Photo (CC) Ian Hayhurst.

It’s oft-repeated conventional wisdom: the Internet democratizes access to music, opening up the possibility of hearing anything by anyone from anywhere. But just added more choices doesn’t necessarily help you connect with music that’s meaningful.

In my inbox today, here’s this deceptively-simple question from Mike Mogensen:
“Do you know any good Internet radio stations that stream electronic music? I’d like to expand my sonic horizon a bit and get some inspiration.”

I expect there could be quite a lot of answers there, especially since “electronic” music could mean any range of work from experimental to techno. Please feel free to promote your own radio, but also let us know – what are the streams to which you’re really addicted?

Also, while they aren’t exactly streams, I’ve gotten a lot out of podcasts and downloadable sets, perhaps more so than live streams. The podcasts from our friends at XLR8R have had some gems, and lately I’ve been addicted to the nicely-curated sets at Percussion Lab. (More on them soon.) On the other hand, there’s something about live streams. So, however you define this question, let’s hear what you think — and perhaps best stream, best podcast/download belong on our best music of the year list, too.

  • janosch has a nice collection of streams in my opinion. listening to groove salad at the moment 🙂

  • I absolutely LOVE SOMA FM's "Groove Salad". It's one of two sources that supplies track choices for my weekly podcast, The Sunday Soundtrack .

  • See, even Jansch says so! 🙂

  • Soma FM Iphone app is really well made, and works on many bandwith !

    Otherwise, I just discovered :

    They have a really great selection for ambiant mood…

  • Okay, Soma's in – other nominations? 🙂

    Hmm… we need an Android app for Soma. Actually could be fun to write a quick streaming receiver…

  • I like now and again.

  • samu

    Spotify, desktop and iPhone. Actually, the radio streams aren't as good as, say,'s, but having everything there on demand allows aimless browsing. Like searching Wikipedia for woodlice and ending up three hours later on neolithic pottery. Great companion to Alex Ross' "The Rest Is Noise", which I'd had for ages, but without easy access to the music he writes about, never really got into.

    Spotify iPhone is hugely enhanced by jailbreaking, so you can use it with Backgrounder and avoid sudden silence when you go to read an email.

    Hopefully it'll become available further afield soon …

  • kai

    Miss Kittin – the hacker

    john hassel – last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street

    the Orb – baghdad batteries

    VA – Dark Was The Night

    tosca – no hassle

  • Dan

    Resonance FM is my favourite, London-based experimental stuff – and Uppercut radio for some hard stuff.

    Our homemade DIY station is Flat Four Radio, updated occasionally…

  • Glitch.FM!!!

    Tune in and turn it up!

  • @kai: Uh, thing you've got the wrong post, mate, unless The Orb have started a radio station. (That'd be cool.) Dark Was The Night, though, agreed. 😉

  • For those who enjoy the mix of electronic and hip hop,

    low end theory pod casts…

  • Candle Nine

    I like's Cliqhop station quite a bit:

    And of course, if it counts,

  • i actually don't listen to much streaming radio – i like the concept of podcasts a bit more.

    thanks for the link to percussion lab, i am inspired by the way they display the music.

  • I must admit to looking in shoutcast streams by keywords.

    A die-hard habit dating from winamp 2.x

    for themed music..




    dark / EBM / industrial:

    rantradio industrial

  •, leavingrecords, poobahrecords. the latter aren't streams per se but have regularly updated mp3 blog with original content. dublab however has been the best damn electronic and beats oriented internet radio in LA forever.

  • I should say, I do enjoy the voice of a human DJ, which neither the podcast *nor* the stream usually gives you… maybe it's something we can bring back.

  • Oh, and BleepShow is a nice podcast I regularly listen to.

  • I stream cliqhop on somaFM and Psyphy Machine through itunes on a regular basis.

  • DerryG

    I try to check out the releases at often.

  • or .ru

  • Second vote for Stillstream. They play CC-licensed music, so a lot of it's available for free download as well. In addition, there are DJ-ed shows several nights a week, often including live performances, with a very active IRC chat as well. Nice community. (Disclamer: Stillstream has played my music and the associated labels have released two of my recordings.)

