monome 128 is arrived at my home!

A close view of the monome 128, (CC-BY) bm.iphone

monome user Myr (aka James Waterworth | site | soundcloud) has worked on a set of tools that helps make working with Max for Live in Ableton Live easier, more capable, and friendlier with the monome and other gear. It includes a variety of tools and a way of centralizing control of all your creations. It’s a must-have for Ableton and Max for Live users, of course. But it also suggests some ideas about how to combine tools and control in other environments.

The M4L control collection includes a Control Hub which finds all the patches you’re using in a set and sends and receives values all in one place – a bit like a mixer/patch bay for Max. An M4L Device Control patch lets you dynamically assign control of Max patches to any hardware you like. (This feature has been available for certain supported Ableton devices, but here is applied to Max patches and any hardware.)

The plans for the future are ambitious, extending from the monome and MIDI hardware mapping to control and mapping from any MIDI, OSC, or HID device. There are new patch ideas, too, including clip launchers and choppers, and just by centralizing control, it’s possible to make devices that use Live itself as the sound engine.

See the monome forums for download and more discussion:
M4L Control – A collection of M4L apps []
(Thanks, Mutis Mayfield!)

You can also compare this to the Renoise API now in public beta; I’m interested to see how these two approaches evolve, diverge, and overlap.

Speaking of the monome, you can soon look forward to a new album from King Britt, released on the new Saturn Never Sleeps Ambient series, and made entirely with a monome, the legendary MLR patch, and Max for Live. (King writes to say that he’s had a blast with this stuff – it sounds as though the monome has become a key studio tool for him.) Here’s a teaser film, re-edited from John Cassavetes’ original.

  • Very Cool!

  • Thanks to you again Peter for take in consideration my links…

    I just dropped this out a few seconds ago:


    Mutis strikes back!

  • i'm curious if the monome 64 patch ( step) is capable with these tools using an ohm64.

    if anything it would be a firmware thing, but shows how much i know.

    what you know about this pete?

    i mean, you were a major proponent in my decision to go ohm64! since, i've been having the most fun making music like, everrrr!!!



  • to be honest, i'm a bit fed up with this loopy wallpaperish music made with monome. not that it's not good altogether, but to me there's nothing refreshing or intriguing. i think it's far more fun for the performer than for the listener

  • amundsen

    Call again when it can record and edit OSC messages…

  • @(noou): I very much agree with you. I just don't get the hype around the monome. To me it's just a button MIDI controller with visual feedbak. I own a Launchpad (same thing) and think its great, but it's still a button controller. Can't understand why these gadgets are to be considered as musical instruments on it's own. Or worse: music made using them to be considered "monome music", as it had some kind of extra special musical value. People have been using button controllers for long time and making Max patches for them too. Just that they were button+knobs controllers.. (Evolution, Behringer, etc, and the underrated QWERTY keyboard). Performing with a monome or similar is something nice to watch, but it is starting to be a commonplace, the same way knob controllers turned out to be before.

  • aidan

    haterz gonna hate!

  • i use native kontrol for an ohm64 and what its opened up my eyes to a new way of approaching music and a controller as an instrument.

    google it.

  • How can I be a hater when I own a Launchpad? I think monome's are great, just I don't see the point to overrate them.

  • @cooptrol
    i'd have to agree with you a bit…
    the button controller has definitely been around..
    but the grid controller is on a explosion right now!
    commonplace? maybe not fully…(alot of folks ive seen recently have used tradition gear as well) but it is defining the playability and attention of electronic music…atm
    now, to claim the launchpad and monome are the same, is a misstatement.
    i own both… the launchpad is not the same…
    but beyond quality and business practice…
    the monome has hype..
    its got an amazing, all encompassing, supportive user base…
    creating and sharing…
    the monome is a movement, a getting together (cyber and physical)…
    now, i wouldn't consider the monome an instrument by itself… it is just buttons
    but being that it is so open and configurable,
    it becomes an instrument in its own right… by how all the rad folks use it…!
    so i think the music made with them has a gravity to it…
    having heard most all of the "monome music"
    myself, i'd say the music is just as diverse as "non monome music"
    it's just typically got the backing of the community
    which just keeps growing…
    and either which way….
    you dont see people getting fed up with hammers… because alot of people use them..
    its just tools… in the same build

  • 3ohMy

    @cooptol & @noou: I'm in agreement. Enough with the Monome hype. Yes, it's cool looking and minimal, yes it's well-built, yes yes yes, but it's not "better" at doing something you can do with an Ohm64, APC40, Launchpad or any number of hand-made MIDI controllers.

    @edison, it's not that we're getting "fed up with hammers"…just that we're tired of hearing that the most expensive hammer is the one you should want. Cause it's cool looking and there are great people working on making the hammers…

    I have yet to hear music coming from a monome user that blows me away.

    Sorry, not being a hater. Just voicing my opinion.

  • @3oh
    missing the point hoss…
    aint no one telling you what to do…
    there are hundreds of revered companies on the planet… because they are the best at what they do…
    you don't have to agree…
    and i'm pretty shure peter has NEVER said "you have to own a monome"
    he's just getting the scoop, off a popular topic