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Artists and creators around the world have been moved by the suffering of Haitians in the wake of last week’s earthquake. There are ways we can help, like giving to relief organizations to give them the capacity to respond wherever needed. The next crisis could be halfway across the world or in our own neighborhood.

The monome community is about more than just the button-grid, open-source controller with which they work. They’re an example of the kind of collective spirit that musicians, digital or otherwise, can share internationally (see the map of these artists below). And they’ve put together a really beautiful, Creative Commons-licensed compilation of music.

Artists (including one track from the co-creators of the monome, Kelli and Brian): einpuls, Visinin, The General, Pauk, Glimmertone, Watson, Math Rosen, Lokey, Island Dweller, Oldman Intel, Made By Robot, Auditory Canvas, I Am Genko, Raja The Resident Alien, Samuel and the Dragon, Damien Shingleton, Maersk, The Superorganism, Modulogeek+Shoemucker, Beatpoet, The B-Roll, Hypno|sapien, Kid_Sputnik, The Sweaty Caps, HenderSounds, Dat Niks Klank, Swimming, Kcain/Tehn.

Full album:

100% of the proceeds go to Médecins Sans Frontières; the 27-track is pay-what-you-wish for $1 or more, downloadable in high-quality MP3, FLAC, and other formats.

And that’s just one way to help; there are others.

From the monome compilation press release:

The monome user base is a collection of people from across the world, brought together via the innovative, open source music production hardware that is the monome, They pride themselves on a tight-knit, proactive, and helpful community (post.monome.org), where collaborations and projects are frequently happening, the outputs of which range from new software patches to share, to Creative Commons track and album collaborations.

When the community came up with the idea of a compilation album to generate charity donations in light of the terrible disaster in Haiti, einpuls started gathering tracks for the album and the monome community answered swiftly with more than 25 tracks being submitted in just a couple of days.

The community teamed up with Summer Rain Recordings to compile the compilation, with the end result being a 27 track album, each track contributed for free. The minimum price for the compilation has been set to $1 with no upper limit. Every penny helps, so please donate what you can.

<a href="http://einpuls.bandcamp.com/album/haiti-2010">Einpuls &#8211; Sugar High by Monome Community</a>

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Calls for the Red Cross, More

Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO of Propellerhead, noted that they were putting a call for the Red Cross into their newsletter:

…and he wondered what other members of the industry might be doing. Do let us know, as perhaps we can share ideas. (This is not an advertisement for Propellerhead; Ernst didn’t even ask me to publish this. I just like the way they did this, and personally find this an opportunity to run with the same idea.)

I’m going to use this as a reminder to do the same with the CDM newsletter, and also seek out ways we can generally devote some space to effective PSAs — not just those that you sometimes see by default from Google, but productive uses of our real estate. I couldn’t figure out whether there are official Red Cross badges to use, etc.; any ideas?

The Red Cross has a fantastic site that explains how you can give money:

You can even walk into places like Starbucks and Walgreens and give there; see the full list. The other important thing about The Red Cross is their ability to plan resources for unexpected disasters worldwide. Haiti is a reminder of how fragile and unpredictable our world is.

International Response Fund

The Red Cross does have to approve any fundraisers that use their name, though there is an application process and that doesn’t stop you from sending them money as you wish.

Other ideas for ways of proactively responding not only to this crisis, but others, as well? What are some of the tools we can use as a community to support the work these organizations do?

  • tekcor

    purely amazing!

  • the speed at which this came together is truly amazing, it took less than a week from concept to release!

    i'm proud to be a part of this and i'm proud of how well everyone came together and got this organised so efficiently.

    thank you and well done guys!

  • FTW

    I will purposely pay a penny for this and put it on ALL torrent sites until my sick Mom is able to trade her shitty medicare in for haitian releif money…. And anyone who doesnt agree I will do the same to you…. Dont even get on me about disasters… I helped with blood sweat tears at Ground Zero, back in 2001, I didnt donate a dollar for a bumper sticker… My job today is no longer holding an M-16 but fighting in another downhill industry … our medicare. FTW hipster douches!

  • @FTW: I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

    Maybe it makes me a hipster douche, but I'm sorry, I saw every evidence that the Red Cross was very active following September 11th. In fact, they re-calibrated their policy to ensure money for each specific fund went where the donor intended. Funds that go to the more generalized missions (if you so designate) are used where needed.

    Anyway, this compilation donates to an organization that serves "populations in danger," 70 countries not including the US. It's Médecins Sans Frontière who's the recipient, not the Red Cross.

