four tet

Four Tet playing live. Photo (CC-BY-ND) Jonathan Fisher.

Jon Hopkins – Vessel (Four Tet remix) by Four Tet

Angel Echoes (Jon Hopkins remix) by Four Tet

London-based Four Tet, aka Kieran Hebden, is a genre all his own, a maestro of electronic sounds and a superstar on Domino. He’s…

Actually, you know what? I can’t really add a whole lot of intelligent commentary to this treasure trove of tracks Four Tet has added to SoundCloud. It’s time best spent listening, which puts me in a happy, wordless state. (And, I might add, reminds me to work on my chops. See if it has the same effect on you?)

Any question as to whether free tracks on places like SoundCloud will dampen demand for purchasing music ought to be easily put to rest; to me, they only whet my appetite for more. (In fact, where are even paid links to higher-quality downloads? Only a couple of mixes are available. I’d gladly pony up for this whole set.) Here, Four Tet remixes Jon Hopkins – another English virtuoso of rich, digital sounds – and Hopkins remixes Four Tet, and Caribou and Mosca remix Four Tet, and Four Tet plays live here in New York at Le Poisson Rouge. Premium-quality productions, all.

Angel Echoes (Caribou remix) by Four Tet

Sing (Mosca remix) by Four Tet

Live at LPR NYC 17th Feb 2010 by Four Tet

Essential mix (January 2010) by Four Tet

Angel Echoes (BBC session) by Four Tet

Much Love To The Plastic People (DJ mix December 2009) by Four Tet

  • THanks Peter for posting!

  • dstroud

    Halfway through the first track and I would pay for an album of this in a heartbeat…

  • shim

    yup this is pretty tight. although, as someone that has paid good $ for all keiran's albums i'm disappointed that the 2 best tracks here are NOT free. c'mon bro, you can link to better quality DL's.


  • In fairness, I know that sometimes artists release stuff on SoundCloud that they can't clear for sale, etc. (Not that SoundCloud would be happy about that, necessarily!) I have no idea what the case is here. But yes — I'd love these tracks, too. 😉

  • lalaland

    saw him @melt! with visualz from pfadfinderei. totally blew me away!!!

  • Not to toot myself here, but i have a free album on soundcloud that is very similar with a mixture of styles, composed / produced live kinda thing. search for "attack of the sustained decay" i tried getting it posted here but i dont belong to a "scene"….

  • Nice words !
    Maybe a little article on Four Tet's live techniques would be really cool ! His live set is quite particular + inspiring !
    Saw him live in France 3 years ago, one of the best electronic live performances i've ever been to, actually !

  • António Duart

    A candid and pretty damn inspirational glimpse into Kieran Hebden's DIY techniques circa-'Rounds'is right here:

    His last album sounds more Ableton Live-ish to me, though.