Elektron, those Swedish makers of the fabulously-beloved Machinedrum drum machine, have a range of new announcements this morning. They herald the power and appeal of digital hardware, gear made for people who have grown up with computer.

The biggest news, of course, is the announcement of the Octatrack. Coming later this year, but shown in prototype form this week at the Frankfurt Messe show, the Octatrack is a multitrack digital sampler with onboard sequencer, real-time pitch shift and time stretch, and effects. That has caused some to get excited enough to dub it “Ableton in a box,” and it’s hard not to see a certain Ableton-esque quality to the design. Whereas Live seems to grow more complex, however, this reduces what you need to an efficient set of hardware controls and the most essential features.

The specs:

  • 8 audio tracks
  • 4 audio ins, 4 audio outs plus headphone out
  • USB 2.0, CF reader
  • Optical fader
  • 2 effect blocks per track

You can bring in samples via the USB connection, the CF slot, or live recording. And Elektron has some intriguing words about what this is for:

The Octatrack is an elegant sampler. Recording of sounds is a breeze thanks to the intuitive user interface, but the fun really starts once the samples are inside the machine. Loops are now completely elastic. They will always stay in sync no matter if they are pitch shifted or if the tempo of the sequencer is changed. Single sounds can be molded into any shape or form. The static nature of samples are finally a thing of the past.

Gear4music.com has the best video so far:

It’s not hard to imagine a few of these sitting alongside Machinedrums, especially for Elektron’s devoted fans. It also strikes me that, in some ways, this is the antithesis of Teenage Engineering’s OP-1. Sure, both are made by Swedes, and indeed, the OP-1 team shares some Elektron lineage. But the Octatrack is the workstation to the OP-1’s minimalist instrument. I also have a strong suspicion the OP-1 will be significantly cheaper. I can’t wait to see both, and, while the Teenage Engineers aren’t saying, I wouldn’t be surprised if the OP-1 ships around the same late 2010 timeframe. I’d better book a trip to Sweden now.

Personally, I have to admit a certain affinity for letting my computer be my computer and not having the hardware try to do everything. I wonder if the battle with feature creep will be an issue – hardware very easily does too much to be simple to use, but too little to be a computer replacement – part of what I suspect killed the original form of the currently-vaporware LinnDrum II. It’ll be fascinating to watch all of this pan out.

What about Machinedrum owners who aren’t necessarily ready to take the Octatrack leap? There’s news for you, too.

First, if you’re looking to invest in the Machinedrum, there’s an SPS-1 price cut. I wouldn’t quite describe it as a Recession Special, but you do get the latest SPS-1 MKII for EUR 990 / USD 1290.

There’s also a new upgrade for the Machinedrum called +Drive, available for all Machinedrum and Monomachine models and pre-installed on new SPS-1UW+ MKIIs and SFX-60+MKIIs.

I’ll copy and paste text here, especially since you may have difficulty reaching Elektron’s site.

The +Drive divides a machine in 128 Snapshots, which allows for thousands of patterns, sounds and songs to be stored internally and more or less instantly recalled. The +Drive also makes it possible for the Machinedrum SPS-1UW+ MKII to host over 6000 ROM samples. The Monomachine SFX-60+ MKII can be loaded with more than 8000 DigiPro user waveforms.

A Machinedrum Snapshot can contain up to 128 patterns, 64 kits, 32 songs and 8 globals. If the Machinedrum is a UW model, each Snapshot also contains a sample bank. A UW MKII sample bank consists of 48 ROM sample slots. A UW MKI sample bank consists of 32 ROM sample slots.

A Monomachine Snapshot can contain up to 128 patterns, 128 kits, 24 songs and 8 globals. In the case of the Monomachine MKII, a Snapshot also contains a Digibank consisting of 64 DigiPro user waveforms.

Either load a completely new Snapshot or a single Machinedrum sample bank/Monomachine Digibank. When loading a new Snapshot, all data will replaced by new content. Loading a new sample bank/Digibank means all other content of the current Snapshot stays intact. Load times for both options are just a few seconds.

