The days (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) have grown shorter, so it’s time to put in some extra hours working on music production. Native Instruments have released a big selection of synthesis sounds, sampled instruments, and multiple effects in a free, Kore Player-based instrument, in case you haven’t already heard the news via NI’s site. While they’re presets, there are enough macro controls and variations that, combined with your own effects, you can certainly make these your own. And if nothing else, you can drown out the sound of overplayed holiday picks – just make yourself a soundscape, put it on your iPod or phone, plug in those earbuds, and have a Very Spaced-Out Holiday instead.

Holiday Selection 2009

Incidentally, Kore Player works just fine for me on Linux using WINE, as do NI’s own audio interfaces, so you can even spread the goodness to the penguin-themed operating system.

  • I decided to go ahead and snag this while I could. I'll get Kore Player later as soon as my main computer is working again. Although for my primary music (ie, the stuff I can be proud of) I plan to use only samples I've recorded myself, manipulated in creative ways, I also want to do video podcasts. It suddenly occurred to me that if I want theme and background music for my videos, that Kore Player would be the single best cheap/free way to create nice and polished music for that purpose.

    Speaking of video podcasting, Peter, I did finally get that Kodak Zi8. I haven't played with it much, so far, but I'm amazed at it's size and how easy it is to use. As soon as I fix my main computer (probably tomorrow), I'll shoot some video and try editing something together. 🙂

  • Yeah, absolutely, though sometimes you have an idea that needs an instrument *and* there are some interesting multi-effects in there.

    [off-topic] Ah, yes, I picked up the Zi8, too.

  • eahk

    do not sleep….create music always


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  • Stush

    Don't you mean the days have grown shorter? Or the nights have grown longer? In any case, I will give this Kore Player a whirl.

  • contakt


    The sounds in this collection are pretty great, as are the ones from the first free compilation they did.

    I got Kore for the first free comp, and have even ended up buying more soundpacks. I think the browser interface is genius and is great for how I work (Imagine a sound, then narrow down the filters to get some general options).

    My only complaint about Kore is that it seems to really take a lot of processing power to run.

  • Oops… seasonal affective grammatical error disorder? Days are growing shorter, NIGHTS are growing longer.

    And yeah, I think the sound lineup here is great.

    My suspicion is that it's not KORE taking up processing power per se, but the fact that a lot of these presets combine multiple engines for sound production and effects. They're stacking a lot of CPU-thirsty stuff. I don't believe those engines will run with any less CPU usage under another host (e.g., running Kontakt inside Pro Tools instead of using the Kontakt Engine inside KORE). I could be wrong about this, however.

  • salamanderanagram

    "Days are growing shorter, NIGHTS are growing longer. "

    wait, isn't it the solstice?

  • salamanderanagram

    these sounds are great!

    kore player is really weird though, i feel like it takes up 5x more space than it should for the amount of functionality it has.

  • tyler

    The organ sound in the new set is pretty good.

    NI is also giving out a new version of kontakt player i think (which is the same as kontakt but watered down… i think?)

  • @ tyler

    The Kontakt player is used for NI's and 3rd party multi's. No scripting etc.

    As a kontakt owner i have never tried the player but i'm not even sure it will load a regular .nki or WAV

  • I made a video going through all the sounds: http://youtube.com/watch?v=8TJrd7yWTCI , part of my PROJECT PRESET series for both sharing the soundage and documenting my first-time experiences.

    I like how easy it is to browse through sounds in Kore; I just wish it were faster to open up new instances compared to, say, EWQL Play.