We’ve been keeping an eye on Seam Carving (or “Content Aware Image Resizing”, for the academically unhip) since 2007. Now, via French VJ blog extraordinaire LeCollagiste, we discover that Photoshop CS5 will feature what Adobe and Princeton are now calling PatchMatch.

PatchMatch: Structural Image Editing from Dan Goldman on Vimeo.

No sign of any publicly available video implementations yet, although it can only be a matter of time, given the promising work of Michael Rubinstein et al presented at Siggraph 2008.

The 3D Cube visualisation is a great representation of the difference between working on still images and videos.

  • stk

    While I'm all for shiny Photoshop goodies, I just wish the monkeys as Adobe would get their software working stably *before* pouring in more features.

  • cool! we had this in gimp for about one year allready !!!

  • doh!

    mistaken, i meant scale aware .

    sorry for the mistake ;D

  • fuck , i was right , we do have this feature in gimp for one year allready.

  • yair

    but where are the video textures?!

  • @STK: I'm right with you there. For more thoughts on this, check out Merlin Mann's recent post on Adobe Bloat and Crashyness.

    @TweakingKnobs: There's been quite a few tools available for a while.

    @yair: I hadn't seen those before. Very VJ-friendly technology.

  • Richard

    I want 8 core support

  • shit Im late to post on this but how can you create those funky glitchy retargets gone wrong?