Float away with Mujik… from The Amazing Rolo on Vimeo.

Musical technology is often designed to be “hard” in character. Interfaces are cold and technological-looking, futuristic like spaceships, or made to replicate antique gear to make guitarists feel nostalgic. Musical interfaces consciously avoid anything “childish” – calling something a “toy” being the worst possible insult – and they’re certainly never whimsical.

That’s why the real news about Mujik isn’t that it’s a new iPhone app, or that, after a few weeks of teasers, you can download it today on the iTunes store. (The app is free for a limited time.) The news is that it’s a musical interface with lightning bugs.

Mujik teaser… from The Amazing Rolo on Vimeo.

The creators, led by Yann Seznec, clearly had this goal in mind:

Do you want an iPhone app to make beats? And produce like totally awesome tracks with a zillion channels and plugins and automation and 808 simulators and stuff yeah? Oh. Well, this is not for you. Mujik is more than a music app – get away from fake sliders and buttons and enter the world of Mujik, with charming graphics, lovely music, and a wonderfully tactile interface. It’s not rocket science, it’s just fun.

Mujik is brought to you by Lucky Frame, a small team of awesome people based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s lovely here, you should come visit.

You can’t save yet, but I rather like that. And while you can’t yet add your own sounds (which they’re also working on), I actually can imagine this would be something you’d share with your friends who are intimidating by the arcane, unreadable tracker you have installed on your hacked Game Boy.

On the team: Yann Seznec is also known as The Amazing Rolo, who we’ve seen previously on CDM making a free Wii looping machine, and who recently did a three-part series just for CDM on the Maker Faire. (one, two, three)

Thanks to Chris Hahn on Twitter for the tip!

  • I gotta say…this is the most fun I've had with a music app on the iphone. Super simple interface, but fun and some interesting stuff. I can't wait to see what they do with this.

  • UTM

    Cool! Thanks for this. Talk about whimsical software (…the good kind) and you should consider Bebot from NormalWare. It has a terrific (and responsive) UI.

    There's a whole lot of great iPhone music stuff coming out now!

  • Mr Android

    Please, stop blowing the iphones ego. With the HTC Hero and Magic released, there has to be some more development going on for the Android.

  • Peter Kirn

    Ha, well, I'm one of Android's #1 fans and *I'm* working on Android development. But the whole platform hasn't picked up speed — not yet. A lot of the new hardware isn't actually available to most people. And there's a lot of work to do in *software* to catch up with some of what's available specifically in the iPhone's audio and 3D API's. I think Android will get there, and I think because it's open source, because it's based on Linux, because it doesn't involve hardware lock-in, because it doesn't have iTunes distribution restrictions, it's a good investment in the long run. Emphasis on long run, however — look for more action later this year.

    Anyway, this app could really be done on any platform. There are design issues that to me will last long after *all* of these platforms are a distant, dated memory.

  • autoy

    I don't think this is blowing anything's ego, this is just a great, fun, brillantly executed app you have to try if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch. Arguing about platforms every time an iPhone app comes out is getting tired.

  • BrettG

    i thought this app was fun and all.. but it's not really much of a music maker. it's more like another "remix" app, you don't actually create anything on here

    but sunvox on the iphone came out a few days ago and it's pretty amazing! obviously it's not anything new, but it's probably the best music app on the iphone yet (noise.io comes in second for me)

    where's the sunvox article :p

  • Sounds fun at all. Cute in a way that whom heard those tunes will say it's like you're in a cartoon series watching on tv. Cute music for me.

  • yeah, it is a bit of a music toy, but I think it's wonderful. Honestly at this point I'm not totally sure if I want deeply featured production software on my little phone. I've found that little toys and tools are more suited. the BeBot synth comes to mind.

  • Thanks so much for the lovely post, you've absolutely nailed what we were trying to achieve. The headline is wonderful, I couldn't have said it better myself!

    I should also mention that the other members of the team are up to some crazy awesome stuff – Jon Brodsky is working on an amazing iphone app called Itch, which is a graphical programming interface based on Scratch. He and I were also in Handface, one of the top five gameboy dance bands in southwestern PA at the turn of the century.

    And Mike the designer is really responsible for the charming nature of Mujik…his work is just great.

    Thanks again, I will keep you posted about our projects. The response to Mujik has been amazing, and has made me super motivated to do much more!

  • dyscode

    I think this is rather lame.

    If you want something interesting take a look at SunVox.

    It may cost $5 or or so but it´s one zillion times more interessting.

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