  • is a great podcast for dub techno and other future music streams more urban sounds for the dnb mixes n sessions

  • definitly soma-fm! groove salad, cliqhop, secret agent, Illinois Street Lounge. all amazing

  • @domtak

    Great post – lots of new sources of music for me :-))

    I 2nd Resonance FM – really fantastic blend of music, talk and documentaries…

    I recommend the Johnny Trunk OST show on Saturdays & Wednesdays


  • ollie

    dublab and rinse

  • denis

    pedro's broadcasting basement
    Laurent Garnier's awesome radio station and dublab for me!

  • I'm going to put my money on CDMRadio owning the netwaves in 2010!!!!

  • Fan
  • Holotropik

    DI Fm (can find through iTunes or through the DI website).

  • Holotropik

    Podcast I am addicted to is Chris Liebing's CLR weekly one through iTunes.

  • i'm all about podcasts,

    my favorite is marine parade @

    or my mixtapes direct downloads @

  • salamanderanagram

    dummy mag has an occassional podcast/interview.

    i suggest this one for the bassy crunkness.


    It is a label too, you could send material…

  • Sorry I would say…

  • s

    Slacker radio is pretty good (and alot better than Pandora) although it has limited genre's under electronic you can tailor the stations to your liking pretty well. The iphone interface is alot better than the web interface though.

  • Jakob Penca

    whoa, so many comments and no mention of Resident Advisor?

    weekly podcast, often very interesting mixes from famous/not so famous/under the radar artists & DJs

  • Adrian A

    My podcasts du jour (aside from those already listed):



    Little White Earbuds:

  • s

    BBC radio1

    especially Mary Ann Hobbs

  • purple teeth

    Can't wait to check out some of these suggestions.

    My go to online radio shows are:

  • Defo second the Low End Theory and Electronic Explorations podcasts mentioned above, amazing stuff.

    We also run a regular free podcast on our own site:, most of which are recorded at gigs we put on in Dublin, Ireland. They showcase Irish electronic artists, especially people doing music that wouldn't be typical dancefloor material, so anything from dub to noise to electronica to breakcore can be found in the livesets and mixes that we host. Cheers!

  • Minimal Techno:

    Minimal Techno/Ambient (strictly CC music):

    Deep/minimal/dub techno (strictly CC music):

  • Floor Vahn

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned

    You can "build" your own radio station, ala Pandora (except it's WAY WAY better).

    So if you're into Murcof for example, you just do a search for "murcof", then you'll see a button that says: "play Murcof radio" and it'll hook you up with music similar to Murcof's music.

    You can create playlists, add tags, etc. etc.

    Really highly recommended! Oh, and you can make radio stations by entering multiple tags as well.

  • Feedback Monitor is quite nice, it's a radio show with interviews & music in mp3 format, genres range from electronic to experimental:

  • I thought this is a real nice post and i also bookmarked your site to look for more updates. thanks.

  • tim

    i agree with S

    > BBC radio1 especially Mary Ann Hobbs

    plus Giles Peterson

  • Chromanova, Philosomatika, Triplag, Sofaradio

    Winamp 2.7 + AudioProc, Enhancer and SoundSolution… you need MuchFX to load'em all.

    Newest Winamp won't allow.

  • Christopher

    I can't believe no one mentioned Solipsistic Nation! Awesome podcasts of all genres of electronic music.


    (I actually won a shirt from them once!)

  • code

    Funked Up Radio plus hospital podcast (iTunes) adds awesome dnb, juno label podcast and defected podcast pumping quality house. OEM Radio gives best underground electronic music in cosmic aspect of listening

  • Pandora.

    I guess I'm lame.

  • mark

    devoted listener to since highschool.

    I used to listen to before they died ;_;

  • flab noodle

    mary ann hobbs radio one. greats.

  • hey peter, i'm not sure what you mean by the stream and podcast don't offer the human voice. if a podcast is done well, the host should be talking. i just think most DJs are too lazy or shy to do that.

  • @mr. tunes: Well, it's certainly not a *technical* problem — indeed, some people, for whatever reason, choose not to speak on the podcast. Of course, it's still different if you hear someone broadcasting in real-time, though that should at least cover the streaming folk.

  • longplayer is a 1,000 year composition by jem finer. it's way good all the time. a compilation of some notable early moments is also available from the website.

    dublab is brutally wonderful and is friends with lots of rad L.A. people like Busdriver, Lucky Dragons, and Daedelus.

