In case you haven’t seen already, Propellerhead is slowly doling out new feature information on its website for Record 1.5 and Reason 5. So far, they’ve announced pitch correction and vocal synthesis in Record (because we really don’t have enough AutoTune-style vocals in the world, apparently), multiple loop support in REX, and new block-style arrangement (a bit reminiscent of Cubase’s implementation to me).

It’s all good stuff, and I look forward to seeing what the final announcement is later today. I’m still hoping that Record gets ReWire host mode, because I can think of some users who would love to drop tools like Ableton Live into Record for final mixing and mastering. (Flying Lotus, Steve, I bet you agree with me!) Update: Nope. It’s not a deal-breaker; you can just import audio, which is okay, given that mixing and mastering generally happens last. Of course, I still think it’s a good idea.

But the big news so far is that sampling has come to Reason. What a lot of Reason users I talked to said following the Record release was that they had no desire for a big, SSL-style console, but thought a lightweight sample input was what Reason had lacked all this time. Sure enough, that’s exactly what you get in this release, as seen at top. It makes perfect sense for the Reason workflow, and the implementation appears to be fairly easy to use, complete with a sample editor. Yes, I know – what many of you would like to know is likely why it took four releases to get here. But for Reason die-hards, it could be well worth the wait.

With sampling and the Blocks feature both in Reason, you also aren’t forced to by Record just to get audio input or arrangement.

Sampling in Reason 5

Our own Matt Ganucheau is currently in Sweden at Props headquarters; I’ve scheduled the announcement for 9am NYC time / 3pm Berlin and Stockholm time / 1pm Greenwich Mean Time… you know. Some time today.

Full CDM upgrade story, to go live later today

The launch video doesn’t tell you much, unless you’ve been so caught in Reason world that you didn’t realize mics can be used to record things. It does, however, give us a picture of what the world’s strangest, audio geek mod of Unreal Tournament would look like. (Duke Fieldrecordem 3D, anyone? We could totally have a CDM clan.)

And yes, it is absolutely fair for Propellerhead to point out that too many “samples” don’t allow live input. It’s a crime. It’s not a sampler if it only plays things back and doesn’t record. This sort of thing is the cure. Input is a good thing.

  • die hard

    fair enough to have u write a review after 4 days of updates! about time! i loled at duke fieldrecordem 3d hahahaha

  • This isn't Create Propellerhead Music, so five days of updates didn't make sense. Made sense on the Props site, but here, I'd hope to have a different angle – otherwise no reason to read CDM. And now I know the big picture. The rest is under embargo but appearing shortly

  • Damon

    Sampling! I like the way Propllerhead knows not to over complicate an idea. Every time I am certain Reason is missing something I want, I feel relieved that it does not do more than I need. I think it is a special kind of maturity that can know exactly where to set the boundary for a product. Utterly consistent.

  • Dave

    I welcome all the updates and additions, yet part of me feels this is to little to late…

    I've been using Reason since v1, and got to the point where the lack of audio features was limiting my workflow. Several of my friends and I progressed onto other apps (Reaper, Live and Cubase) precisley because Reason lacked audio.

    Reason is powerful and crucially, fun to use. I'm glad I can take another look at it since leaving it after the release of v4.

    What bothers me more is Propellerheads don't seem to have an ability to listen to what their customers want. why are they taking so long to implement features that people have been asking for since v1?

    Hopefully they'll get around to releasing recycle 3 before 2015, and better yet, open up the Rex format so other developers can make better slicing apps than Recycle.


    Ps, I am actually excited about using R5, but I do feel let down that it took so long to get the features people have been asking for…!

  • rhowaldt

    #correction: 'With sampling and the Blocks feature both in Reason, you also aren’t forced to BUY Record just to get audio input or arrangement.'

  • Duke Fieldrecordem 3D lol

    "Come get sound!"

  • rhowaldt

    that Dr Octo Rex looks fucking magnificent, i can't wait for that thing!

  • KNSS

    Saying the world does not need another autotune style device is like saying the world does not need another delay, eq, reverd etc. Its does not make one bit of sense. Also people who used Record was screaming for a device like this. Now they have one. So Props listened and delivered.

    Don't forget it is more than just a pitch correction device as well. Why people seem to hate this company so much baffles me. I see others release bug infested garbage software and they are touted as innovative and cutting edge give me a damn break.

    I respect them for walking their own path delivering useful products and not giving a damn what the world thinks.

  • aje

    I agree with KNSS. "Neptune" will be awesome in all sorts of contexts, and it's Auto-Tune style pitch correction is only one of the three big things it does. More importantly, we can route any audio into it to do all kinds of sample mangling stuff.

    No single unit in the Reason rack can be considered just on its own merits, as these are *building blocks* and the creative user will do far far more than the basic funtionality.

    This is even more true of the final announcement coming in an hour or so from when I write (most readers have probably seen it by time of reading)… a huge addition that can be used for all sorts of stuff way beyond its basic remit.

    Great update 🙂

  • KNSS the reason people "hate" propellerheads is becoase they do thier own thing. specificly no VST and AU integration which annoys the hell out of people, particularly those who code VSTs and those who have use specific plug-ins.

    people who just want to get-on with the business of making music, tend to love pheads products.

  • Propellerheads must be gonna get bought by Apple or something, 'cause they're so alike. At least they seem to inspire people along the love/hate fault the way that Apple does.

    They made their userbase wait like 10 years for the ability to record their own samples … and the crowd goes wild.

    Dunno about Record, but Reason is pretty awesome, I must admit. Also ReBirth was and remains the absolute bomb, so much respect to propheads forever on that one … But still … LOLs are in order.

  • I'm happy about the sampling and it looks like it will be nicely implemented. But your quote "And yes, it is absolutely fair for Propellerhead to point out that too many “samples” don’t allow live input. It’s a crime. It’s not a sampler if it only plays things back and doesn’t record. This sort of thing is the cure. Input is a good thing." is odd to me, when that's what I've been doing with Live's Simpler and Sampler for years. It seems they're only talking about their own samplers. Isn't that a straw man? (Or is Kontakt guilty as well?)

    Also, I totally agree with Dave above. I used to love Rex, but using Recycle (with Rosetta on a Mac. Welcome to 2006.) is kinda ridiculous when Live allows such simple slicing and playing via drum racks. If OctaRex allowed me to load my sample, move some sliders, and play my file, I'd marry it.

  • Nice! Thanks for video.

  • Brian: I agree with you. Reason could have had a "real sampler" from the first time, but they didn't do it. That wasn't fair… I mean… (until the version five) NN-19, isn't a sampler and NN-XT, either… If you (Propellerheads) call it a real one, it's your fault, don't try to blame others.

    Dave: You are right… I mean: Why not offer ReCycle inside Reason… The other "DAWs" offer similar things in the same pack… Are Propellerheads so special that they could not do the same?

    VST support in Reason is a lost cause. Unless they keep an secret As.

    PD: Don't get me wrong. Reason was one of the reasons who make fell in love with computer musical productions…

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  • benny

    cool strong

  • flunki

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