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Link love, chip love, software love, music love – Create Digital Music is celebrating five years, and it’s time to spread some of the love back to you here in New York City. Wednesday night, we’ll be celebrating five years made possible by our incredible readers with a big party at Love Nightclub in Manhattan.

We’ve got one of the best sound systems in the city. We have eclectic, handmade, heavy beats from the likes of David Last, King Britt, Ganucheau, and IJ Catling (and me, opening up the sets). And because the Honorary Official Language of CDM is Portuguese, we have the baile funk princess Zuzuka Poderosa on vocals. (pictured below)

Zuzuka is singing. Prepare to dance – yes, even us computer nerds, really.

There’s an open bar (beer + house), 7p – while it lasts (get there early).

We’re supported by HP and Intel, featuring the HP Envy 15 Beats Limited Edition laptop, which I’ve programmed to take advantage of its low-light/no-light nightvision webcam. I don’t get to keep mine, though – I’m giving it to you. Limber up and compete in our Twitter Twister contest – enter for a chance to hit the mats and out-twist your friends as we emcee and DJ behind you. Whoever wins takes home the Envy and loads of bragging rights.

Wednesday, December 2
Cover: FREE.

Love Nightclub, 179 MacDougal St in Manhattan [Map], near Washington Square (BDFV-ACE to West 4, RW to 8th St)

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NYC’s princess of baile funk, Brazilian Zuzuka Poderosa, will join us on vocals with heavy bass ninja David Last. Photo courtesy the artist.


Do you have what it takes to win yourself a new Core i7-powered HP Envy 15 Beats Limited Edition laptop (and enormous pride and bragging rights)? Start limbering up. Photo (CC) Mad African.


Photo courtesy David Last. Photographer: Marshall Demeranville.


Ganucheau, musician and CDM contributor/co-conspirator. Photo (CC) eeetthaannn.




Zuzuka Poderosa drops Brazilian bred, Brooklyn based swagger like no other. A stylistic blend of Funk Carioca and NYC rumble add a breath of fresh air to today’s international music scene. She’s hard to miss with her unapologetic sultry Portuguese lyrics. This, coupled with booty bumping basslines, she packs New York nightclubs like sardines. The early 90’s NYC Drum n’ Bass scene inspired her to master the wheels of steel. Now, under the alias of "DJ Babyfresh" she spins rare vinyl and Brazilian gems alongside DJ partner Joel Stones ( Tropicalia in Furs Records ). It was a natural progression for her to grab the mic – her passion for writing and poetry could no longer be ignored.

Expect an extremely SWEATY extremely SEXY crowd shortly after this woman hits the mic!

Zuzuka Poderosa (Vigarista Collective)  music, facebook, myspace.



Brooklyn NY resident David Last makes tracks which combine dancefloor energy with the deeper-leaning funk of dancehall, dub, latin music and hip hop. David has become known for his instantly recognizable soundcraft and deeply funky rhythmic sense. His full length CDs for The Agriculture (NYC) and Staubgold (Berlin) have gained critical acclaim and a sizable cult following in the USA, Europe and Japan. He has contributed EPs and remixes for prominent indies worldwide, including Francois K’s WaveTec (NYC) and The Social Registry (NYC).  In 2008 he began the dance music and experimental sounds label KONQUE with Sasha Kaline of Alka Rex.


Well, bios are funny because they tell the story of the past of who you are in the present. I try to only live in the present and the future (as I said, try). Even though beginning my career in 1990 on the now legendary house label Strictly Rhythm as E- Culture, being Silkworm in the groundbreaking, Grammy winning Digable Planets, starting Ovum Recordings with Josh Wink, producing platinum remixes for Macy Gray, Solange, Donna Lewis and hundreds of others, winning the highest grant in the country as the first dj/producer, The Pew Fellowship or starting my empire, FiveSixMedia, I still try to live in the NOW and not the then.

So of course, now, I am a father, fiance’, musicologist of sorts and media revolutionary. My label and company FiveSixMedia, set the example of an individual who is able to live outside the box and show what freedom truly is. Last but not least, co-founder of the amazing Saturn Never Sleeps with my fiance, Rucyl Mills, pushing the boundries of sight and sound.

Doing my own thing on my own time and assisting other to move into that space as well.

The future is bright because I say it is. Stop and smell the flowers

  • dtr

    oh man i wish i wasn't on the other side of the atlantic… have a blast and happy birthday CDM!

  • Super congratulations man !

    i love CDM ! Long life to CDM !

    you rock peter !!!


  • rondema

    Yes dtr I feel the same way…

    Happy Birthday CDM and here's to the next 5 years

    Profound thanks to Peter of course.


  • CFly

    Happy birthday to a great blog.

    But that King Britt sounds like a dick in his bio.

  • S Ford

    congratulations pete, here's to the next 5 years!

    wish i could join you, but i'm on the limey side of the atlantic…

  • Fabio FZero

    As a Brazilian from Rio, I must say this: Zuzuka is FAR from being authentic baile funk shit. The production is too polished and she speaks portuguese correctly.

    I'm not kidding. Stop laughing.

  • congrats on the five years!! this site is my newspaper…if i didn't live in the bay area i'd be there!

  • bliss

    Wow! Gonna try to make it…

  • Happy birthday!

    Unfortunately I live too far away…

  • The one downside of living on the West Coast 🙁

  • Congrats Peter… I wish I could make it. Looks like I am going to be real busy all week. See you at the in/out Dec 12th…

  • CNek

    Congrats ! I love both your blogs Peter

    And how old is createdigitalmotion ?

  • @CFly: Not sure why you got that from his bio, but I can attest that King is a terrific, warm guy and really supportive of other artists. Sometimes tone is hard to read in writing.

    @The People of the West Coast — hope to have another tour soon out there, so let me know where I should stop. 🙂

    Create Digital Motion I *think* launched spring 2006.

  • wish i lived in NYC to enjoy this!

    congrats on hitting 5 years Peter!

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  • dyscode

    congrats, Peter and cheers to the next 5×5 years 😀

  • Congratulations, Peter, and a happy fifth anniversary!

  • yacht club

    ganucheau = dreamboat

  • ThiagoL

    King britt + David Last + Zuzuka + free booze gear and entry = DOPE. Zuzuka not authentic? She's a new yorker of course her music is polished, this isnt rio. New York is all about doing polished work. Authenticity is when the panties start flying thru the air so i think she's the real deal. I bet she kills her shows in rio and i bet she rocks this one on wednsday! see alll there

  • Cool Character

    Haha, DJ Babyfat.

  • Congratulations to CDM, all the best for the future!

  • Congratulations Peter on running the best blog out there. We have enjoyed working with you since day one, and looking forward to being part of the celebrations on Wednesday!

  • Peter, positive we can't push this a little early? Like, um, tonight? Wish I could be there!

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  • joe

    Is this really ending at 11?

  • It's really ending at 11. But the party can continue at Gray's Papaya, if you like hot dogs. 😉

  • LF42Milli

    Ohh, I'll go Dolo, LabRat/Social Butterfly, 11 o'clock that's cool with me. I gotta make those beats anyway, Brazilian I'll Chill With Gilberto Gil, Mama-Maia, check out no.36 wax poetics

    5 years awesome. viva la funk.

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  • Big Up to CDM for the unique mixture of eclectic, homemade, heavy beats and copious amounts of other abstract dope that was dropped at Veranda last night. It was a sunburst into New York’s grey heart, cutting edge. Did not know how to stop dancing!

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