My own President Obama is this week off making his pitch for why Chicago should host the Olympic Games. Correction. Oops. I need to read the news. Chicago was eliminated first. But look out – our friends at Antipop (slogan: “antipop music for a pop music”) are using a different tool in their arsenal: music.

Watch the video for some fun gear spotting, plus one vintage arcade cabinet. I could point out stuff I see, but that’d spoil the fun. Shout out in comments.

There’s definitely a commercial gloss on this, but it’s nicely executed, and felt so absurdly Olympic to me that I actually couldn’t help but smile listening. (In fairness, either Chicago or Madrid ought to be able to do better than New York did with 2012; I recall dignitaries in traffic while rowers paced the polluter waters of Flushing Meadows. Yipes.)

Here you go, probably the most commercial music we’ll ever run on CDM:
<a href="">Madrid 2016 Corazonada by antipop</a>

Makes me want to, like, train or something.

Updated: From comments, I like these alternative suggestions by safd in place of “anti” pop:

superpop, poppypop, hippop, popcore, purelypop, universapop

Popcore is something I need to work on. It was worth posting this for that word alone.

Background: “Antipop is the Antonio Escobar music production personal studio, one of the most awarded Spanish producer and composer.” [sic]

Update: Superpop or antipop, the song alone couldn’t melt the hearts of the Olympic Committee. Congrats to – Rio!

  • safd

    seems pretty pop to me… superpop, poppypop, hippop, popcore, purelypop, universapop – these seem more appropriate.

    am i missing something?

  • Well, yes, they went hyperpop for the Olympics. Some of his other stuff sounds different. I am fairly certain "anti" normally means the same thing in Spanish as it does in Latin. 😉

  • nice studio, i've seen very well equipped facilities in both Madrid and Barcelona. Usually Spanish musicians have many more resources than places like Berlin, but lack a little bit creativity…

  • Adrian Anders

    Damn, I was excited for a sec thinking that Antipop Consortium got back together for an Olympics track… 😛

  • Spaniard

    <cite>Usually Spanish musicians have many more resources than places like Berlin</cite>

    what? I think it's quite the opposite

    <cite>but lack a little bit creativity…</cite>

    err… what?

  • Tks but Olympics 2016 will be in Rio. Come over to party with us.

  • Party in Rio – heck, yes.

    Hey, I thought these were all great cities. I don't know why there's been so much hating.

  • Ursakin

    its like something that U2 excreted

    but in a good way

  • Hi all!

    Just a note about the antipop name and my work. Antipop in Spanish is the popkiller thing to avoid pops recordings vocals. About my work, I became well known in Spanish ads industry for making good popular songs in non popular ways or styles (you should think what's popular music is in a Spanish context, what it's sad). There is a Showreel and an Award section in my site ( where you can check it if you want.

    Anyway, I can't do what I want all time. I'm more in the indie and electronic scene, but I make music for my clients' tastes and (olympics) needs and it's what pays the bills 🙂

  • (and the Ableton Live updates) 😉

  • wait, why is this on CDM again?

  • Ernie Jackson

    I especially like the little clock on top of the mbox mini.

  • Martin

    @Adrian Anders

    dude, anti pop consortium got back together, though not for an olympia song. Their new record is out on ninja tune and it´s a masterpiece!

  • @gbsr: Because Peter wanted to put it on here. Plus, you know, it's music recorded and produced digitally.

    As Antonio has explained an "antipop" is a pop shield in Spanish, rather than being "negative or against pop (music)".

    @antipop: ¡Qué tal, compi! Estoy en exactamente la misma posición que tú, en Granada – tienes que pagar las facturas. ¡A veces, me llamo "Un puto de musica"!

  • Music Lover

    Congratulations Antonio!