m30 Sometimes, all you need is one really good reverb with editable parameters. TC Electronic has done some really lovely reverb work, and they’re currently giving away one of their plug-ins, for three days only. Registration is required, if you’re opposed to such things, but beyond that, there are no strings attached. (Yes, there’s a mailing list, too, so you have to unsubscribe if you don’t want it. Why not put an opt-out on the registration page, TC?)

The plug-in is free through Wednesday, and then costs US$79 after that.

What you get from the M30:

  • VST, AU compatibility on Windows and Mac
  • Hall algorithm (no Room or Plate, though – for that, you need the M40 which ships with TC’s audio interfaces)
  • Editable parameters for pre-delay, decay, “hi color,” and the requisite wet/dry mix

It’s nothing revolutionary, but I’m always game for a nice Hall algorithm. Interestingly, TC has worked out a way to port their native DSP code from hardware to computer-native code using something they call AlgoFlex. (Out of context, that sounds like some modern-looking lamp at Design Within Reach, or maybe that’s just me.)

M30 Studio Reverb

Free Reverb Deal

  • Danny P

    great sounding Reverb.

  • CPRoth

    Thanx so much Peter! You ROCK!

  • k.

    The AU plugin in Logic 9.0.2. on my macbook pro completely goes bezerk and outputs digital gibberish when switching in the preset settings.

    Just using it and turning the knobs is no problem.

    Be warned at high volumes or low ! Because the digital noise is extremely loud, i think it feedbacks in a strange way. It won't die out, you must remove it from the track and re-insert it.

    It sounds ok ! The hall effect i mean , not the noise 🙂

  • WOOT!!! got mine!

  • The link they sent didn't work for me.

  • Findletron

    I've always been a HUGE fan of TC's Reverb plugs, TC Native Reverb was my go to reverb under pretty much all circumstances, and it was a sad, sad day for me when I migrated to mac and support was eventually dropped for said plugin in favor of these (at the time) somewhat clunky DSP driven units.

    Anyway, I am super stoked!! This thing sounds really great. Heaps better than Ableton's IMHO.

    PLEASE TC start releasing native plugins again!! I will buy some. Promise.

  • This reeverb is much much better than Ableton's own reverb, and i totally agree with you Findletron!

    TC please start releasing native plugins again!!!!

  • Niko

    Re: "The AU plugin in Logic 9.0.2. on my macbook pro completely goes bezerk and outputs digital gibberish when switching in the preset settings."

    Same here with Ableton 8, AU version produces distorted noise when switching presets!!!

  • Those of you on the Mac — what operating system version are you using?

  • I've got Snow Leopard 10.6.2, and same here with this extremely loud digital noise!! I got really scared! 🙂 Be careful if you're speakers are really loud.

    We need an update for MAC! Please!


  • "your speakers*" my mistake! 🙂

  • Niko

    same SL 10.6.2. yeah I'd love a bug fix, this reverb sounds awesome.

  • Greg

    Algoflex is a pain-killer in Hungary:D

  • @Greg: holy crap, it actually is. 😉

  • Simon

    Very nice plugin. Curiously, the Spoken Room preset does magic on snares and hats (or any percussion in the midrange). It breathes life into boring sounds.

  • i was really looking forward to this as I used to use the PPC TC works effects a lot but this completely froze Live 8 and was unusable – beachball of death everytime I dropped it on a send

  • Very nice. I just loaded it into Live 8 routing a Kontakt grand piano through it. Sounded great. Easy & fast to tweak into a usable state. Didn't freeze. Using a Mac running 10.4.whatever.

  • I recall TC Connect's audio driver software for their audio interfaces in the distant past had some growing pains with new OS's. I would check some of the audio forums if you are using Mac OS 10.6

  • Alex

    Why it is considered free and not trial version?

  • @Alex

    I think it's because it is free and is not a trial version. Just kidding 😉

    It's a full version actually, it doesn't expire.

  • fen

    Sounds great, tried it yesterday on some vocals and it is a very musical reverb- it's warm and thickens things. Did not test it on percussions yet, but I could imagine it's a bit to colouring for atonal material. Reading that some presets sound great on snares gives me hope for my testing later.

  • Simon

    @fen Well it sounds great on minimal tech-ish snares, I don't think your typicial rock snare would work well.

  • Alex


    I thought that it would be free for a 3 day period..so..trial…but that could be insane..just got it! Nice reverb!

  • Sounds like 10.6 is our culprit. For various reasons, I still recommend 10.5.

  • tyler

    this would be a GREAT reverb if it didn't try and murder my ears with loud crazy distorion when switching presets.

  • leslie

    This is from TC website:


    M30 is a free plug-in, and we unfortunately can not offer customer support for it."

    Should have known better – as it stands it is the only thing not compatible with SL on my computer and therefore it is going to trash bin for now…

  • Chris

    dyLAB: I was having this issue last night with the AU version and Ableton 8. Everytime I dropped in on in a track, I got the pinwheel of death. Tried the VST version of it and it works like a charm. Oh yeah, this is on 10.5 as well.

    Maybe something is going on with the AU version in general…

  • df

    sounds great!

    Using as vst in live 8 on win xp sp3.

    "M30 is tested with these systems:

    Windows XP SP2, Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard"

    sorry for all you macies… 😉

  • leslie


    You are correct… I have tried VST with both Live 8 and Cubase 5 and it does work without any issues 🙂

    SL 10.6.2

  • k.

    There are reports that the AU digital noise of death was also on 10.5.8 systems…

  • wow thank you 😀 i just worked on a track and the reverb fits perfectly in it 😀

  • I'm sometimes getting loud digital noise when I change presets too… I have to remove the effect to make the noise stop. I'm running it as a VST in Live 8 on Vista, so the problem isn't Mac or AU specific.

  • tested and working with ardour and mixbus. and i've seen the noise of death on 10.4 also.

  • Timmy W

    This reverb's ace, can't believe it's free, thanks! I really like the simple old skool, outboard-style controls on it, very easy to use. It compared v favourably to the Waves Trueverb.

  • need it

    do anybody have a torrent or download link for this reverb for mac osx? pleez in need it

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  • @Peter

    The reverb was updated today, for those who had registered in time.

    According to the forums, M30 will be later included as a bundled effect with TC drivers.