The monome meme continues to spread virally through your music gear. With some custom code (made freely available) and a little assistance from the free Arduino platform, Philly-based hacker Wil Lindsay has converted the $50 Bliptronic 5000 device from ThinkGeek into a monome. That gives you full compatibility with the community-made patches that support the real thing, for a song.

If you’re handy with this sort of thing, you can follow the code and basic build instructions provided and mod your Bliptronic yourself. If not, you have two choices – the first half dozen early adopters can pay Wil to hack and test their Bliptronic for a fee to raise money for a PCB, and then once that happens, anyone who wants an all-in-one, more fully-documented kit will be able to choose that route instead.

Bliptronome V2 : tests, kits, and code released

Bliptronic 5000 @ ThinkGeek

It occurs to me that someone might be able to do something different with that source, as well.

The way I’d still recommend assembling a monome if you can’t get in on one of the official products or kits would be the Arduinome, which is best-documented at FlipMU’s Arduinome site. But I like that the Bliptronic is now an option, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if some monome owners pick one up for the heck of it. I’ll send an update if Wil is successful with that kit.

  • Andrew Zero

    If it was bus powered i would be all over it.

  • er…

    "Other relevant info? Powered via usb, so the battery compartment is empty."

    now proceed to be all over it.

  • Andrew Zero

    reading while listening to flashbulb is not recommended.

    thanks for the correction!

    i shall now attempt to aquire one.

  • That is cool as hell! The guy is selling kits for $68, add the $50 gadget and you're looking at a cheap monome for under $120. Not bad!

  • Ethan

    I love the Monome community with all my heart and I wish I didn't have to sell mine due to making -$350 a month..

  • @Ethan: Sad to hear that. Yes, I wish there were more outlets for people making music to make some income on the things they make. It's not an easy problem.

    At least generally the monome is about investing in something that lasts you a long time, that you can easily repair. It's little comfort if you can't afford to keep it, but it's better than a "disposable" culture. So what we also need is hardware that provides options that are both more affordable and last longer – very, very doable. Cheap doesn't have to mean disposable. The monome is just one device; there could be other open, sustainable, locally-produced options, too.

  • evan

    $120 is a bit much. Why not just save you money and get a launch pad for $200.

  • Mudo

    That's the problem:

    People prefers made in china vs made with common sense but in actual financial crisis I could not guilty them… or yes?

    Maybe the crisis is about non common sense in mass productio.

    Who knows? Who cares?

  • griotspeak

    @evan – because it would be closer to the monome's aesthetic. 'open'. hackable.

    it's smaller than a launchpad in a sense.

    the cool kids are doing it, as well.

  • You know… if we would stop buying shit from china… it just might save our economy. just saying. HOLLLA!!!

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