VISION from Drasko Vucevic on Vimeo.

Musician Drasko Vucevic of Barcelona and Toronto sends us this lovely bit of work. It’s a real tank of water, real oil, shot real-for-real – then manipulated to heck. What’s interesting to me is that the process for the sound design mirrors the process for the visuals: recordings of water were heavily manipulated digitally to produce sonic effects to match the visuals.

I never get tired of water. Of course, you may need it for all the coding you’ll be doing with what we show you on the site. I’m reminded of an O’Reilly Head First book that suggested that readers “irrigate their brains” before proceeding.

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming.

  • Lopez

    That is something.

  • I love oil/ink/water visualizations! Youtube has bunches of them, like this one:
    They've thrown soap bubbles into the mix.

  • Thanks guys – another version coming soon with 180 frames /sec and an ambient piano piece.

  • great stuff…what you shooting on?
    heres some more…

  • Beebles

    Anyone know where to learn about creating these lovely water/fluid effects in a tank?   I gave it a try last year, with horrible results.

    Of course if you know any advanced methods (thinking the secret chemical/bacterial mixing methods used in the 2006 Film "The Fountain") please share!

    "Visuals effects" @

  • Beebles

    Wow… it didn't take long to find an answer:

    "Into water they sprinkle yeast, dyes, solvents, and baby oil, along with other ingredients they decline to divulge. The secret of Parks' technique is an odd law of fluid dynamics: The less fluid you have, the more it behaves like a solid. The upshot is that Parks can make a dash of curry powder cascading toward the lens look like an onslaught of flaming meteorites."

    I could still use a beginners guide tho – anyone?

  • I would love to see the beginners guide!

  • deb

    Really gorgeous.  In the same vein, I recently ran across this incredible Montreal based artist who probably many of you will be familiar with.  Mind blowing:

  • Thanks guys – glad you dig it. Starting another great collaboration these days that will be a full music vid. Hope to update you here once again!

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