Don’t Over-Interpret Apple: Cross-Platform Development Isn’t a Sin

Pictured: Looks native, but this app is built with a cross-platform library. And really, for music making – or great, immersive development, in general – does it matter? The iPad has inflamed plenty of passions online. On this site, I’ve gotten a little flak from iPad lovers and haters alike. It goes something like this: […]

AV Inspiration + Interview: CSTNG-SHDWS & Nonagon Live Promo

A beautifully assembled live promo for visualists CSTNG-SHDWS collaborating with Nonagon. CSTNG-SHDWS x Nonagon Live Video/Audio from Colin Sebestyen on Vimeo. I found this totally spellbinding, so I asked Colin Sebestyen of CSTNG-SHDWS for some more detail about the project, and he replied with some great information on preparing visuals, performing live with sound-makers, cutting […]

Jaymis Loveday - April 12, 2010

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