't need komplete. I've got live suite 7 and tons of other stuff, but well …

    Massive is a synth I'd like to buy at one point and there's so much content out there in kontakt format, that I had that on my list too. So this is the time to get it, but it would just be a bonus and 400 euro is still a lot of money for an extra (btw: the us price is 281 euro)

    what to do what to do …

  • velocipede

    Tempting, but I still need to learn to properly use all the instruments in Logic, Ableton and Reason, not to mention the other plugins I already have!

  • nkem

    They do this kind of drastic price reduction regularly. Typically at the end of the product cycle before introducing a new product. They did this with Komplete 4 (which I purchased in 2007) when it was $399, and with previous versions/products.

  • Mike

    As someone who has purchased (over time) Kontakt 3, Battery 3, Massive, FM8, and Reaktor 5 separately, it really irks me to know that I still don’t have “Komplete 5” yet have spent well over $1000!!

    I rarely ever feel like a company owes me something but it would be nice if NI would round out my collection with Guitar Rig 3, Akoustik Piano, Elektrik Piano, B4 II, and Pro-53 as a thank you for the tons of money I’ve spent on their products. I am also a Kore 2 owner. I hate to say it but I’m starting to see why some people use cracked software…. I guess my conscience is my enemy sometimes!

  • Waffle

    I really want to get it too, but I'm better off saving the $$$ and learning to use what I already have better.

  • I’ll say something a little odd, which is this:

    Keep complaining.

    Seriously. While it can result in some of the complex pricing that I have (cough) complained about, I think NI and others DO generally want your business. So if you’d like to see them do some easier upgrade paths, you should tell them.

  • This is a fantastic price. I wish I hadn't just a couple of months ago spent $350 getting Komplete 4 used.

    (No, actually, I don't wish that. Komplete 4 is awesome at $350, even if Komplete 5 is more awesome at $399.)

  • noob

    Excuse my ignorance, but what MIDI keyboard controller is in the picture above?

  • @noob: That'll be a KORG microKONTROL. It's a nifty little controller keyboard — small-sized keys, like the microKORG.

  • @Peter It's a delight to learn from your experiences and the fellow knowledgeable commenters here. Thanks for continuing to be attentive to comments and ever-so-relentless about sharing awesome stuff for our positive benefit!

  • vinayk

    I'm going to add to the complaining – I have reaktor and fm8 – I wouldn't mind cheaper upgrade route – would love to get my hands on kontakt!

    The rest I don't need soo much – actually I just need to find a way to use my logic sample library with live, then i'd be sweet… otherwise it'd have to be kontakt!

  • It's a great deal. I only have Kontakt 3 and Reaktor 5, which still seem to sell from NI's online shop for 399 EUR / 439 USD each. Now that doesn't make sense to me. See?

  • Michael Pearson


    I've been eyeing Komplete off since release 3. Sold, friend.

  • Regarding the US v Euro pricing..

    My company runs NI's operation in the UK so I have an idea on this – my guess is that the Euro prices include VAT, something that would probably cause mass uproar if applied in the USA where your sales taxes are like 1.5%?

    It would be more accurate to probably have a sale price of something like $420 to €399, but when it's that close, the manufacturer will probably chose a price that is easy to remember.

    regarding the guys that already have some NI products – as Peter said, keep posting as I'm certain manufacturers do check your posts – and for as long as I can remember there have been different upgrade paths for Komplete if you already own some included products.



  • Kyran

    Even with 21% Belgian sales tax, which is I believe the highest in Europe, the US version still only costs 340 euro. That's a rather nice difference.

    I could believe this kind of thinking two years ago, when the dollar and euro had been worth the same for a few years, but it's been 1.4 dollar for 1 euro for at least two years now. The odd thing is that back in the stoneage, when the dollar was worth more than a euro, prices were differentiated.

  • Hurrr

    The problem is that such companies practice their OWN change rates. And get nearly 30% more than on the currency's change rate, which is, a, pure, and simple, scam.

    Companies in the USA should only sell their products in USD. So we would be able to use our banks change rates.

    It's funny but I think that if one day the euro is worth less than 1 dollar, those companies will strangely stop using the 1USD=1EURO rate.

  • Hurrr….

    A well explained example of that practice. Usd prices + VAT and taxes are still lower than the prices in the 1usd=1euro change rates without any sort of taxe.

  • gp

    musician's friend, code "mine" for $65 off of $350+ makes this an even better deal

    (use the code on the checkout page; it doesn't work on the cart page)

  • Hint

    I got Komplete 2 back in 2004.

    At that time, they offered a discount that increased according to how many full NI products you already owned. Why they don't still offer this kind of discount to encourage existing customers to jump to the full Komplete package is a mystery. Instead they just go for these big blowouts every now and again.

    They have offered 50% off individual plugin upgrades in the past, so I think it's definitely worth pushing.

