Tim Exile, talented musician, Reaktor guru, and mad genius of interactive live performance, has started a video blog. It’s tough to describe what’s covered in the video, other than to say Tim is starting more or less an open house in his brain, which can only lead to good things. He talks live, music making, and his current plans, including a tasty-sounding open studio series in London. And through the whole thing, he has a Lite-Brite-style visualization he programmed in Reaktor, well beyond what I’ve ever been able to make Reaktor do.

It’s clearly more Tim talking directly to fans than a properly-formatted video blog, but it is starting a conversation, meaning if there’s something you’d like to see Tim do with the medium of video, now’s the time to tell him.

“Interactive music … well, well, well…”

  • First! hehe. Thanks Peter for blogging this. Yep this first one is the litmus test.

    Please feel free to make any suggestions and ask questions. The blog isn't going to be a tech blog, more of a place to share what I'm thinking about and get feedback on ideas about how you want to join in.

    At the moment I'm on iMovie with an SD camera. I'm gonna move up to Final Cut Express and get a couple of HD cameras. The new studio space, when I find one, will be kitted out with cameras, lights and streaming capabilities too. Bring it on!

  • Mudo

    Scramblez Hackz!

    I'm waiting release over a year!

    Google has labeled the web as a attack (phising or similar) but it is not true… maybe a copyright issue?

  • zeekay

    Impressive visuals/sounds, looking forward to more from him!

  • jamie

    when you move back to the UK will you be called Time Imxile !! ( sorry … no opposite of exile) 😉
    interesting vid. Looking forward to your new ideas becoming reality. What ever that is. Would like to be involved in your workshops. Sounds like fun.

  • Sounds great! Looking forward to see more interactive elements and video incorporated in music.

    I've done a project where midi commands from our controllers would control vvvv output. I.e a reverb would difuse the graphics, a reverse, reverse the graphics, etc.
    Ableton has some nice video options (out of the box and with VVVV and jitter etc), but reaktor controlling visuals would be lovely.

    Let's hope KSP scripting helps me a little to understand Reaktor since I am a complete Reaktor n00b.

  • Birds Use Stars

    No matter what else you do Tim, PLEASE work on your "umms" and "ahs".

    make a Reaktor patch that gives you a shock every time if you have to.

  • Dre

    Awesome Tim! I'll be sure to bug ya with some questions and what not. Hope ta see ya in LA again soon.

  • hollsa

    tim, wish you were on the latest leg of the tour with immi coming into portland, oregon in june. looking forward to seeing you live one of these days. don't worry about your umms and ahhs, it's much better than being over scripted. 🙂

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  • Tim, you still amaze me. I love your Reaktor patches so much. Keep the vids coming 🙂

  • Birds Use Stars

    @hollsa I hope I didn't sound douchey. It's not a script thing, just a little bit of good practice for public speaking thats all!

  • dysocode

    Nice move Tim!

    it´s good to get the "interactive production/listening"-thing to a bigger audience.

    DAW was yesterday 😉

  • Kick ass Tim. Thanks, and keep em coming.

  • s ford

    if you're reading this tim, london sucks. well, it's not that bad but it's now £1.20 per journey on the bus with an oyster card. a disgraceful 20p increase! but, there is a wonderful selection of pie and mash shops and truly excellent places to get a biriani. so maybe london doesn't suck that much.

    however tim, there will be cricket this summer. if ever there was a motive for moving to back to london, let the county championship be the attraction. berlin despite it's awesomeness has no county cricket.

    anyway, good luck with the next album and the move. i will bring along a bass guitar and some streaky bacon to a workshop if i am able to do so….

  • funny haha

    Tim Repatriate!

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  • hollsa

    hey birds use stars, no worries, it's all ummm good ummm. yo. lol be well.

  • This will new trend. World is very day needed new things. That's the improvement of human and all things.

  • Hearing more and more about London and Music Making…. Is Madonna at work here?

  • Good to see a progressive video on music making,,, thanks

  • Live visuals with Tim Exile tunes built in max msp jitter – you've never seen anything like it!


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  • Well-known blog, by means of lover that wrote so often. The main factor that writes to-date knowledge 🙂