Prince: The Internet is Over; Digital Music Just Fills Your Head with Numbers

I hope you liked music while it lasted, because me and a bunch of nerds are about to replace it with … this. Photo (CC-BY) João Trindade Music celebrities have given CDM words to live by over the years — strange, yet strangely profound, reflections on the evils of modern technology. Sure, they’re trying to […]

After 100 Records, A Bento Box, July Events Full of Ghostly International

Hardly a day goes by, it seems, that someone isn’t talking about the death of the album, replaced by singles. When they say “album,” however, they tend to mean “pop album,” using as their primary metric sales of the very top end of the spectrum. In electronic music, the album has never been about sales. […]

Extraordinary Timelapse Skies, Now on an Affordable Canon SLR

Moving over the face of the Earth Timelapse from Laww Media on Vimeo. Greetings, planet Earth. Remember when exquisite timelapse photography was the exclusive domain of expensive cameras, bottled up and sold by the likes of the BBC Motion Graphics library? Now a Canon SLR camera well within the reach of mortals is more than […]

Thought and Performance, Live Coding Music, Explained to Anyone – Really

Algorithms are Thoughts, Chainsaws are Tools from Stephen Ramsay on Vimeo. In an extended video that begins with Radio City’s Rockettes and kettle drum players, Stephen Ramsay explains a litany of technology’s most elusive topics, in terms anyone could understand — no, really. I dare you to ask anyone to watch a few clips of […]