JpFrenay writes:

I wanted to send you my new experimental shortfilm “Artificial Paradise,inc”. It’s has already been selected for this year’s onedotzero festival in the WOW+FLUTTER 09 section. It’s also featuring in the Autodesk Siggraph 09 showreel.

ARTIFICIAL PARADISE, Inc from Jp Frenay on Vimeo.

Spectacular stuff! For those in or around the UK, onedotzero adventures in motion is commencing at Southbank on the 9th of September. For those who can’t be there, a couple of minutes with the wow+flutter selection page and google will give you a great afternoon’s viewing.

  • josh

    wow!!! incredible~!!

    can any one take a stab at what software it looks like they are using to achieve these sort of visuals?

    am totally blown away!

  • The visuals are amazing and if just close your eyes and you will see how thought out the audio is in the sound track. Nice work! Amazing. — T2

  • that is very very cool, one of the best things i have seen for quite some time. top work.

  • Anthony Palomba

    Very good work, pretty esoteric way to search for a file though.

  • dude

    @ Josh, It says it's been selected for the autodesk showreel…so my guess is Maya etc…

  • HI everyone,

    Thank you very much for these comments !!! It's a real pleasure to finally share this movie with the world 😉

    and now for the precious cocktail we used to produce it :
    maya, realflow, zbrush, after effects and lot of render time !

    Once again thanks a lot for your interest.

    see you