Autechre are back, following up a set of live dates and March full length release with yet another full-length on Warp and more dates, this time beginning at the end of August in Perth, Australia and heading off to Slovakia, Poland, Japan, and Greece.

Best to let you hear the new full-length track, available for streaming via SoundCloud. (Not embeddable; only on their site, though note that there’s actually a little SoundCloud security hole when you expose a private link in that way – a topic for another day.)

I think I may be more eager to hear this one than the March release. Stay tuned.

Does anyone else notice the graphic similarity between Warp’s cover for “Move of Ten” and Flying Lotus’ Fieldlines? You could almost see the one image fitting inside the other. Indeed, let’s try that:

Mystical secret coded message from the folks at Warp?

For more free music, is starting a SONAR free MP3 promo series.

  • Thanks for the link to the music. I'm finding that I like this more than a lot of Autechre's work from the 00s. Looking forward to the rest!

  • Polite

    Damn. I can't hit up soundcloud at work. Seeing them tomorrow night in Perth. Very excited!

  • Morgan

    Saw them in Dublin last month. Hands down the best gig I've seen them play. I envy you lucky bastard Australians! Heads, up though, it's absolutely nothing like their last release (which was still lushushly awesome, don't understand the lack of enthusiasm).
    Great to see my favourite band mentioned on my favourite blog again 🙂

  • boonier

    Its a bit dull if I'm honest


  • JohnG

    Funny, I thought the Dublin gig was one of the worst gigs I've ever seen, ended up leaving early. I quite like their last release though and this track is interesting, shame that their live set was a million miles away from this.

  • Sam_K

    Ummm… Wow.. I guess I live in a totally different musical reality to you guys.

    That's about the politest thing I can say about that.

  • boonier

    "Its a bit dull if I’m honest" <- got a headache this morning, didn't mean that to sound flippant 🙂

    That's not to say that i dislike Autechre's last efforts in the past at all, some is spectacularly brilliant when it comes together. i just don't think everything they do should be lapped up, as if its prescribed or something.

    I too have walked out of their gigs…i think i wanted to dance and wasn't in the mood for something that angular.

  • I'm with Sam_K…I loved it! And seeing them at Bloc this year was amazing, couldn't get enough of it.

  • Will the help us to hear the free mp3 SONAR promo music?Can I believe this?

  • Jeffrey

    So I guess they are a bit shy about letting their American audience see them in person. -10 for them.

  • I thought at Bloc they were amazing too. they've taken it to another level. in the pitch black with insanely non repeating beats it was an exeprience in itself, and they made the room their own.
    as for how listenable their music is i'd have to say it is the electronica(l?) equivalent of free jazz. unlistenable nonsense? freeform wickedness? depends on context innit.

  • Thanks for the post peter will need to check these tracks out… Oversteps is a great release in my opinion – the thing I love about these guys is how different each album is from the last – constantly exploring new sounds and structures… will be seeing them for the first time in Sydney tomorrow night – totally amped!

    @ Jeffrey – until this latest tour ae hasn't been to our end of the globe in fifteen years..

  • I truly believe no one under 50 years of age has any idea what is 'mystical'. I'm goin' back to bed, K, Thnx, g'bye . . . skyron

  • I didnt like oversteps all that much… 3 or 4 tracks I'll hold on to but the rest, meh. Like the direction I'm hearing for this record. Bring teh bass.

  • Wisefire

    you can actually just download the 128kbs mp3 file used in the soundcloud flashplayer.. so what security hole? playing media through the internet itself is a security risk for the copyright holder.

    luckily most people dont know how internet really works anymore, they just use it..

    on the track itself, its nice.. some 303like chirps.. its chill to listen to while doing other stuff..

    on the subject of awesome concerts, Aphex twin, square pusher, venetian snares and tim exile in one night at the same venue.. STRP festival in Eindhoven, holland.. most awesome night EVAR!!

  • Zavosh

    Flew from LA to Brisbane, planned to spend Saturday in Sydney, but after seeing this article I changed my flight to stay here all night to catch them live. Better be epic 🙂

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