New features in Modul8; for more shots, see Modul8’s Flickr stream.

Mac-only visual tool Modul8 is getting some significant improvements in version 2.6, available now as public beta. The final version will cost EUR49. Snow Leopard users, this corrects some compatibility issues with Apple’s new OS, which I believe now brings all the major visual apps in line with 10.6 (VDMX, Resolume, and GrandVJ all confirm compatibility).

More importantly, though, some significant feature improvements. Most promising:

  • Sound analysis, with some detailed settings and 23-band effects fed into modules
  • 4 simultaneous camera inputs
  • Create a movie sequence by dragging and dropping images into a media set
  • Add/subtractive blend modes on all layers (okay, that’s quite overdue!)
  • Wacom tablet input to modules
  • DMX support
  • Lots of MIDI mapping and configuration improvements

Some of this has been available in Modul8’s competitors, but I know Modul8 has a loyal user base who like its integrated interface.

Modul8 2.6 Public Beta with complete change list, bug fixes, etc.

This is a public beta, and not recommended for “production purposes” – not that I haven’t seen people running betas live, of course.

Let us know what you think, and particularly if we have Modul8 users out there who want to share their work.

  • Bridd

    Is it going to be €49 for the full app or just the upgrade? (will regular price tag remain?)

  • I believe pricing remains unchanged; that's just the upgrade price.

  • I've got a bunch of Modul8 driven clips here

    Top and bottom three are all Modul8 creations

  • A bit disappointing to be charged €49 for a .1 upgrade. My guess is that after 2 and a half years since the last .1 revision they're running low on cash and/or motivation. V2.5 shipped in May 2006(!). This beta was meant to ship in Feb, and a month or 2 delay is acceptable but 6 months late little info on whats coming and then only a few new features.

    I understand that these guys, along with every other VJ app developer are 1-3 man bands and have to no doubt do other work to make ends meat but come on – 2.5years to add 2 blend modes, DMX support and some other long overdue improvements.

    A lot of the flaws in Modul8 are UI based and could be fixed all too easily.
    For example –
    The module editor stills sucks, as does the fact I need to have 8 modules running that have basic features that should be in the core UI. Why do I need to download a module to access Freeframe FX?
    Why can't I play/pause a layer easily. Why can't I lock a layer?

    Heres a screen shot of my current Modul8 setup –
    Modul8 UI layout blues. It's great I have a 17" WUXGA screen on on my MBP, cause god I would have a hard time fitting anything on a screen 15" or smaller.

    IMO they should have charged a premium for DMX support and then offer a free or lower priced upgrade for those of us who will never need DMX support in the first place.

    As it is I don't see enough benefit in the new version, and Garagecubes development cycle seems to be getting worse and worse. Based on this release I wonder if we will ever see a Modul8 v2.7 before 2012?

  • Sorry about the mega link on that last rant. I can't re-edit a post to clean it up.

  • These are all welcome additions, especially the sequence creation drag/drop. I agree with lotech that the layer play/pause arrangement is still a bit crazy. The main thing I've always loved Modul8 for though is how incredibly stable it is, I've set it up to drive interactive video installations with it running continuously for months on fairly low end machines.

  • Blend modes is very good news, DMX two-way control is enormously good news, it lifts M8 into a new strata. And multicamera input combined with the DMX support, on top of M8s biggest asset ever – STABILITY – is worth €49 several times over.

  • ocp

    Here's a video my visuals partner did using Modul8:

    Enjoy ( ;

    more videos @

  • @ocp/João – beautiful work, mate, love the sounds. And I like your partner's work a lot, very nice and minimal. I guess those are pre-rendered as video, then added to Modul8?

    @Kevin – nice work, as well!

    @lotech: We will eventually, someday have long-overdue editing. Just fyi, though, you need to *close* link tags.

    I hear what you're saying. Definitely read the full changelog, as I'm only covering the highlights. I think they could have kept the pricing but called this "3" instead of "2.6." I think the main challenge is an increased pace of development from VDMX and the entry of GrandVJ and Resolume into the market. But, as I say, there's still a lot in Modul8 and a lot of people doing good work with it.

  • I appreciate that m8 has this new improvements, but i would like more innovative features, so, now its on the standard. I use VDMX too and it has more advanced techniques, by the other side m8 its very useful and much more practical than VDMX, i guess its a matter of time because i'm recently using VDMX.

  • r4f0: well, more experience always helps. On the other hand, I think that all of these tools have a fair number of features that line up, if you just look at them on paper. Actually compare the interfaces, though, and they're pretty wildly different, and that means working methods aren't exactly the same. I think one person may be profoundly more productive in VDMX than Modul8, and someone else might find just the opposite.

  • Why not just call it 3.0? Technically when you add a new feature to a program doesn't that make it a whole number revision? .1 revision would be a bug fix or something added to an existing feature right? Good news at any rate, and the new features are a welcome addition to a good program.

  • Four cam input is great! Triggers for vid launch is expected. Rock it or nuke it. TR.

  • @Peter – Thanks so much for posting. I have to confirm with ocp/João but whatever is happening there is achievable within modul8. I suspect he did a render of a logical record and then edited it in an NLE of his choice to get the timings right. Its possible to achieve a similar goal by switching between layer sets.

    And everyone thank you for the feedback. Inspiring to see all the work being done with the software.

    Pricing for the full version if you are a new modul8 user remains same.

    @lotec Thanks for your feedback. You have very good points and I will make sure to bring them to the attention of the team members.

    On the pricing and DMX issue we really wanted to open up DMX to everyone. I am already seeing from our forums that people who had no idea what DMX is are now getting interested in lighting.

    If DMX and the other features are not for you then we will likely be releasing 2.5.9 (oooh… like splicing hairs ain't it?) for people who do not need those features but have upgraded to Snow Leopard.

    @Kevin&Peter the incremental version numbering is is due to the pace of development (admittedly slow but we hope to change that of course) and the road map being drawn up for future versions. The changes are just not drastic enough from the core interface to warrant a whole new number.

    Back to bidding on used Trigger Fingers on eBay.

  • Well, I'll say this: with version numbering, it's better to have users say ".1" should have been "1" than "1" should have been ".1"! 😉

  • ocp

    @Peter Kirn – I believe it was exported from Modul8 and then edited in Premiere.
    Here's another one showing the software(s) in action:

    First images are Resolume, then Modul8. Hugo is now using VDMX.

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