If you haven’t checked CreateDigitalMusic today, there’s been quite a flurry of excitement around Novation’s newly announced $200 Launchpad controller.


Check out the full details on CDMu. I’m about to go out to a gig, so don’t have time to talk about backpack VJ controller setups, Monome comparisons, OHM64 alternatives, or how nice it is to have controllers that send proper MIDI… But I thought everyone should know: There’s a new grid in town.

  • Reading all of that I wonder how I could use this baby in VDMX without LIVE. Or maybe I should just finally get my head round this A/V project I've been wanting to do for ages…

  • It's just a normal midi controller, so you can use it wherever you like!

  • Simple, I dig it. This will be a perfect addition to my 13 year old Roland A33 and Phat-Boy.

  • But what's the deal with not generic MIDI? Or did I get this wrong?

  • It sends normal midi messages, it just isn't a class compliant device, so it needs its own drivers.

  • vjwunderkind

    Ah that's that. Ok, well I can live with that. I came just at the right time: was going to get an APC sooner or later but this one fits my needs as a musician AND visualist much better.

  • Vjwunderkind

    One more thing: is it possible to use all modes with other apps?