After the madness of The Edge launch, I can now get back to doing some of the CDMo things I’ve been neglecting. One of which is actually talking to visualists who are touring around the world. Tonight I’ll be getting back to that, speaking to Joakim Faxvaag, who’s currently touring Australia with Phoenix.

Joakim comes from a lighting design background, and integrates live cameras, Quartz Composer and pre-produced visuals using VDMX (on CDMo) and Kineme‘s ArtDMX to control lighting and visuals together.

Harrys Gym – Top Of The Hill – Live Sentrum Scene, By:Larm 2009 from Joakim Faxvaag on Vimeo.

I’ll be catching up with Joakim this evening before the show. So if you have any questions you’d like put to a touring visualist, hit the comments.

And if you, yourself, are a Touring Visualist, and you’re coming past me in Brisbane or Peter in New York, drop us a line so we can catch up and share what you’re doing with the rest of the community!

  • boring question – what is joakim using for live input into the mac pro? i'm still to find something i'd truly trust on the road: DFG1394, Intensity etc.
    potentially more interesting – as somebody who crosses lighting + visuals, what does he see happening in the lighting world at the moment in relation to visuals / imagery?

  • Nick R

    Just curious to know more about the workflow of what he's doing. What does his Quartz Comps look like?
    Is he triggering the graphics from a lighting console or is he triggering the lighting from VDMX/Quartz?

  • Gotta love the integration of visuals into lighting.  Come from a lighting background myself.
    Going to control VDMX from a Magic Q via Kineme ArtDMX this summer.  Amazing plugin for Quartz.
    What do you think, are you enjoying the function of ArtDMX?
    Wonderful to be able to control the effects of lighting used in the camera feeds you are selecting.
    Well you can get a taste of what my group and I do at the links below:
    Glad to know others are pursuing this integration, eventually it will blow the world of media servers wide open.

  • Ok, here're a couple of "secrets"..
    Toby: I've used the Decklink card from Blackmagic and a Canopus ADVC 110, which work fine on the road. The Canopus is ofcourse a bit lagged, but for most things, it works. But a Phoenix-card from Active Silicon would be better, but I don't think they have Quicktime drivers that are stable yet.
    As for the future of lighting/visuals, I think everything is melting together. Most shows use sooo much artbeats and premade shit, but the good ones are making their own content. It's fun to see shows like Muse and other shows who take these things seriously.
    Nick R: I'm triggering vdmx from the lighting console only. The grandma lighting console is quite powerfull and can do everything you want.
    Daniel: Nice clips! ArtDMX works. It can be a bit slow some times and it's quite an effort to set it up for VDMX. But it does the job. I've also had a look into the pixelnode plugin from synthe-fx, but I've found it a bit tricky to set up. Haven't had the time to do enough research, been focused on adding more programming/video to the show on this tour. We never get production rehersals.
    I've heard rumours about mediaservers making a quartz integration, so I guess we're getting there. VDMX is a _great_ piece of software, but I have to have it next to me, I can't just put it under the stage and remote control everything from the desk.