Ron from Indamixx has a mobile music making setup for a reason – it can run on Venice Beach, literally. Netbook + Renoise means this rig is a capable music production workstation.

It’s nearly Election Day again here in New York. But it’s also Musical Election Day worldwide for the Efficient Music Competition with CDM, portable Linux-powered studio Indamixx, and modern tracker Renoise. In an age when technology tends to mean more, these artists are making music with less, carefully optimizing Renoise-powered tracks to operate well on lesser CPUs. Now’s your chance to hear the fruits of their labors, and register your vote. (And because these are Creative Commons-licensed, they’re free to share and share alike, too.)

Here’s what to do:

1. Head to the Renoise-hosted official competition site.

2. Sign in to your Renoise forum account, or register for a free account if you have not already. (This is just a forum account; the Renoise folks won’t be spamming you. Having the account gives you the ability to discuss the songs and pick up some Renoise tips, too.)

3. Give the tracks a listen. You can download them all at once in XRNS format and play them in Renoise – a free demo will do the trick. Alternatively, click the “plus” icon to expand the song for more details; most include an MP3 preview you can listen to on-demand (a good way to browse the tracks, especially on a machine that doesn’t have Renoise installed).

4. Drag and drop to vote. Drag the song from the list down to the voting box at the bottom, then reorder them in order of which you like best. You can vote for multiple songs, but whichever is listed higher in your list will be “weighted” better, so pick your favorites, then choose your favorite favorites.

5. Save your votes! You can adjust your list, add additional entries, and change your mind – just be sure to save each time.

6. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8 is the deadline for voting. Whatever you have listed as your votes then is final.

The forum will be the official venue to discuss these tracks. Of course, I’m also curious to hear on comments – what do you think of these entries overall? Those of you who worked on tracks, what was the experience like having to optimize for limited system resources?

Awesome as Renoise is, I also wanted a place for lovers of all trackers to come together, so I’ve created a new group on Noisepages:

I <3 Trackers []

Sign up, join in, and we can talk about tracker technique and tools in general. (For instance, I’d love to get a workflow going working on a tiny tracker on the go, then bringing that work into a netbook or laptop running Renoise.)

  • Human Plague

    Wow, great Renoise tracks. So many different styles, nice high caliber / low CPU XRNS to learn from. Can't go wrong here.

    My current top 5 are:

    * Transient – green Butter

    * Custard – Renagade Jazz

    * Moss – Rest On

    * Void Pointer – Rampensau

    * ASCII Death Star – Space Shuffle

    Let's see if this changes between now and November 8th.

    As far as "I love Trackers" and "tracker on the go" bit – Is anyone a SunVox user? Man, if you thought Renoise was confusing… I can't for the like of me wrap my head around the SunVox workflow, but it runs on the PalmOS, Windows Mobile, and the iPhone. CDM did a story about them in August.

  • Dave Smith-Hayes

    Peter, I noticed my track is not on the official Renoise page. What's the deal?

  • Dave Smith-Hayes

    Ah nevermind, I found it. My mistake.

  • 7oi

    damn. it sucks not having been able to take part in the competition. then again, having a baby girl beats the hell out of this prize, and lasts for longer… Still, nice rig…

  • Cool people, these Renoisers.

  • newmiracle

    Peter, is NoisePages going to be the 'new forum' or is it just a palceholder until a new forum is created?

    Not knocking NoisePages or anything. It just seems like it's own thing.

    Sorry. A bit off topic, I know.

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  • Super Thanks to everyone!!!

    Please vote in our contest.

  • Human Plague, I bought Sunvox for my iPod Touch; I'd love to use it like I did Buzz / ModPlug / IT / ProTracker in the nineties – only one problem with that, there's no sound recording functionality.

    Using Apple's own recorder, I can record from a mic just fine – but the iTouch lacking a common file system, there's no way to transfer the sounds from one app to the other without a computer. And frankly, if I'm anchored to my Mac anyway, I'd track in Milky or Renoise

    The ideal situation for me would be to go to a remote cabin / tent somewhere and just make music with limited tools – but I'd at least require the ability to make instruments from short loops of recorded sounds. Like the old days.

    Still, Sunvox is confusing and fun to explore. About as idiosyncratic and weird an interface as that other fave of mine, Blender.

  • By the way, did anyone else notice the surprisingly large amount of songs including chiptune samples?

    As for the reason, I have a couple of hypotheses:

    – The recent CDM article "For Love of Chips"

    – The abundance of chiptune samples in Renoise's Instrument library

    – Chiptune is a synonym of efficiency

    Any other explanations?

  • aidan

    laptop in the beach? crunchy.

  • decrepitude

    Yeah, sand gets in EVERYTHING. 😉

  • @Bantai: Well, and trackers and chip go together for a lot of people, perhaps because the Game Boy, etc. have introduced folks to trackers. But I agree, there's no reason you have to go that route…

  • @Peter Kirn

    True, but this compo contains more chip than usual, for example the BeatBattle 5 compo — which had an even lower 5 MB file size limit.