Ableton & Serato @ NAMM 2010 – The Bridge from Neil Bufkin on Vimeo.

Serato’s The Bridge, as covered by Neil Bufkin in video for CDM above, is entering a beta phase. This is an invite-only beta, not a public beta, and it hasn’t launched yet, but you can register your interest. The Bridge met a decidedly mixed reaction here on CDM – the unique approach to coupling these programs isn’t for everyone – but I still expect it’ll be a big release, particularly for devoted fans of Serato.

This will coincide with a new beta for Ableton Live.

I’m of course obligated to pass that along, as part of my ongoing campaign to ruin DJing.(*)

Serato would like to invite you to register your interest in becoming a beta tester for The Bridge.

This does not mean the The Bridge is in an Invite or Public beta phase, so please do not ask where you can get it!

Beta testing is an essential and highly important part of the software development process and your help will ensure reliable performance upon final release.

When we do officially invite interested DJ’s and Producers to beta test The Bridge, you will need:

Serato Scratch Live with supported Rane hardware
A forum account
An account with a copy of Ableton Live 8 registered to it.

Thanks, Mutis Mayfield, for the tip!

(*) Anonymous commenter on wire to the ear: “Blogger nerds are killing the coolness of DJing. I blame Create Digital Music and Richie Hawtin! I also blame Andre Agassi!”

  • Not it all Peter!

    if you want add some interesting info to the entry…

    Check these pics and use them freely (I hope Serato and Ableton doesn't go crazy…)

    The Remote Python Scripts for the Bridge

    What success if you delete the _ before _serato

    …and select it from the list

    Also seems appear MME midi delay compensation in midi surfaces from Serato but I couldn't make a pic caused by I don't have serato.

    Thanks to Hanz Petrov, s4racen and HeadrickProductions for stimulate talk at Ableton forum…


  • Mutis Mayfield at Facebook ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Corey

    The whole idea of Serato to Ableton sounds like it's cheating.

    People don't have to even try to make good mixtapes anymore ๐Ÿ™

  • olly

    in response to corey. where do you draw the line at cheating with electronic music? you could say using a drum machine is cheating because you're not playing the drums live, or recording a guitar then editing the wav is cheating. its not cheating just using tools

  • I've heard perfectly mixed mixes that are incredibly dull, have no soul or passion, it doesn't matter how you bring it together if the vibe is right….

    Using turntables is cheating compared to mixing together two reel to reel recorders!


  • DJing is ruining DJing.

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