The +Drive gives the enormous advantage of having thousands of patterns and kits available. Change Snapshots during a live performance for a completely new session. Load a fresh Machinedrum sample bank or Monomachine Digibank and experiment with new sounds in your currently active patterns and kits. A +Drive opens up a world of new possibilities.

All Machinedrum and Monomachine models are possible to upgrade with a +Drive. When you buy a +Drive, you will receive detailed instructions how to send in the unit for the upgrade. Shipping back to you after the upgrade has been carried out is included in the price.

If you have bought a new Machinedrum UW/Monomachine after Feb 1st, you are eligible for a 30% discount on the +Drive upgrade price. This offer is valid until August 1. Mail us for more info about how to obtain the discount.

Thanks to Malte Steiner and his blog4 for the tip; Malte sounds enthusiastic about the upgrade. Check out his lovely blog:

The site is up and down as I write this, but if you want to try your luck:

Elektron describes the set of upgrades as a “new chapter in the history of our company,” a “reborn Elektron,” and “The New Dawn,” but music tech companies seem to say those sorts of things regularly. I’ll let you judge whether the Octatrack is a new dawn for you.

For another video of the Octatrack, here’s MusicRadar:

  • Microwave Prince

    Seriously.. elektron lost its way since ceo passed away.. Octatracks design looks ugly. Even device itself has nothing innovative. Now they even can't make a descent product demo….

  • dtr

    Elektron's doing it again! Even with all the controllers, automapping and API hacks we have in software sequencers these days for me there's still nothing that beats the hands-on manipulation joy of integrated hard- and software designs like Elektron's.

    I'll sure be checking out this one when it comes out. The sampling of the Machinedrum UW isn't quite up to the level of Ableton-style loop mashing. The OT apparently goes the distance.

    Another praise to Elektron for releasing (another) upgrade for the years-old instrument that the Machinedrum is. This means: 1) that the Machinedrum is such a good design that it's still relevant to upgrade it and 2) Elektron lets you upgrade your old machine instead of pushing you to buy the newest, slightly-updated product every season. How many manufacturers do this?

  • dtr

    @prince: i've found the elektron demo's always to be kinda lame. back in the days it was a live recording of a gig by Valve that made me drool over the Machinedrum, not any of elektron's demo's…

    i like the stealth bomber look of the OT :]
    too bad it won't match the alu-look of my MD, MM and sidstation though…

  • Looks beautiful! And even though its an incomplete prototype with no effects… I cant wait to own one! I use a software free setup and I think this will be the machine that could change the stale sound electronic music has taken on. With both Korg and Roland developing new analog synths I think people are finally ready to get their hands dirty with hardware again. I wish I could put in a preorder!!! A+++ Elektron!

  • Lephrenic

    Octatrack looks pretty good. Here's hoping for MLR style choppage on it. It's probably not what they had in mind but I don't see why it couldn't be implemented. And I must say that pitch fader got annoying very quickly.

  • Julien

    What an ugly demo. How come the guy does explain what he is doing. It's really difficult to infer device's features from the (quickly annoying) music he's producing.

  • Yeah, props to Elektron for upgrades. Octatrack looks like tons of fun still waiting for proper demo. Bare in mind it is prototype. They still have chance to change the faceplate to classic look ๐Ÿ™‚

  • zee


  • Mudo

    If they make it midi controllable… you could use an controller to do similar things like Ableton Live Mash-uping.

    I hope Roland check blogs and do a monome sampler/slice with variphrase and realtime capture.

    This elektron is near these concept…

  • Jonathan

    Rule 1 for demos at tradeshows should be: If someone turns a camera on you, start the demo with something that is actually musical! You can always show off the weird wild features later in the video.

    This demo has about 20 seconds of content that make me interested in this thing, spread in tiny snippets through 8 minutes of wanking.

    Give me 2 minutes of music up front, please!

