LiveControl for the iPad/iPod from ST8 on Vimeo.

It’s fun watching projects progress. Since we covered control of Ableton Live with the iPad – noting a few of the early wrinkles in the setup – we’ve gotten new reports as people work out more efficient systems. And incidentally, if you don’t own an iPad, or like handheld-sized control (especially if you prefer to reserve space for a full-sized tactile controller with actual physical controls), a lot of this works on iPhone / iPod touch, too.

I’m also curious to watch how people specify OSC messages for Live, as it could be possible to begin to evolve OSC messaging that works across platforms, to describe more generically the sorts of things people want to control and make a truly open protocol.

LiveControl (TouchOSC Edition) is an open-source, Python-based project for working with live control of Ableton Live. Yes, it’s a bit fiddly now, but I’d view this as something in development – it may be mostly hacker-friendly early on, but could be ready for a wider audience as it evolves. It’s already also very cool – check out those layout pages, even for the iPod touch. (It’s a fork of a monome project, which also looks quite nice.) And because it’s built in Python, it could be worth examining for other projects, too.

For an alternative approach to control, see the iPhone + Logic tutorial video after the break.

In other news, chipPad for iPad has gone live on iTunes. This one isn’t getting an iPhone/iPod version – the developer says it probably won’t fit. But this would be way up on my list if I owned an iPad, so do go and grab it and let us know what you think. What’s appealing to me here, too, is that rather than the iPad being just a remote control for a computer, chipPad really attacks the idea of what this form factor could do as a digital performance tool. And that’s very exciting to me – an idea I think could be explored not only on iPad, but on Android, Linux, and Windows touch devices coming out, too. Take a look at the developer site

chipPad for iPad (Live) from earsmack on Vimeo.

Lastly, here’s a different take on using the iPhone / iPad platform as a controller. Noe Ruiz saw the Ryan Noise video last week and it inspired him to do something that, for him, was easier – here using Apple’s Logic in place of Ableton Live. There’s other cool stuff on his site, including his own work on a DJ interface for the iPlatforms.

  • Mike

    tried it out and the the potential for this is mind blowing. still a bit buggy. i can't wait till they get it ironed out. the step sequencer when fixed will be the most amazing. i will go out and immediately buy an ipad when its fixed. it will be the most full featured controller for live. considering an ipad with livecontrol will be able to do things the the apc40 can't. that extra $100 for an ipad over an apc40 seems like a deal

  • Mudo

    I'm not really fan of touchscreens over haptic control but there is a feature missed in monome platform that will be cool rescue: RGB

    I will love if anybody could implement the Mu RGB feedback into maxforlive arduinome RGB compatible.

    More info:

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  • Greg

    Must. Bite. Tongue. iPhone . . . Monome . . . Ableton . . . Python . . . (wince)

  • I’ve just installed LiveControl and played with the clip launcher for a bit. So much fun, so much potential. Other favorites so far are chipPad, Looptastic HD, iElectribe and Synth! IPad and any button controller are a killer combo.

  • While I'm intrigued by the iPad as a live controller, I can't help but think that for performing musicians, a true touchscreen tablet computer will be more useful in the long run – one device instead of two, with all the i/o ports built-in.

    Of course, no one has come out with a killer tablet computer yet, but ironically the iPad should be the the trigger that makes it happen, soon. You can feel the rumblings already.

    So, props to Apple for moving the ball up the field – I will try to exercise patience, and resist the urge to grab this admittedly very shiny new toy.

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  • peelie

    anyone got livecontrol to work on a pc with ableton live 8.03 and touchosc 1.4.2?

    thx in advance!

  • In the 3rd video, right around 3:06, the host of the video says "tre-MEL-ow." Does anyone else say it like this? I have always said "TREM – el -ow" but now i'm wracked with doubt.

  • Zarbeat

    OMG this is a dream come true ๐Ÿ˜€ any help would be gladly apreciated!! im stuck on step 3 ๐Ÿ™ how do you instal the config file??(secction) live control
    Im working on win7 64 bit I spend hrs and hrs and all i see is this magnificent touch osc build on my iPad not sending anything out o ableton ๐Ÿ™ please help me!!

  • corn

    I too do not understand step 3, I am on a mac though. any help would be appreciated. I wanna try this out!

  • ST8

    @Zarbeat, corn
    The config file is livecontrol_to.txt in the zip file. You need to copy that to your home directory.
    * On Windows: c:documents and settingsyour user
    * On OSX: /User/your user/

    then edit both the local and remote ip addresses to match the ip of your ipod and computer.

    I'm in the process of making a program that automatically configures and installs the config file using bonjour. That'll hopefully simplify this process ๐Ÿ™‚

  • zarbeat

    You are a Genius!! for some reason it dint work on my desktop but it does on my laptop and thats what matters you are a genius I swear!! thank you so much Lemur must be hating you so much rigth about now dude!! fu** Mu/lemur this is amazing !!!!
    Thanks for all of your help ๐Ÿ˜€

  • vaikl

    I'm just staring at my ipod touch with LiveControl running out of the box like a Launchpad and thinking "YES! that's it!!":-)))

    ST8, do you plan to integrate a page or some objects for track control (start stop rew fw loop etc.)?? That would be the big kiss at the end of the movie;-)

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  • enrico

    hi there, I've tried it many times but the script in Live (8.1 at the moment) comes and goes randomly. The patch seems to work with and without OSCulator on, randomly. Sometimes I have to start everything with OSCulator in port 5000 then move it to a non-listening port for ableton to load properly. I followed the steps but don't seem to be able to get it consistent, anyone experiencing similar difficulties?? cheerz!

  • ST8

    You should not have Osculator running, it if binds to the port the script needs the script wont start.

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  • Szander

    What shall i do if LiveControl TO does not appear as an option on Control Surface/ MIDI Preferences (Ableton LIVE 8.2.1)??

  • nonome?

    Hi Peter what can you tell me about chipped I know you have an Ipad now, do you use chippad what are your likes and dislikes?

  • nonome?

    Hi Peter what can you tell me about chipped I know you have an Ipad now, do you use chippad what are your likes and dislikes?

  • nonome?

    Hi Peter what can you tell me about chipped I know you have an Ipad now, do you use chippad what are your likes and dislikes?