  • adolo

    BBC Radio 1

    Hobb's show, but I also love Rob da Bank and Annie Mac's Mash-up! All really reliable programming!

  • Blob

    KUCI FM (California-based college radio) has a great weekly electronic music show – Digital Nimbus

    Some of their stuff is available in podcast format.

  • Blob

    (Digital Nimbus – continued)

    great variety – electronica, drill'n'bass, minimal techno, ambient, experimental, dub, industrial, even electropop. They've had live performances and DJ sets by Meat Beat Manifesto, Proem, Richard Devine and others.

  • ash

    If you like Groove Salad on SomaFM, you'll probably like Groovera – Low Mercury.

  • Nat601

    One of my favorite stations (mainly because I play on it!) is

    they have almost 24 hrs a day of LIVE shows from djs all over the world, not just some streaming stuff from a random playlist!

    Well worth checking out…

  • empolo

    SUB.FM hands down for me with a nod to 1Xtra (BBC)

  • zeekay

    <3 electronic explorations

  • Hey! don't forget Machtdose podcast… best selection of Creative Common, from folk to minimal techno.

    Great taste

  • And a very good radio from my country

  • Another vote for <a href="” target=”_blank”> here, and <a href="” target=”_blank”> plays host to a huge amount of mixes and radio shows. Well worth checking out!

  • The Tone Generation podcast all the way.

    It might be a bit too retro for this audience though 😉


  • Yves De Mey

    You could also check out Timecast, a podcast i've been hosting for a few months now, the latest one released this week, a mix by Andreas Tilliander:

  •… for Rustie, Hud Mo, Mike Slott etc

  • Nina Holtanz

  • n5md label has a shoutcast stream of all of their artists music. It's a fantastic label full of great artists, so I am often listening to that stream

    There's an android app called droidlive that supports m3u, pls, mp3, mp4, mp4a and mpeg audio format steams. I've been using that to subscribe to streams that don't have specific apps built for them.

  • I like the german OceanClub Radio a lot: very diffrent music and some little radio drama as well. All done by Gudrun Gut und Thomas Fehlmann:


    since august 29, 1997

    the playlists of all radioshows

    and nearly 100 hors of oceanclubradio in realaudio

    auf- und abtauchen mit der unterwasserstation:

    a musical play, made of favourite songs from the past and today.

    ocean research, counting fish and cracking fortune cookies,

    musica obscura

    oceanclub auf radio eins

    every friday 23:00 to 1:00 on RadioEins 95,8

    and repeated on sunday nights at 1 am.

    if you want to sent us promo cds

    – here's our address:


    g.gut 620.349

    10793 berlin


    + …every 4th thursday 22:00 – 24:00 at RADIO.X in frankfurt 97,1….+

    + …first wednesday every month 0:00- 2:00 at…RADIO Z in nürnberg….+

    + …last saturday every month 0:00 – 2:00 at …RADIO CORAX halle-leipzig …+

    + …every week in china at TAKE 10 webradio….+

    + …every week in russia/siberia at Red Army FM….+

  • Check out It's been a minute, but it'll be back.

  • Long time listener and contributor to: (and its predecessor Cybernetic Broadcasting System)

    Intergalactic FM has 4 streams IFM 1 is true electro and the infamous "West Coast Sound of Holland", IFM 2 is Italo-Formaggio and Classix, IFM 3 is the Dream Machine (soundtracks and latent horror) and IFM 4 is a sort of mutation of the old Cybernetic Broadcasting System.

    people like Legowelt, Rude 66, Casionova and myself have weekly radio shows on there.

  • Levi

    I hadn't seen it on the list yet, but does have a ton of streaming (free, lower quality) the DJ sets and Vocal trance I've really enjoyed.

  • another one here for DUBLAB

  • Aaron

    all i use anymore is pandora and, that way i can be very specific to what i want to listen to and not have to deal with someone else's playlist. i admit its mostly out of laziness and convience than a disinterested in internet radio stations though.

    in the past i listend to and alot. i'm familiar with ocean club from dealings in the past and radio eins outta germany has quite a few good streams/archives

  • Digitally Imported ( has lots of stations spanning the electronic music spectrum.

  • May I introduce you to Viral Radio, a show on Dutch public radio on experimental beats and bass music?