    And by the way, you're actually allowed under the Creative Commons license to post that audio on BitTorrent. Please feel free. It's specified in the license, and allowed by the posters.

    I don't want to exacerbate this conversation, but it seems the record needed setting straight.

  • Paul

    You are going to put me on bit torrent?

    I have a track on there and I'm perfectly open to supplying music to people for free

    That's the wonderful thing you can do whatever you want and have a forum with which to announce your doings

    Things will get worse before they get better

    things will get better before they get worse

    we are just trying to help with music as far as I can tell

  • dang son…

    theres always one…..

    good job guys!

  • FTW

    I actually praised the Red Cross…

    They aint out there making ppl fill forms and having you pull out your past 2 tax returns to see if yu qualify for help…They just hook you up..FEMA is fucked up…I coincidentally landed in Florida after a few of their storms and FEMA was out there doing that shit.

  • Also proud to be a part of this, and a part of the wonderful monome community. Let’s see those donations roll in! Enjoy!

  • Thanks so much for getting the word out, my greatest wish is for our enthusiasm for music can translate into aid for the tragically downtrodden. MSF does very good works around the globe, and I know Haiti needs all the help we can provide after this disaster. Thanks again for the representation…

  • Thanks so much for getting the word out, my greatest wish is for our enthusiasm for music can translate into aid for the tragically downtrodden.

    I really appreciate the global response here, the album page has a link to a map showing the locations of everyone who contributed, and

    it's spans the globe. It's good to know that we can come together like this to support an unprecidented level of need.

    Medecins Sans Frontieres does very good works around the globe,, and I know Haiti needs all the help we can provide after this disaster. Thanks again for the representation…

  • Hmm, double post there eh? Sorry…

  • Am I really a hipster douche? My son will be so impressed…

  • Your totally a hipster, Hypno!

    And, if it hasn't already been iterated, this is an international project here, involving contributions from people from all over the world.

    Yeah, it sucks that us Americans can't get our shit strait and get some universal health care going, but we're trying to lend what little aid we can to THE POOREST nation on the western hemisphere.

  • nice music, and great project from a great commnuity.

    good job!

  • Zevin Hill

    Great initiative, great community!!!!

    Actually I've already donated to the Red Cross a couple of days earlier…

    Nevertheless, the album is downloading as I write!!

    Maybe there's still hope for human kind after all


  • great concept. respect to all involved! i'm looking forward to sending some money toward relief AND getting some monome jams. thx.

  • I wish I would have known about it when we were at NAMM. I definitely would have contributed some tracks to it. I commend everyone's efforts.


  • In addition to being a great idea and example of musos doing something productive and helpful, this compilation is actually surprisingly cohesive and enjoyable for something so quickly assembled.

    It has also led me to discover some great producers I would have otherwise missed. The stuff on The B-Roll's soundcloud is definately worth checking out.

    But yeah, great compilation, great effort.

  • Aaron

    FTW : your disgust and hatred is totally misguided. aim it somewhere else.

    donations = citizens. private citizens helping private citizens. 1st world countries donating to a horrible disaster in a 3rd world country with no support structure.

    shitty government = broken health care system. aka our taxes not doing what we need.

    in other words grow the fuck up.

  • bnk

    already buy it. great music

  • FTW

    @ Aaron, you probably have some sort of spoon in your mouth that you'd never had to use medicare…our health system death toll trumps theirs by far.. douchebag… one day you will need to use your government benefits and you will side with me for sure until than stfu until you gain some real world life experience!

  • FTW

    oh PS Aron..if their government wasnt shady they wouldnt need our help. Until than how about we use our money to keep out Islam extremists because you've obviously forgotten the impact of 9-11 on America, end two wars, and start a thing called universal health care..and lower taxes so you can get yourself a Dave Douche Kaossinomevolver and a Doepfer beauty case in pink. You know what Donation I got for standing in blood on 9-11, power bars.. using the money in the right way the first place wouldve been the best thing , you know the FBI and CIA not pissing on each others leg about whose job is whose, maybe a Quality Assurance progarm..but no I got a few Vanilla power bars.

  • FTW

    ..and Im proud to be in a country where I can disgust you and not be killed… Im out, gotta go hunt down some cracked software cause the GOV keeps ktakin my $$$. I think the Aid to Haiti is fine..but the cash they never had in the first place… fuck em!

  • zenke

    fantastic work and well done to all involved. I'm loving listening. The music business should be ashamed.