Since I’m in a vacation state of mind this week, here’s a diversion – though one, potentially, with deeper spiritual revelations. You’ve seen saviors in toast, but have you seen software in sausage?

Michael Schieben writes:
“It just was there!”

Production tools are a part of life, for better or for wurst.

Disclaimers: No promotional fee was provided for the spontaneous appearance of this sausage logo. All trademarks and meat products belong to their respective owners. Arrangements of sausage do not qualify as an endorsement. This cooking pan is solely responsible for its content.

Fill disclosure: this author has been known to enjoy delicious German cooking.

  • Yeah but does Ableton crackle with pure fatness?

  • "Production tools are a part of life, for better or for wurst." – Pun of the year!

  • lematt

    hope ableton will squash out all the bugs sitting inside their bloody software !

    that's all.

  • "Yeah but does Ableton crackle with pure fatness?"

    Ohh it can crackle & pop. A direct result of it's fatness. =)

  • wow.

  • Guy

    Dude should have chosen "Logic and Apple" or "Spicey Protools" sausages, everybody knows their superior grilling and frying performance results in a better flavour……

  • henrik

    and if you look up at the berlin sky, you might see some fluffy clouds passing by…

  • Hah. Silly me saw the headline and thought: "Hallelujah! They open sourced Live?"

  • My bacon made a Reason logo once, but I forgot to take a picture. Once when I was a kid I ate a bowl of Fruity Loops. Mom called "FL Cereal…"

  • Damon

    I think it is a hoax.

  • Subconscious can be very powerful, in particular regarding things one loves! I guess it's fine unless you find yourself patching together toasts using chips.

  • TechLo

    A nice chuckle with my chicory coffee, thanks, Peter.

  • apalomba

    delicious German cooking? Whats that?

  • apalomba

    Also, are we really that lacking in audio news that we have to post this?

  • Dano

    My god that's funny. 🙂

  • miSmiS

    @apalomba (re food): If you had ever been to Bavaria, you'd know by now. 🙂

  • sb

    pshhh, that's totally photoshopped.

  • cantaloop

    "Thüringer mit Sauerkraut"


  • suspicious minds

    maybe ableton is paying him.

  • I love Nürnberger Rostbratwürstl!

  • hmph!!
    as if people weren't eating enough ableton sausage already!!! (ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i took it there)

  • Tom

    This review pans it.

  • I would have pan-fried them left to right…

  • aje


    Enjoy the vacation Peter 🙂 and when you return do check out this week's Big news story:

    Look forward to your thoughts on that 🙂

  • Are you going to make a pilgrimage, Peter?

  • Dave

    haha 🙂

  • PanDoor

    The Ableton logos has seven vertical lines, not six. As in 7-4 for Cycling 74. Did you eat one of the sausages?