Yes, folks, NAMM is big. Photo (CC)

If you’re introducing or demonstrating new products at NAMM, and you’d like to be considered for CDM’s curated NAMM products guide, let us know. Incidentally, since I don’t represent the NAMM organization, that can mean anyone in LA around NAMM or otherwise timing announcements that week, whether or not you’re an exhibitor. One- and two-person shops are as welcome as big manufacturers, as always.

There is no charge to be in the CDM guide, excepting the need to have something cool. We can’t cover everything and want to avoid information overload, but we’ll pick some stuff we know CDM readers will want to know about.

Also, I will be in Anaheim for limited meetings during the NAMM show on Thursday and Friday. If you’d like to meet up (especially if you’re not exhibiting), please get in touch. I know I won’t be able to meet up with everyone I’d like to on this trip, but we can give it a shot.

Manufacturers/inventors, we want to hear from you:
For meetings or to get in our news coverage, I’ve set up a form:
CDM NAMM Meetings and Announcements [Google Docs; form embedded below]

CDM does not break embargoes, period. I’ll be working hard to make sure news coverage is timed; if you can get us materials early, that helps.

Interested in being a correspondent? I’m looking to enlist anyone interested in covering the show floor and getting photos of oddities and awesomeness, as well as talking to artist guests. If that sounds like you, get in touch. To put this another way, if we don’t get materials early, it’s very hard to get them up as quickly!

Keep your schedule clear: the big news is that we’ve got a major event coming up Friday night in downtown LA, and we’re talking to LA-area artists. More on that very soon.

Here’s the embedded form (you’ll need to click through to the site if reading inside an RSS reader):

  • asdf

    what?! no video!!! i want to see kid beyond and ableton with video

  • @asdf: Wish granted. Here's the famous (infamous?) 2006 video:

    And we should have more tips from him soon, as there was some documentation of the DubSpot tour in LA, where I saw him last. In the meantime, someone's blog post with audio:

  • Man, I haven't been to NAMM in years. Have fun. I used to help out at the Chapman Stick booth, which was always a blast. (It occurs to me that the reason they haven't shipped me my new Stick Bass w/MIDI pickup might be because they've been getting things ready for NAMM… So I'll probably be delayed a few weeks in getting my new toys. 🙁 I'm interested in seeing what the Roland MIDI pickup does for triggering Live…)

  • I live in Spain and I can't but thanks for interest!

    Any kind of Internet announcements? Maybe I will have some…


  • I thought you lightly broke the Maschine Embargo….. it was too close to call 😀

  • Ernie Jackson

    see ya in two weeks!

  • See you guys at NAMM!! It’s been a great year and it will be good to see some new and old faces.


  • @Cody: What I published regarding Maschine was with NI’s permission.

    This actually spawned a little Twitter debate this morning, in which Chris Randall argued that obeying embargoes was basically capitulating to the manufacturers. That may be, but I’m assuming that something as innocuous as music gear has basically the same meaning whether you talk about it on a Tuesday at 9p or a Thursday at 11a. Now, if I started only writing about advertisers, writing when paid, writing what the manufacturers wanted me to say, any of that, that’d be another story — and frankly, wouldn’t serve anyone.

  • @ChuckEye: 33ms

  • Nice job. Keep on doing so.