  • We play music by Hudson Mohawke, Kode9, Flying Lotus, Rustie and Zomby, but also by Machinefabriek, Matthew David, Ras G and Alog. We present in English, so no problem for our international friends.

  • KQ
  • ocp
  • Wow. some completely awesome radio shows out there. thanks for sharing your recommendations, folks. Personally, I'm all about podcasts – streaming radio doesn't play nicely with my travelling habit, nor the quaint internet infrastructure that my home possesses. Absolutely essential, in that vein: Symbiosis radio on <a>overlap. Guest selectors producing tightly curated shows on various musical themes.

    A journey through sound textures and rhythms.

    Symbiosis is a space for your to find noise in silence and silence in noise. It is a forum of contradictions and experiments with sound.

    You'll find everything from dubstep to idm & minimal tech, field recordings, microsound, lowercase, and much more!

    headphones are, indeed, recommended.

  • I used to love but then it vanished one day. No idea what happened to it.

  • mode:masters

    Limbik Frequencies FTW! Hands down best electronica on the net.

  • leejart will change your life… AND you can get track listings!

  • countChocula

  • Rhythmbox

    Limbik Frequencies!

    The sounds I like, the way I like, all day, every day 😉

  • obletu

    Soma's Secret Agent when on a break.

  • mezkal

    My current Top 3 for electronic musiqks:

    1: Limbik Frequencies (which has been cited several times already)

    2: cliqhop (full of excellent IDM/glitch/…)

    3: (experimental/electro-acoustic/…)

    All available on ITunes.

  • Beavis – tons of amazing stuff seems to be on a break though

    + one more vote for Somafm

    Really enjoying Dublab, great stuff.Cheers

  • alex

    Hype Machine. Stream content from any music blog. Find users with similar tastes as you. Awesome way to find new music.

  • cmh

    I listen to KCRW quite often for more than just electronic but it definitely has the best of all worlds on the different shows. Morning becomes eclectic and metropolis were two of my favorites.

  • and Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC


    brilliant selection of electronic and indie from istanbul.

  • schawski
  • low end theory podcast


    saturn never sleeps podcasts(duh!)

    and i love east village radio!!

    such a wide variety of shows, and most actually have some one speaking on them.

    turntable lab radio is awesome as well.


  • Definately .

    Birmingham, community radio with some deep, dark presenters. Recommended is Mr Elephant Mondays @ 6pm, as well as Boogie Dave n Roscoe (dubstep) and Strax.

  • Slacker Indie Electronic programmed by Party Ben

  • allen m

    I was surprised to see that there was no mention of Frisky Radio on the list… if you haven't checked it out, do so!

  • Scruff but Buff


    Actually a podcast but Pete the guy behind is top and lets the music do the work. Nice.

  • AntalyaAndroid

    A Room Forever does the Roadside Picnic Radio Podcast that is amazing. Bleak ambient, field recordings, drone, etc.

  • My vote is for OEM, on iTunes, out of San Francisco. Nice mix. Newer ambient, glitch, electronica…etc.

  • Sneeker

  • best psytrance stream.

  • I'd go for personally. It's by far and away the most professionally done, all around brilliant podcast around.

    Although I did make the site, so that view may be slightly biassed 😉

    On the "things I didn't make" side of it though, I do quite like a bit of for the breaks/dubstep side of things.

  • Dima

    My favorit station its

  • +1 for Hype Machine, i love the 'follow' feature for blogs, people, and searches.

    also, surprised nobody's said yet! They let you browse by genre and by each country's charts! want to see what house music is popular in France this week?


  • launched recently. The best way to listen to long dj sets and podcasts. We are trying to make it really easy for people to listen to really good content. Its all curated right now. Overtime we will open it up to more Djs and artists.

  • mental fiend

    On the computer: Groove Salad, of course.

    On my Android: Just make a station on Pandora with any random artist from Groove Salad. Does me good. Not sure why Pandora's being slammed for this purpose.

  • Abe

    Marvin Suicide, I Love Okra and Phad Kra Pow Noodles, plus some of the above. Happy EOY 🙂

  • RobSol

    An other vote for Stillstream. I am also part of the electro-music community, with its associated radio:

    We do all sorts of electronic music as well as live shows with talking hosts, and special events – such as a 24 hour live event this new year's eve, with 30 live acts playing back to back. We start at 12:00 noon GMT/universal time on the 31st of December.

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