  • nonnon

    I love that you're catering to people who want something "different"; I would rather listen to the oddity, then use my imagination as to how you're doing this. Thank you.

  • Yeah, I'm surprised by the negative response to the demo. I'm not even sure that person knew there WAS a camera on. I sort of believe the demos that are just someone screwing around … come on, that's what we all do in the privacy of our own home with our gear, at least some of the time? (Heck, amidst some things that sound truly, truly awful, sometimes it's that stuff that gives you the best music materials — the diamond in the, um, rough of all your failed sounds.)

  • Microwave Prince

    Octatrack is a huge disapointemnt. I mean it is a simple sample groove box(like roland mc series) and i don't think that it will be resonably priced. Neither it is made by boutique company. Keep in mind that mm and md are manufactured in estonia.

  • i have to get some more info on the functionality and watch the video – but this is very interesting!

    peter – what you're saying about the computer, i have found for live performance there are simply too many options to put together a good set. i've been looking for a hardware sampling machine for a while now – hopefully this well get me close

  • cplr

    really don't need a new drum machine or synth. i will however consider purchasing one of these. always said that elektron needed a MD-style sampler. software samplers have never been up to par with hardware samplers, the problem was hardware samplers have been sort of "left behind" because of software.

  • p@@@nts

    What's up with the lack of Monomachine love in the article, Peter? The MnM is just as beloved as the MD, believe me. You make it sound like the MD is the only Elektron worth mentioning…

  • p@@@nts

    The only other Elektron worth mentioning, I meant to say

  • Agree true love to MnM in here too!! It's way deeper then MD

  • Microwave Prince

    Monomachine was never a huge success, because most of them ended up at ebay… I had one too. Sequncer is quite fun, but synth engine sounds like 10 year old vst. If you are making pink plok minimal then its good, but other than that it is waste of money.

  • Okay, I've complained elsewhere, and I'm going to do it here in the hopes that SOMEONE from Elektron will see what a boneheaded move they've made…

    "real-time pitch shift and time stretch, and effects"

    … IF this just plays one-shot sounds and loops. If this thing cannot chromatically sample – and allow for a sample-through-synthesis architecture, therefore programming of basslines and leads etc. – it will be for talentless DJs and beat-production at best.

    And at a price of 1200 EUROs it had better have chromatic sampling!

  • Meatface

    I love how consistantly hateful and unhelpful "Microwace Prince" is. He acts like Elektron raped and killed his dog… I dont get it.

  • Microwave Prince

    Blake, you are right. Even korg ESX's can do that ;]

  • Microwave Prince

    Meatface, i am not hateful and i'm not blind fanboy. I have MD and had MM, but this case with octatrack is pure brand selling for fanboys…….

  • Errorist

    More interested in the new Electribes! I've owned both the MnM and MDUW and sold both because the old Electribes (ESX and EMX) got way more use. Both were easier to use, more fun to use, had more features and sounded better than the MnM/MDUW combo IMHO. Not to mention the huge price difference.
    However, I've now moved on to Maschine (hosted in Live) which just plain rocks!

  • Well, not sure if it's that BLATANT, MWP, but I would love to be proven wrong. I wish I could swap the stretch/slice parts on my ESX for more keyboard parts!!

  • johan(r)

    @Prince: So to sum it up it's ugly, nothing innovative, a huge disappointment and just pure brand selling for fanboys? Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, have you played it?

  • s ford

    Elekton are massively loved by Autechre, with the MD and MnM being two of their most frequented live tools. I'd be interested to see whether they start using a OT, which would probably be evident in their live shows. Not a great vid, so I don't think it's worthwhile writing off the OT just this yet…

    Off the Musicmesse announcements though, one of the most exciting is that Wavelab is coming to Mac! Mac users haven't had a great choice of wave editors in comparison to PC users. Yeah sure, Wavelab is no Soundforge but it's a lot better to use than Peak!

  • Sweet piece of gear!
    I'll probably jump for a Machinedrum though.

