Ableton Live rocks

Inside an Ableton instrument sample. Photo (CC-BY) Cliff Beckwith.

Live’s Instruments can be a terrific way to explore Ableton Live – rather than simply giving you black-box preset sounds, these include custom racks that can be customized, disassembled, and warped to your own applications. I’m a fan of the work of some of the folks doing the programming, too, like the talented Puremagnetik folks; rather than just generic productions, you get a lot of the sort of oddball stuff that we love.

Live users may already know this via Ableton’s mailing list, but in case it got into your “marketing from companies” filter, Ableton is offering up a huge compilation of their partner instruments as one giant, 2.9GB Live Pack (1.2GB download, compressed):
Free Live Pack: Partner Instrument Compilation
You get 58 instrument racks, 16 drum racks, 5 live sets, and 80 clips.

Add this to the ten Live sets, focused on artist-specific production and performance, made in conjunction with the Minus label, which I’ve covered previously:
Free Stuff for Ableton Live: FM Drum Machine in M4L, Minus Artists’ Live Sets
…and don’t forget the tasty monome Max for Live content we saw last week.

Updated – still more free content: PakBytes are free sampler sets from Puremagnetik’s larger collections, with samples of Casio Phase Distortion and VL-Tone and SK-1 gear, modular analog drums and Buchla samples, Atari 2600 sounds, KORG Wavestation, and more:

It’s a good way to spark some production ideas – if not for you, worth passing along to friends you know exploring Live. For those investing in an upgrade or new copy of Live, there’s also a deal on that bundles a free partner instrument.

  • tyler

    will this work with ableton live lite?

  • thanks for the kind words. we also started making 'PakBytes' which are new free samplings from MicroPaks –

  • Most of these require Ableton Live 8, Suite 8, or Intro, version 8.1.3 or higher

  • Right, correct, I think you can use Lite (minus editing) but need version 8.

  • Josh

    Thanks for the tip Peter.

  • Another free Live Pack with Drum Kits:

  • aje

    As a Live 7 Suite owner I regard all this stuff as an enticement to upgrade to 8, but like several other people I am nervous to do so given the large number of users getting BSOD crashes with 8, and given Ableton themselves have admitted it is not up to scratch.

    I realise they rely on money from upgraders and need us to go for 8 anyway, and I really do want the new features in 8… but it seems like a difficult dilema to take that risk, however many enticements are offered…

  • Blob

    I own Live Suite 7 and 8 and work with Macintosh. I can tell you that even on the (generally) more stable OSX system, I've had a couple of crashes with 8. These Live 8 free packs are great stuff (trying them out at the moment) but personally I don't think you should sacrifice your setup's stability just to get them.

    Live 7 is still an amazing piece of software with evertyhing you need for live electronics, so I would stick to it and keep test driving the Live 8 demos before you upgrade (in my case, I decided to make the switch only when 8.11 came out).

  • I have to admit, I've also encountered some stability issues with Live 8, pushing it pretty hard. On the other hand, I've had some issues with drum rack performance since Live 7, so I don't think it's fair to blame every problem on 8.

    "BSOD," though? That sounds extreme. The complaints I've seen (and those I can confirm) have all been application crashes, not kernel-level crashes.

  • dan

    FWIW, there are a lot of us (including me) who are totally stable on Live 8.0.x. It's only the 8.1.x releases (which marked the inclusion of Max4Live) that have caused all the problems.

  • recycledcity

    For those mentioning Live 8 crashes, has this been when you were running m4l? I've had a couple crashes otherwise, but m4l seems to be the number one culprit for my crashes.

  • Alex

    Doesn’t Work with my Live 8.0.3

  • Alex

    Doesn’t Work with my Live 8.0.3

  • Alex

    Doesn’t Work with my Live 8.0.3