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When you’re testing, be like the snow leopard, stalking its prey, patient, silent… okay, I’m tired. Photo (CC) Ian Duffy.

The changes may be subtle, and you may not notice a thing. But if you upgrade your OS – any OS – the day it comes out for the ever-delicate work of live music and visuals, you should think of yourself as a tester. There’s a good chance you’re going to find some issue somewhere. Guess what: griping about it gets you nowhere. If you find a problem, fill out a detailed bug report with the vendor. And be patient. Anyone who’s tried developing software or drivers knows what I mean: stuff breaks. The advantage now is, we can arm ourselves with information through the power of the Web.

I’ve created a page for tracking Snow Leopard compatibility, changes, and other information, with a visual equivalent to follow after launch. (Right now, most of the visual information we want to talk about is still under NDA.)

Bookmark it at:

What kind of updates? Well, this just in: Iced Audio writes us to let us know they’ve successfully tested their awesome AudioFinder under 10.6.

This is information that’s constantly changing, and it’s an unscientific compilation – just think of it as a place to start your research and testing process if you do want to hop onboard 10.6 early.

As we get closer to Windows 7’s launch, we’ll give Windows a page, too, and I hope to have some centralized info for Linux, too.