  • Crix Madine

    I was slightly disappointed with the announcement of the OT. I was really hoping it was going to be an 8-track dedicated effects processor with a sequencer for each track, 8 physical inputs, p-locks etc.

  • monokit

    I can imagine that the Monomachine is for most people too difficult, especially those people who are more simple-minded. Show the Monomachine some patience and love. Delete the presets and start digging! It will reward you with an endless stream of fantastic sounds.

  • DDDD

    Ugly as hell, terrible demo and they are introducing something that Ableton has been destroying with for 10 years now! Why would you buy this instead of a cheap laptop, midi controller and ableton?

    Also Elektron offering the +Drive for $400 is crime.
    I still don't know how they got away with selling a modern designed $2k "sampling" drum machine that has 2.5mb of mono lo-fi sampling.
    Also it is ridiculous that the sample browser does not support file names.
    What's the point of adding 128 times more samples if none of them have any kind of naming still???

  • @DDDD valid point about the naming, not sure why it's not there since we have names for wavetables in Mono.
    They 'get away' with selling MD since it sounds fucking great and is damn fun to play. It's amazing sound processor not only groovebox/drum machine.

  • OK, why does everyone suddenly loathe Elektron? Microwave Prince, your Monomachine didn't work out for you, fine, no problem, everyone has that bit of gear they just never see eye to eye with. But if you're going to make claims like "most Monomachines ended up on eBay", you'll have to come up with some figures. Either that, or come up with some sensible explanation of precisely what Elektron did to offend you so deeply that out of 28 comments, you have posted 5 unremittingly negative ones.

    Or you can make yourself a nice cup of STFU and give the rest of us a rest. Because you know we're going to make up our own minds regardless of what you say anyway.

  • Oh goodie, now Microwave Prince has started a bandwagon…

    Peter, this is one of the reasons I protested so much at your Behringer-bashing. There's no real moral difference between what you did and what the Elektron-haters are doing here.

  • eric

    very nice! I agree…the demo was so and so…but there will be nicer ones!(hmm…wonder what hotel the beatkang-guys are dwelling at!?) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    It seems that more news are presented at the musikmesse than namm!?

  • benjiee

    So everybody has fully formed opinions from a demo? Especially considering it is widely known that Elektron always have made poor demos. Oh to have the wisdom and understanding of a Microwave Prince, to know all before even touching it!! Get a grip, child, or more importantly, GET A LIFE!

  • niggles

    sweet jeebus the specks look like fun but that gear4music musikmesse demo sounds like they need to either change dealers or it was a truly rough day on the high seas. …burp.

  • guys…guys…
    this can't and won't replace a computer machine device!! y'all knew that…so quit yer belly achin'
    i personally love the OT!
    this would compliment a mobile laptop setup beautifully!! the sampling scheme utilized is quite useful (keeps samples in tempo? damn, girl!)
    what you all saw was simply a prototype, so be patient!
    if i wasn't such a broke ass mexican, i would put down the bills to buy and use the crap out of that thing..for sure!!
    if only they started making cheaper hardware solutions….oh well…
    just gonna keep burning through laptop hard drives for now!

  • Damon

    I find it hard to believe they would just toss together a product that did not in some way advance the species. Which is not to suggest a company known for cutting edge-ness would not drop the ball from time to time or once, but it would seem unlikely. The odds suggest there should be something very amazing there. Hope I am right.

  • Wow. One of the worst demonstrations of all time, video or not – it's just mind numbingly awful.

    So far, this unit is looking poor – and of course we all know it's going to be crazy expensive.

    I'm a MDuw owner btw.

  • PS: I've read MicroWavePrinces comments and he's bang on most of the time. The only 'negativity' I can spot is he doesn't sugarcoat his comments. I guess some fans find that unbearable.

  • Zoopy

    There isn't anything else like this, so I'm happy. Also the product isn't done! Don't judge a product by one demo from an unfinished project…

  • Joalt: not a fan. Don't care enough. But I know a grudge-nurser when I see one, and if I find anything unbearable, it's this belief on the part of certain underdeveloped souls that the world will not be complete unless their prejudices are perenially puked upon its shoulders.

