dromama from Altitude Sickness on Vimeo.

Turning one knob and bouncing up and down may work for some, but virtuoso electronic performers want more live control out of music. Why? Because we have more fun. Raymond Weitekamp is a monome power user based at Princeton who has organized like-minded monomists. As with Edison’s performance work yesterday, Raymond is working to develop real performance technique.

He’s already got the monome doing more that button mashing, thanks to clever mapping of tilt controls. (Check out the custom housing, too.) But to provide additional timbral controls, Raymond makes use of the Korg nanoKONTROL and the humble MIDI Remote Scripts I made and documented here on CDM. The nano provides some compact, accessible controls for adjusting the active rack. Details below.

If you want to learn from this setup, Raymond is sharing everything he’s doing, so you can take this in a direction that works in your performance rig. Here’s the full setup:

-smack-a-duck: vimeo.com/4739761
-mlr_aes_mdb: princeton.edu/~rweiteka/mlr_raw_0.2.zip
-midi_bends: princeton.edu/~rweiteka/midi_bends_0.3G_RAW.zip
-midi_bends midi remote script: princeton.edu/~rweiteka/MIDI_Bends_LiveRemote.zip
-nanokontrol midi remote script: createdigitalmusic.com/files/media/files/korg/korgnano_live.zip
-ableton live


Drums from the “droms” sample pack by ro: post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=5414
Beach Boys – Mama Says
Viktor Vaughn – Raedawn

ro, tehn, soundcyst, peter kirn

From that discussion thread (well worth checking the whole thing out), here’s the basics on how the bits fit together:

Since it may not be immediately obvious what’s going on, I’ll elaborate for the curious amongst you:

mlr_aes_mdb => soundflower => live
midi_bends => IAC midi bus + midi remote script => live
nanoKontrol => midi remote script => live
smack-a-duck => soundflower => live

I modified Peter Kirn’s midi remote script for the nanoKontrol, and wrote my own for midi_bends. The tilting of the monome on the left (Tuppernicus) is controlling the 8 encoders of whatever the active FX rack is. The knobs on the nanoKontrol control those same 8 encoders. This way, I can use either to control the same FX parameters. I like this a lot better than 1:1 midi mapping, because it allows multiple methods for controlling the same parameters. Tuppernicus also controls the FX toggles (4 FX x 6 channels), drum rack, and active channel/effect rack. The monome on the right (Tupperbot) is running my slightly tweaked (added rowfix) version of mlr_aes_mdb 0.4.

Ableton Live is just one choice, of course. I’m actually trying to get some similar tools together on the Linux side, where this sort of combination fits naturally with the JACK audio server. I hope to have something to share by mid-fall.

  • robb

    cool stuff, that droms rule

    i am still not sure if i should go for the nano series or wait for the akais


    is it monome video week?

  • Heheheh… you know, at some point I will do some kind of xxx "WEEK," a la Shark Week. For now, though, we have too much cool stuff coming in too fast to sit on it, but maybe it'd be a good way of doing a retrospective or something.

    Things DO seem to come in bursts, though, with a little orchestration from me…

  • Not only is Ray a great musician and innovator, but he has really done great things for the monome community with putting together shows and gatherings.

    @ Ray: great stuff, keep everyone updated on your progress!

  • newmiracle

    Since the forums have been down for a while, and since it's also the unoffical 'monome week', I had a quick question.

    How easy is it to switch up these monome setups with different but similar hardware? I'm specifically thinking of Livid's Ohm64. It would appear that it has all the capabilities necesarry to run a monome 'app'. In fact, this video might be a prime candidate for such a substitution. If you need a monome, but also some faders and knobs to go with it (tilt excluded, obviously).

    I know monome is all about being open source, but does anyone know how easy this would be? Anyone been there and done that?

  • Esol Esek

    This music actually sounds original, which is always good to hear. One side of the Ohm64 goes to scene triggers, already included in the APC40. I'm still waiting for a head-to-head comparison. FOr that matter, I havent found that much to read about the APC vs others, or used in conjuction with other hardware.

  • gotta say….

    altitude sickness kills…..

    played a show thrown and hosted by him last year…

    dood packed the dance floor at the end O the night and had a rad set!

    big big props!!!

  • robb

    an monome style router for the ohm64 that connects to apps would be possible (and quite easy to implement i think), there is one for the apc40 already
    All you'd need is the ohm64 communication protocol which should float around somewhere on the web, shouldn't it?

    you might even be able to simulate a 128 or bigger and scroll across your virtual monome using the fader…

  • impressive tech indeed, beautiful lookin customised monomes, and that tilt stuff seems usefull, tho the potential for droppin it at a gig seems quite high..

    interesting soundin track, tho i have to say the drums that come in at about 2 minutes sound completely off and all over the place..

  • ro


    mistakes, imperfections, and misaligned rhythmic syncopations, whether intended or not, are some of the greatest virtues in music.

    personally i find perfectly quantized beats to be quite robotic and boring.

    my two pennies..

  • tekkaz

    sure. if it works for you thats cool – we all dig our own different things 🙂

  • boardmakeroe

    Hi….Introducing my self….New to this forum….thanks for allowing joining this forum.