As they did with their previous Kontrol X1, Native Instruments is using a live appearance to tease new hardware before they make details public. (And believe me, I asked for more detail – this is all we’ve got.) In contrast to the diminutive Kontrol X1, though, this is a fully-integrated controller capable of providing tangible access to everything in Traktor. As is clearly visible in the video, that includes not only mixing and effects (and presumably looping and browsing) controls, but also two impressive-looking virtual turntable platters (jog wheels) – something that could perhaps finally threaten devices like the Pioneer CDJ.

This time, it’s Dubfire at Ibiza’s Space Lounge. (That’s right; you don’t have to be in Germany to see NI hardware early after all.)

Clarification – quadruple your enjoyment: There are two jog wheels, so two “decks” in the sense of platters you can control physically at once. There indeed appear to be mix controls for up to four decks, which makes perfect sense for Traktor’s up-to-four-deck controls. We’ll get official details from NI once they start talking. Thanks to readers for the feedback (and I can see that four decks matters to someone, at least here among CDM readers).

DJs have some choices when it comes to controller hardware for Traktor; NI themselves have pushed compatibility with a variety of hardware, and we’ve recently covered boutique options from Faderfox and Livid, to name just a couple of examples. But if NI has nailed the jog wheel component, this could be interesting. I’m hopeful, too, that like controllers like the integrated device for Maschine, NI will support MIDI, as that could open up fun applications well beyond just Traktor.

Stay tuned, and if you have questions, let us know now and I hope NI will answer them when they launch. NI promises more news next month. (NI PR in a note to me wondered if CDM covers DJ tech; I say it’s fair game and we’ve broken an occasional storiy over the years, largely thanks to tips from you readers. So bring on the tough questions.)

  • One question..


    Otherwise no sale here.

  • @Holotropik: very possibly. I say "two" here because I can only see two *physical* decks. We'll see if it's possible to toggle virtually between four. I don't think you need four platters/jog wheels for four decks, personally.

  • Tony

    A couple of corrections: This is at Space in Ibiza, not Miami. The video states it in the beginning. You can also pause the video at specific points to visually see FOUR line faders. This appears to be a 4-deck controller. It just has 2 jog wheels. I don't know any 4 deck controllers that has 4 jog wheels. It's not necessary.

  • klachick

    Looks very impressive, but I have a few concerns:

    1. NI are calling it "Traktor System", and it is clearly looks different from Traktor Pro (different colors, sampler). What about current Traktor Pro users, will they have to pay to upgrade?

    2. I've read on other forums that it will have a built in audio interface (and it actually makes sense if NI are aiming for a "complete system"), again this is something that will hurt existing users that already have bought audio interfaces (and many digital djs use NI's own usb interfaces).

  • Tony

    From this still:

    It appears to only be a controller. There is a NI A8DJ interface right above it.

  • @Tony: I tend to agree on four decks and realize my headline could be misleading depending on how it's read. Adjusted – thanks for the feedback.

    Oh, and you're right, Ibiza is not Miami. Mea culpa. 😉

    I do get the sense that it's a controller; other than that, we're just waiting on NI for official details.

  • as far as controllers? i'm hoping people say good things about this

    as for the DJ app Traktor, to me, has been love/hate relationship. Even in it's current incarnations it freezes when accessing external media (USB 2.0, firewire, apple, PC's, I've tested multiple laptops). I've never had freezing occur on Serato SL1. I still use Traktor for small gigs and places I can't lug turntables because it allows me to use high quality fire wire combo MIDI/sound cards unlike being stuck with an audio only USB SL1 box.

  • Joe Riggs

    Dubfire is so weak. Please retire already.

  • Have you ever tried Torq with the Xponent controller….its really solid !
    Overlooked by many….Also Rewire capable….

  • Kcrosley

    About freaking time! When was it that I wrote that guide to using the Mixman DM2 with Traktor? OH, only 7 years ago. I wonder if I still had hair then?



  • eff dee

    i wonder why they didn't integrate a soundcard. with it's size you would think they had?! nonetheless, as a good friend of mine always says, "djing with a laptop has the charm of checking emails" 😉

  • Ean at DJ TechTools has put up some good screen-shots from the vid and it looks like this thing has 4-deck ability…so for me this is Win!

    There also seems to be an update to Traktor with some sort of sample function involved – this is very exciting for me as it would make this setup much more creative!

    As for the soundcard…well…it would be difficult for NI to include a soundcard in this thing when it would work against sales of the NI soundcards…no?

    If it does have built in soundcard then it would be truly awesome!

  • I was hoping it wouldn't be modular, so you could buy one deck a time. That thing is stupid huge.

    I doubt they will integrate a sound card if the Maschine and X1 are any indicators. Plus it will keep the price down.

    About time they put a SAMPLER in Traktor. I doubt I will get the jog wheel controller, but with my Maschine as a controller the sampler will be so great to use live.

  • 🙂

  • But Native Instruments already confirmed that they've included the soundcard. Facebook PR rulez 😉

  • Christian K.

    I too wish they integrated a soundcard. I've always felt the summing of multiple decks in software thru a single stereo output pair never sounded quite as good as summing thru a real mixer. But maybe that's just me.

  • Carlos D.

    Looks awesome, and WAY better than everything out there right now. If this is below 500$ (and it quite possibly could be considering maschine is less 500), with a sound card, this will SQUASH the competition (read: allen and heath's itch controller, any outdated pioneer cdj, and any over-priced vestax midi module).

  • eff dee

    i've read (traktor's facebook page) that an audio interface is included and that it's believed to cost about 800 $/€ (as a bundle with traktor #whatever). What i've read and really think that it's a problem: as a dj playing in normal clubs, where do you find the space to put this monster? could get quiet difficult. we'll see. cheers

  • beez

    eff dee

    its not a monster …two pioneer cdj2000 joined are about this size
    beside,its looks very ergonomic,you dont get your finger stuck in it
    btw,a club that respects the dj should have enough space for him!its like inviting someone in your living room for diner and put him in the corner behind the sofa
    think of the xzone 3d and 4d as monsters,hehe…

  • Well it's smaller than my Live rig 🙂 yet can provide me with the ability to do a creative DJ set which I am enjoying these days…no one track at a time here! too boring 🙁

  • Psssst,
    there's a Rumour around that it will be namend TRAKTOR S4, CONTROLLER S4, it has a built in 8 channel Soundcard and cames with a €/$ 799,-
    price tag.