  • nb. "perennially" should have two Ns.

  • Jordaan

    I agree this is a really poor demo. If I didn't have an imagination and some inkling of Elektron products I would have been totally turned off. I hope the midi implimentation is not limited to just trigging the loops but will allow users to play loops within a particular pitch. Not only change the pitch with an external keyboard/controller but have a glide feature to swing in and out of different pitches without interupting the loop playback state (like a monosynth). Not to mention the features already contained in the MD like parameter locks. And please god give us sample naming! I was looking at picking up an MD but 2.5 megs is not enough (though I like the idea of crunchy 12bit). This might actually be a good alternative for those of use who have a love of samples and step sequencers. Is it just me or does the wording of the upgrade option sound like Elektron is not offer an MD with the upgrade pre-installed?

  • Jordaan

    Found the answer to my question:
    "Starting from the 24th of March the Machinedrum SPS-1UW+ MKII and the Monomachine SFX-60+ MKII will come shipped with the +Drive installed by default."

  • timm

    What can octo do that computers (with midi-controllers) can't?

  • Microwave Prince

    Nothing ๐Ÿ˜€ Elektron think that they still live in beginning of 2000.

  • Autechre?? I wonder if Elektron can explain the endless fanboy-pandering drum masturbation of Untilted and Draft 7.30!

    I'm not hating on them, I've personally not commented on the demos (I think, quality aside, they show a lot of potential – this really could be a stripped-down Ableton-in-a-bot)… but I can't be the only person that is desperate for a piece of inexpensive hardware that has step-sequencing, and a sampler+synth architecture!

  • dtr

    "What can octo do that computers (with midi-controllers) can’t?"

    Total integration of synthesis, sequencing and user-interface hardware. Even with all the automapping there's no software + midi controller that reaches this level of hands-on manipulation joy.

  • I use Ableton Live for all of my live shows and DJ sets, and while I understand that calling it 'Ableton in a Box' is immediately going to draw all sorts of negative comparisons (at least until a decent demo surfaces) I would welcome a hardware box that could suit my live performance requirements while replacing the need to lug my laptop, audio interface, midi controllers and whatever else to a gig. It's tedious to disassemble half my studio for every show. I've never owned any Elektron gear, but if this offers tempo synced samples, time stretching, reliability and a solid (creative) workflow – Then count me in!

  • lematt

    ME… WANT.

  • but I can’t be the only person that is desperate for a piece of inexpensive hardware that has step-sequencing, and a sampler+synth architecture!

    So get on and make one yourself. It's the capitalist way, dontcha know… in fact, you could even program such a thing in software and use a stock PC for it, which would cut down the cost considerably. If that PC's a netbook, there're your portability and display sorted too. And when all's said and done, there's not much difference between a custom system running on a PC and a custom system running on a microcontroller and a bunch of DSPs; indeed, these days you might well get more performance out of the PC – and that's before we even start talking about shader programming.

    Otherwise, you're pretty much going to be stuck with the hardware the big manufacturers think they can sell to as many people as possible – or in the case of Elektron et al, what they find themselves desperate for.

  • DC

    Colour me unimpressed. Its ugly, the demos are sucky and the machine doesnt even look like its got that much in the way of original features.

    I'll stick with my Maschine for sample based jamming cheers.

  • DC

    @ DTR RE:" Total integration of synthesis, sequencing and user-interface hardware. Even with all the automapping there’s no software + midi controller that reaches this level of hands-on manipulation joy."

    Have you tried NI Maschine? It works like a dream, its the MPD for the 21st century IMHO.

    The Maschine offers seamless hardware and software integration with a huge feature set that keeps expanding and as much power and sample storage as your laptop can prove all with NIs excellent sound quality & FX

  • For some people, this clearly will be Ableton in a box – because it'll do the things they do in Live in a box. Now, even for those people, they may not want to shell out for the hardware or even *like* the in-the-box approach. And for others, Live will do things this can't – easily. But to me, it's a comparison that does have some meaning. And why not? Why shouldn't we be looking at hardware and software on equal footing now, as people are doing with Maschine?

