Qeve is a promising-looking, open-source visual performance tool built in visual patching environment Pure Data (Pd). It was built primarily on Ubuntu Linux but should also run with some adjustment on Mac. (Pd itself runs on Windows, but some of the visual dependencies are not available on that platform. I’d still recommend Linux.)

Aside from being free and open, and a set of patches you can go in and modify, there are some nice-looking features here:

  • Audiovisual mixing and step sequencing, transitions
  • Video browsing
  • Beat sync and master clock
  • 3 layers, supporting multiple formats (video, 3D, photos, text, paint), 3D/2D graphics
  • Full OpenSoundControl support
  • Audio analysis
  • FreeFrame plug-in support
  • Live video streaming
  • MIDI configuration
  • Control with Wiimote, Nintendo DS, and (open source iPhone OSC app) MrMr

The project comes from the development team Estereotips (Italian/English/Spanish site).

Project page:

vdmo Kstati tells us all about it, in a complete English-language blog post:
Qeve: Free tool for Live Performance and VJing

The current documentation PDF is in English.

I’m giving this a shot on my Ubuntu box; stay tuned.

And here’s what happens when the software mixes with TUIO and an open multitouch interactive visual mixing table. It’s the MesaQ project, by the same team.

  • I've just started fiddling with PD on windows, took me an hour just to load .wavs from an array, and create a sequencer. I cannot even begin to comprehend how this was done. Incredible. I'll give it a DL and have a go.

  • boom.

  • has anyone created a video in mod for this?

  • arveen

    Can someone pls help me use this, i'm a lil confused,

    i've downloaded the files

    1. Qeve package.
    2. Pd-Extended

    but i'm unable to figure which file from the pdvjtools tools link to download for my mac.

    can anyone help me by making a tutorial video or text showing how to install and use this for the 1st time users.

    help would be appreciated.


  • arveen,

    Sorry, I dont have a mac to test this on unfortunately. To me it makes sense to use Ubuntu for this. I just had a question on my blog in regards of Live Video Streaming through it.

    Considering that estereotips collective had put together few Video Streaming GPL PD packages, that sure would be possible also.
    Looking into that today.

  • arveen

    vdmo Kstati


    but will look forward if anyone can help me identify the file off PDVJTOOLs link so that i can atleast try and figure something on my own.
    i'm stuck only cos i'm unable to choose the right file for mac from the PDVJTOOLS link..

  • Would you like me to hold your hand?? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Try to use a bit of your own logic when solving this. I believe you can! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • arveen

    well i would have used my own logic if i had ever worked with PD, this will be the 1st time that i'll be dealing with it…

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  • I'm still having trouble getting it started on Ubuntu 9.10 ๐Ÿ™

  • me too ๐Ÿ™

  • Trying to download the package but their websites gone off line does anybody know where else I can get the files?

  • I'll add mirror on my blog for those who dont have the file…

  • Hey Guys…

    Mirror download for Qeve has been added on vdmoksati blog:


    Or you can simply grab it by clicking on Megaupload link directly!

    *Note: At present I don't have sufficient amount of time to offer any support with this, but I appreciate all the comments and feedback as we all learning through this application. Thank you.

  • Joyboi #1

    Have set up my old 12" powerbook running Ubuntu, anybody else trying to get this going? Controlling Visuals with Wii Nunchuks – Hells yeah!!

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