An odd sign, but perfectly apt here. Sorry. We are open again. Photo (CC) Bill & Vicki Tracey.

For the record, we have restored our domain after confusion with our registrar. I want to personally apologize for this happening and confirm that we won’t let it happen again. I wrote a bit on Create Digital Music about what took place.

To make up for it, we do have quite a lot to write about on Create Digital Motion, and remember that you can tip us off to what inspires you – creatively, technically, or both – via our contact form.

I feel pretty strongly that, for too long, Create Digital Motion has played the neglected sibling to Create Digital Music (though we do have plenty of information relative to visualists on Music, too). I’d really like to correct that in 2010, because this site means a lot to us – and I’d love your thoughts, too. In the end, we want plenty of goodness for your ears (music) and eyes (visuals) alike.

  • looking forward to more goodies!!!!

  • Adam

    Can you add a link to Create Digital Music in the side column like you do for CDMotion on CDMusic? I like to be able to switch back and forth without typing. Love both sites!

  • Yes!

    On CDMusic, you'd have a few hundred comments of support for a post like this. So I thought I'd do my part to get the count up for the companion.

    CDMotion might be the little brother to CDMusic, but on the visuals side, the bar is that much lower. There's simply a lack of reporting and community on a "mainstream" level for visualists, meaning not centered on a specific technology. CDM is one of the few lights in that darkness. I go here for the overview and the unexpected connections I hadn't seen.

    More content and time spent on this blog sounds good, but here's my vote against aiming for quantity over quality. Besides your efforts in digging up all the gold, both historic and cutting-edge, you have an admirable way of posting thought-provoking and sometimes controversial thoughts. Especially you, Peter. This sort of reflection on wider cultural contexts and message over tech is exactly what this field needs.

    So, crank it up if you have the time, but keep the hands-on focus that really shines through, and the current level of reflection. And keep sticking your neck out once in a while.

    In short, keep up the good work and go for evolution of a good thing rather than trying to revolutionize everything.

  • Udart

    Thank you CDM for what you have brought us this year. CDM really is my primary sources of information and inspiration when it comes to visuals. I don't think any other media quite covers the same ground as you do. It may be a niche yes, but I think it will be growing…

  • abe mora

    Yes thanks for all your hard work!!!!
    Hope ya have a Happy New Year!

  • Hi !
    I visit both your sites daily, I find them unique as they really make the bridge between these two arts : eye and ear candies goodness !
    Keep the good work going Peter !

    Happy New year loyals CDMers !

  • Thanks, everyone, for the kind words! And yeah, not going to upset anything that you already like — ideally more quantity and quality all around. Having seen the comments on the 'best visualists' post, I think one thing we can do is raise all of our awareness of who is out there and what they're up to.

  • francoe

    Oh, thanks man, I was paranoid with my ISP!

  • ex-fanboy

    even I will chime in with something postive:
    we really do appreciate this site peter,  it's always my first read of the day.