    I think the idea that there are separate hardware and software markets, different kinds of evolved homo sapiens sapiens, is pretty much over with. Seeing hardware and software fight it out on the same level for your productivity and creative inspiration – that's exciting.

    By the same token, I have no problem with trash talking, so long as people can be specific about what it is to which they object.

  • veta

    i hoped the 'new dawn' would mean that Elektron would contract with a new manufacturer in order to greatly increase the amount of total units they were producing in order to get their manufacturing costs much lower and thus REDUCE THE PRICE OF THEIR GEAR!!!

    as it is, this Octatrack remains exactly the same as all their other stuff: very cool, very powerful, and very very overpriced.

    the price of their stuff is their main limiting factor. they need to step up to the next level as a company and start manufacturing in a much greater quantity. the demand for their gear is strong. imagine how many boxes they would sell if the Machinedrum UW was around $800 or so.

    this is the same situation as their server getting knocked offline for 24 hours. that's strictly amateur hour stuff. no excuse for that at all. time to grow up, Elektron. you're not a little boutique company anymore.

  • We've just uploaded a secondary (more in-depth) video demo of the Elektron Octotrack – as you are probably aware, this is an exciting new product that has received lots of attention so far at Musikmesse 2010.

    We thought you may like to use our latest video on your news site, so if you do, here is the link to the vid on our YouTube channel.



  • @ Ste_Gear
    just watched the demo video, that machine is absolutely incredible!!
    it is definitely something that i could use to complement my laptop rig for live sets…just waiting on the pricing for it…

  • Zoopy

    Looks great, I'm excited.. was just talking with a friend about why something like this hasn't existed sooner and I come home to this announcement ๐Ÿ™‚

    I dunno why it's taken so long for a step sequenced sampler w/ flash memory to come out! I can see myself abandoning my computer and locking myself in a dark cave with just a machinedrum, monomachine and an octatrack for eternity.

  • Hey zoopy,
    never heard of an MPC 1000 ?

  • Vehical Driver

    I just want to say two things:

    1. I am not impressed. I was hoping for an MPC-killer from Elektron… Where this is clearly more of competition to something simpler like the Roland SP-404.

    but on the other hand:

    2. I much rather use something like this than Ableton Live and a laptop. I think the people dissing on dedicated hardware are kids who never actually used dedicated hardware. If you like software better than hardware, good for you… but if you can't understand why many people would rather use hardware than software, you are an idiot.

  • s ford

    The street price is supposed to be around 1200 Euros.

    The second video looks great actually.

    My question is whether the OT could be used for Djing? I reckon it'd be a f*cking awesome thing for djing if it was possible. Never been a fan of laptops to DJ! Not that there's anything wrong with them, I'm just a bit scared of crashes!

  • s ford

    I reckon that crossfader might be a sign it could be used for Djing, if so OT could be f*cking awesome for that alone!

  • as it is, this Octatrack remains exactly the same as all their other stuff: very cool, very powerful, and very very overpriced.

    When you say "overpriced", what standard are you comparing it with:

    * the cost of manufacturing it, which you admit is higher for Elektron?

    * the cost of the most similar piece of kit out there, regardless of how similar it might be – but isn't the whole point of not buying that piece of kit that you want the unique features of this one? How does one compare apples with apples when there's only one apple tree in the world?

    * the cost of the minimum amount of kit which could do the same kind of thing? in which case, every piece of specialised digital hardware is way overpriced!

    * the cost of your time and effort, were you to actually sit down and reproduce the functionality of the item in question? in which case, more or less everything in the world is way, way underpriced.

    * the amount you'd have to pay relative to the amount you actually want the features involved? …which is probably the most common meaning.

  • qqq

    I work in a music tech shop, and gwenhwyfaer, I wish that would be read out to every customer before they asked for a pricebeat.