  • I do find this ongoing concern over US/EUR pricing funny, given that the *other* complaint is taking hundreds off the original price. By the time you do that, you're repricing the product based on what will sell — so, since US buyers are paid in US dollars, figuring the Euro conversion doesn't really make any sense. 😉

  • Hint

    Figuring Euro conversion makes sense if you can buy from a US retailer, ship it over, pay VAT and import duty and still save money. 🙂

  • Can you buy from a US website and have it shipped to the EU?

    Anyone wanna buy a kidney or other vital bit from me so I can afford this?

  • I'm not an expert on Euro pricing (or live in Europe) but doesn't the Euro price have a big fat VAT built into the price. The U.S. price does not have tax included, which could be shy of 9% or nothing if one can ship to a state that doesn't collect interstate taxes. So it still doesn't add up but not as big a deal.

    Nice price… but I bought my Komplete 3 at around that price some years back on another of these limited time deals.

    I do wish NI would get back to making more new and exciting software. I mean there have been a couple improvements no compelling reason to upgrade or even any good offers. Lets see… I can upgrade my Komplete 3 for mmmmm ….. only $399! Will the bargains ever end? (well I guess they do when legacy support for Komplete 5 is dropped)

  • Will C.

    I shelled out $900 for Komplete last year. I don't really mind that they're pricing it lower, though. That's how sales work. I just hope they have a pretty good price for the upgrade when they release the next version of Komplete.

  • srsly tempted by this, thats less than a price of a new MicroKorg!

  • US or EU – this is an unbelievably reasonable price to get hold of their software. It's still nice even for people like myself who own one or two NI products already. And having wanted to get into Guitar Rig and Absynth, it's very very tempting for me. The German NI shop has announced delivery delays already — hardly surprising!

  • Rich

    The euro/dollar thing is irritating, but european retailers seem to be slapping a bit of an extra discount on by default, which softens the blow slightly. Plus you can always quote the brown market price at your local music shop, wave your credit card at them and tell them you'll buy this instant if they can get close to it. They make pretty big margins (just look at the discount staff often get) and so may well let you have it cheap if they want a sale. Might put them out of business if you do it a lot, but I generally find real shops more of a hassle and less knowledgable then the nerds on the end of emails anyway, so no great loss.

  • Rich

    Or did i mean grey market? I like brown.

  • apoclypse

    Well if this is due to an upcoming upgrade I'm not sure what it is. They haven't released any real updates to their software in a while and while they do have new products like Maschine, it would be useless(compared to other alternatives like BPM) without the integrated controller. So their would be very little in Komplete 6 that 5 doesn't have already, you may even get less. The package deal is great. I bought Komplete 4 when it was being included in a package deal with Kore 1 and a free upgrade to Kore 2. The price was $899 which was a steal imo. The only that sucked was that couple of months later they announced Komplete 5. I wouldn't have upgraded if Massive and Guitar Rig 3 and Kontakt 3 weren't included in the package since most of the plugins I use weren't really updated at all from version 4. This is great deal, imo, if you don't care about the latest and the greatest. Even if you do then upgrading later woudl be far cheaper than buying the product outright.

  • apoclypse,

    you are absolutely right!

    Which is why I did it! And I'm very excited about it, too!

  • Max Cascone

    Is this a good suite to get if you don't have anything other than Garageband right now? I was thinking about getting Guitar Rig anyway, so this is kind of a no-brainer – is there anything missing from this set? Or would this be like a one-stop setup? Obviously there are ways to get stuff for free but if I wanted to buy a real suite, is this a good option?



  • @Max: I think so — the one thing you don't get is a new sequencer, but if you like GB and want some extra power (including the ability to build your own stuff in Reaktor), should be about perfect!


  • Max Cascone

    Thanks for your reply, Peter. After some more thought, I realized it's missing a real/dedicated sequencer? Is that not part of this type of package, or am I missing it?

    Assuming I'm right and Komplete doesn't come with a sequencer, which one would you recommend, that would work well with this suite?

    Thanks again


  • Max Cascone

    Peter… wow, I totally missed your statement about Komplete not having a sequencer. {smacks forehead} What sequencer works well with it?



  • Michael

    <blockquote cite="Musician’s friend, code “mine” for $65 off of $350+ makes this an even better deal

    (use the code on the checkout page; it doesn’t work on the cart page)">

    just tried this, it's only Komplete Synths that you get for that price, not Komplete 5. careful! i had to cancel my order.

  • Michael

    My above quote is in reference to GP's comment that you can get it for less at Musician's Friend.

  • Kevin

    Sold out… and sadly I waited too long!

  • Kevin

    Scratch that… thanks to a poster on the Ableton forum I see that B&H still has some…

    Now to get PSP Nitro before I forget…

  • Crap, NI put it back up to $1159 and it's backordered, and B&H put it back up to $859.95, backordered as well. 🙁