APPARATI EFFIMERI Cosmopolitan Opening from Apparati Effimeri on Vimeo.

The Drive-In Movie Theater may be all but dead, but using facades of buildings as the new, architectural visual surface is very much alive. So, at the risk of this site becoming Create Digital Projection Mapping, here’s another beautiful work from our friends at Apparati Effimeri.

Cosmopolitan Hotel 03/10/2009
Bologna (IT)

Apparati Effimeri:
Federico Bigi
Marco Grassivaro
Roberto Fazio

Sound Design:

Now, if only there were indoor spaces with permanent projection systems where this stuff started to happen. Instead of clubs with a few dinky projection screens, imagine having a rotating roster of visualists redefining the interior of a space. I guess we just need a new economic boom?

  • A club with a permanent projection system is exactly what I was thinking. That would be the perfect playground!

  • Orubasarot

    Is the bricks thing in that video just rendered footage of the After Effects preset with a few lights?

  • Famous small club in Vienna. Name escapes me now. They effectively use multiple slide show projectors to fill the room. Every night a different artist contributes. They have nicely placed video inside some arches that compliment the projections.

    Slide projectors are pretty cheap. A little creativity with these two technologies can go a long way before we have another economic (bubble) boom.

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