MixEmergency is a little-known Mac visual app, but it’s got a passionate following. (How do I know? I get excited shouts from them every now and then.) With so many options for live visuals, what would inspire such enthusiasm? Simple: MixEmergency, in addition to some powerful features, can integrate with real-time scratch moves from Serato Scratch Live. Serato is not officially associated with MixEmergency, and yet the app does a number of things Serato’s own VIDEO-SL app does not, without the burden of requiring specialized hardware.

Inklen has posted new features in videos for 1.5 (bottom) and 1.4 (top). Recent updates have brought faster video export, lots of plug-in enhancements including album art (ideal for your record label’s next party when the VJ calls in sick), and extensive Quartz Composer effect and transition support. I’m not quite sure this would steal anyone away from VDMX or Resolume just yet, but the interface is nicely streamlined, and for people looking to add visuals to a Serato audio DJ rig, this looks utterly terrific.

Since I’m not the target audience and haven’t used it, I’d love to hear more from some of those enthusiastic users. Why did you select this tool, and how do you use it — and got any reels of your work to share? Let us know.


Oh yeah, and if you’re tired of carrying turntables around, you can replace them with the iPad via Tonetable.

  • I'm an avid Video DJ and I highly recommend Mix Emergency(ME)… I've actually created my first MIX DVD using it.. the recording features and functionality is perfect for what I do, especially the ability to record all the transitions and scratches…I also like the export options as I can export to Final Cut Pro without rendering it….. On top of that, the growing list of transitions and plugins makes this app superior to the stock VSL… Also every feature is MIDI mappable and I use a korg nanokontrol to control all my functions..

    heres a quick video mix i made using ME 1.5:

    another big part for me is that I use a macbook pro 13" and it runs very smooth… alot of video DJ's use either the 15" or higher but i chose the latter and went with portability..and was still able to mix video and record… it doesn't choke at all and it doesn't tax out my CPU or GPU…this is a big plus!!

    I do a weekly online radio show (www.LMPRADIO.com) using ME and its great!..I'm able to stream my video mix!!

    another great thing about ME is the customer support and feedback… the ME developers are always helpful on answering most if not all my questions regarding the software… as well as takin constructive criticism… they are big on features and take all types of user feedback and put it to good use…

    +100 and highly recommend ME to any Video DJ running serato VSL…

  • Mix Emergency should be the standard for any serato dj/vj playing music videos. it has the best real time effects, transitions, & options compared to vsl. also, almost every week a new FREE effect or transition plug in available for download!!! i fully support the team @ Inklen's Mix Emergency

    here are some quick clips using mix emergency:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgCt-jFLqUg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U1tJyJdD6s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLdaflY7OKg

  • I would love to see Mix Emergency plug into Traktor.

  • Kevin Hackett

    If all video DJs use the same family guy clips then this idea is doomed. Both djs above use the exact same into, and I've seen 2 other well known so called video DJs use the same one as well. Do all you guys use the same presets or what? You guys are going to have to do better than that. Not very impressive.