  • Zoopy

    The MPC's interface is completely different…I want step sequencing with fuckin buttons!

    I wanted an Electribe that is beefier, and here it is. I would love to see an alternative…

  • Zoopy

    you seem to think this is going to be a drum sampler ? I haven't seen any footage or information to suggest that is what it will be.

    It seems more like a phrase sampler to me, with SFX sequencing. Closest reference to a drum sampler I've seen is param-locking the loop start points … kool for mangling phrases, not so kool for drum sequencing IMO.

    a drum sequencer with 8 tracks ?

    Alot more info remains to be seen, so I'm surprised people are so readily convinced this unit is the shit and is worth 1200. Brand loyalty in full effect I guess.

  • Zoopy

    Nope! I'm on the same page as you ๐Ÿ™‚ I was addressing Bumpty's comment. I mostly just love the groovebox style sequencer but really haven't seen any samplers that are worth spending money on that have it.

  • Pimpf

    I thought it would go in a different direction, more close to things you can do on the Machinedrum, like assigning realtime sampling machines, sampling from input machines, etc.

    But i see no machines here, and see no "machine" concept in here. Looks like just another groove sampler with extra commodities, but far away from the classic elektron philosophy. A real real pity.

  • David Prouty

    I will be buying this one and Im very carefull about what I spend my studio cash on. The fact that you can store huge amounts of samples on very cheap media and the length of the files allowed make this device unique. I suspect it willbe a sleeper slowly picked up at first, then years later sought after like an old Juno 106.
    We don't see enough timestretch hardware … lots of slice and stretch, but not this. It will be great addition to what I am doing and I am not an Elektron fan never owned one and didn't want to until now.

  • monokit

    @Pimpf: you don´t see machines in it, because it is not finished yet. @ALL: They showed us 10% of the OT and already everybody is complaining. Can´t you just simply wait and see, folks?

  • starving student

    why is 8 tracks enough for a sampler?
    I don't get it, what is it actually suppose to be?

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  • Benny

    I can't believe the negativity going on here, its like you hear a 2 minute demo and "OMG its shit", you don't really know the capabilities of it at all, its more like you WANT it to be bad, so your negativity won't be in vain.

    Yes, you can do most things on a computer these days and yes software have come a long way but how fun is it to make music on a computer most of the time? Since I got the MD I can rarely stand working in a software sequencer anymore because I have so much fun working on my "old, dated, obsolete, whatever" hardware instrument.

    Another thing, MD and MM made in Estonia? Don't make me laugh, it clearly says "Made in Sweden" on the bottom label, have you even seen these machines in real life? The different parts are produced in different parts of Sweden then assembled into finished instruments in Gothenburg.

    Yes Elektron instruments cost a lot of money and sure, you can do most of the things on a computer, but if that's bothering you so much, stick with your computer and don't complain about something you don't want/can't afford.

  • drbenben


    A more decent demo perhaps…

  • Im interested in what this machine will be capable of and it will be most usefull for live samples in our live gigs… with a whopping 64GB of space there is massive potential and knowing Elekron they will make this a friendly, usable yet powerful hands on tool of luv.

    @Microwave Prince

    Your criticism is opinionated and without founding nor foundation. Sorry to be brash but I dont see anything constructive in what you say and you are just venting frustration about Elektron. Yes they have their failings but Im not saying your wrong because, like I said, your being opinionated.

    You say the MnM is "sounds like 10 year old vst. If you are making pink plok minimal then its good."

    This means you literally dont use it anywhere near its potential. Scrub the pre-sets and actually spend some time with it and you will be rewarded, or maybe you and the MnM just arnt compatible.

    I could pick the rest of your opinions apart with my opinions but then there is no point, so lets just say I disagree in general with everything you will ever say, ever, in the world, ever ๐Ÿ˜›
    the ESX is a lovely wee machine ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, If you wanna sell your MnM I will buy it at a cut down, usless past its best price…
    how much?


    Hows this for not sugercoating it… shutit!