It’s striking how audiovisualism has broken into maximalist and minimalist streams, toward DJ-style cut-ups and mash-ups of video at one end of the spectrum and geometric generative animation at the other. Firmly planted in the maximalist, Emergency Broadcast Network-descended sliced-and-scratched popular culture, we have Eclectic Method. The duo does audiovisual pop-fragmentation better than anyone right now. They’ve appeared in a number of interviews, but Babelgum focuses right in on what they’re about, why those shards of mainstream politics and culture matter, and how a future generation will be able to receive multiple streams of information at once, jacked in Serial Experiments Lain-style.

Oh, yeah, and you get a brief glimpse of what happens when you mash with Fraggle Rock.

They’re indeed an audiovisual supergroup, and when your eyeballs and eardrums are ready to rock out, they deliver.

Thanks, Shawn Faherty, for the tip!

  • Adam

    I like the Serial Experiments Lain reference. I guess this is the write blog for me. No need to adjust my set.

  • circusa

    I saw these guys at the ADC in NYC @ an events ceremony. Then again at a private party. Their set is pretty cool but also pretty repetitive. but also pretty repetitive. but also pretty repetitive. but also pretty repetitive. I saw these guys at the ADC in NYC. but also pretty repetitive. but also pretty repetitive. but also pretty repetitive.

  • I've not seen E.M. but I have seen several DVJ/video mashup artists perform smashs and culture bending cutups and each one has left me less than impressed. I would much rather see a good DJ an VJ working together as an AV act. The mental facilities used to o each one are completely different. A bit of audio sampling with the video clips is cool, but a whole set is as circusa puts it, pretty repetitive. All of the DVJ performers in my city are no longer getting booked because of the repetition, but the VJs are asked back again and again.

  • like he says in the video, they'll play anything. i think if it was more thought out, like having some cohesion, or a narrative it would stand a chance of being interesting. as it is i find it annoying. they definitely have the skills but aren't employing the artistry.

  • they're right about things moving fast. already i'm bored with this.
    @leon trimble – agreed re artistry, seems a bit hollow.

  • Lots to think about in this terrific summation. Thanks for posting it, Peter. Already I'm re-thinking several of my pieces.

  • Hey, I think Eclectic Method really do raise some good points about culture. They come up with some of the same answers as guys like Emergency Broadcast Network, though, so essentially the era of cable and Hollywood. I wonder, how might those answers change in the age of the Internet, data visualization, and real-time information?

  • I would like to highlight this point. Whenever you look at Audio Video mash-ups creation from Pre-recorded mediums, you are bound to lock yourself from the actual Live Creation environment. Yes, Your Video Loops aren't live!
    At best its a Live Videos Mash-up and definately not Live!

    As Peter points out "Internet, data visualization, and real-time information" are more appropriate to current Technology edge, rather then rehashing MTV culture with little difference from your Addictive TV path 🙂 ha!

    "This show is totally Live" – from video comment

    This is where confusion begins.

    Realistically you only take few extra elements from DJ concepts by adding Video overlay and that's it. Where I would like to see it going is towards Musical Performance where your visual method isn't locked in into itself (loops, video clips, etc). Think of Live musicians that aren't storing all pre-recorded set on a hard drive or on a disk. They perform it! Visuals can do the same, that's where we should be going if era o Cable and Hollywood is something we choose to step away from.

    The best you do is clever mash up of pre-recorded gear that you had collected. Obviously if you use material that is already sits deep in people's minds and it will have some effect on the end user, yet its still not live as where the progress can go.

    I see Audio Video Culture potential not in such mash-ups but in creating Interactive and Evolving pieces that are by not means are locked in in themselves.

    That's where LIVE is, Goodbye Cable and Hollywood!!!

    Good posts none the less!

  • sorry to say, but to me (personally)it feels pretty boring when addicitve do it, and this is not better. I see what it is about, but i wouldn't want to spend my time on this, although it is obviously a real crowd pleaser.
    I can imagine though, that it rocks in a live-party situation.

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