52 Reason and Record Tips Week 4 – Unlocking the Secrets of CV and Gate. from James Bernard on Vimeo.

Reason and Record may lack plug-in support, but what they do have – open-ended patching between the available modules, in the tradition of analog synthesizers – opens up plenty of creative possibilities. The only sad news is that many Reason uses don’t take full advantage of that depth.

Here are three tutorials to get you started, if you’re not familiar with how to do this (or if you need a video to send your friends to get them patching). At top, James Bernard continues his 52 tips in 52 weeks series with a general look at how the CV and gate connections work. From Propellerhead’s Matt Piper, we have two videos with guitar, one routing through Malström and the other through the Thor synth. Matt tells me that in the Malström vid, “once the patch creation portion starts (at 0:36), there are no edits thereafter– it is a ‘live performance’ that I hope is somewhat musical.”

It’s all good stuff, and of course it’s terrific to be able to combine Reason and Record in order to get audio routing through the modular system – “’bout time” I believe is the phrase I’m looking for. At the same time, I’m sure that doesn’t ease the frustration of Reason users who don’t like the idea of having to buy Record just to get audio. I can understand the perception there, though at least there are some crossgrade offers. It’s a tricky question: the Props could have added basic audio functionality to Reason, but then, once you do have audio, you might start asking for all the other stuff that’s in Record. (The mixer, more audio effects, audio track management and editing – work through that wish list, and you can see why they have another product.) To me, the interesting question now will be who will upgrade and who won’t.

Speaking of Propellerhead news, a number of readers have noted this announcement on the Propellerhead site:

“Do you want to help us test the music software of the future? Are you a Reason/Record power user? Can you keep a secret? If your answer is yes to all three questions, maybe you would like to join the Propellerhead Test Pilots?”

I don’t actually know whether this is Reason 5 or something else. I expect I will find out, at which point I’ll be sworn to secrecy. In the meantime, for anyone else who doesn’t know, feel free to commence the rampant speculation. And if you’re a current user, you can try signing up for the limited testing pool.

And here’s part two of using guitar and synth in Reason/Record, which also includes a downloadable Combinator patch.

Propellerhead Record + Reason: Playing Guitar Through the Reason Synths (Part Two)

  • Nail

    Reason and Record are the best. Very powerful.

  • wax

    the only stopping me from upgrading to Record is my current lack of employment. first paycheck will be the upgrade and the additional memory sticks for my ancient laptop.

    I've been a reason user since 2002 and i STILL learn new things about the program.

    finally, dear Lord please give us a combinator with more buttons and knobs.


  • Microwave Prince

    Reason is cool, but it's sound quality sucks.

  • aje

    Much as I have found Reason hugely useful and inspiring over the years, I'm struggling with the workflow in Record. More speicifcally, in spite of the great new mixer I just find the effects are lacking and it's difficult to get such a good final mix as in Ableton, where the effects are more versatile, there's better visual feedback on most units, decent spectrum analysis, and of course the option to use VST plugs that are far superior now to the rather dated effects in Reason/Record.

    For me, probably time to move on then….

  • vinayk

    I also find record a little hard to use as compared to ableton (or logic for that matter) which seem to flow a little easier for me. Not sure why – maybe because I never used hardware before. Plus now I got an APC40 Live is like butter to control!

    In any case i'm always interested to see what they come up with next? maybe a few new synths?

  • Interesting… I actually found that Record added a lot to Reason. I thought the presets they provided for mastering did a very nice job at getting you started and that the new workflow was great. What i really liked is the fact that the mixer has it's own area and that you could have multiple racks. All and all, i was very impressed.


  • @aje: So, what I hear you saying is that you miss plug-ins. Fair enough response.

    For what it's worth, I really have no argument with the processors in Record, as a bread-and-butter set of what you need for mixing. It would be nice to have a spectrum view, though; that's always handy. It'll be interesting to see how it evolves.

  • aje

    Yes, that's probably it in fact. Using Reason over the years I never missed plug-ins, because the included stuff is fine for the synths/etc in Reason… but when recording audio there's some other specialised plugs that make the job easier, for me anyway! Compressors that show you the compression curve clearly, EQ where it's easier to do very clean notch filters, noise reduction, pitch correction, convolution … al that stuff. Plus mid/side processors, etc.

    I'm not slamming it though – an experienced enginner who is used to the analogue equipment, has top-end montiros, a good sounding room, etc cold undoubtedly get top end results with Record I'm sure. But I'm an ordinary musician using this stuff for composing, and basically I need all the help I can get!! So yes – there are some great plug-ins that make the job more accessible for plain old musicians like me 🙂

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