a story of light from Jerome Monnot on Vimeo.

Just two minutes in length, a teaser from a new documentary on the Mapping Festival encapsulates the growing range today’s visualist can cover. Far from look-alike video loops projected on narrow rectangles, that gamut extends to mapping and human performance that explodes the screen, from advanced, special-effects-laden cinema to abstract visual design. The video is appropriately titled: these are, simply, artists working in light, exploring with that light the concepts of rhythm and space long exploited by music and sound.


cam op / editing : jerome monnot
extra cams : vania jaikin myazaki / ilan katin / camille dedieu / boris edelstein
music taken from ‘ancestors’ by Gonjasufi – prod by flying lotus

… documentary in pre-production

Thanks to Mutis Mayfield for this one. I look forward to the finished result.

Here’s another fantastic video from the same documentarian, Jerome Monnot:

Spying on MetaMapping from Jerome Monnot on Vimeo.

MetaMapping is a residence of 10 artists all working in the audio/visual field. Their mission is to work collectively for 8 days to produce a presentation during the mapping festival (07/05/2010).

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  • It seems really interesting… I have some friends involved in mappings.

    Thanks Peter!


  • John

    Does anyone know the name of the artist who appears :40 into the "Spying on MetaMapping" video? She is the one who is "dancing out" the explosive brushstroke looking marks. I am a painter who has been asked to generate some projections based off of my paintings for a dance performance and I'm interested in knowing more about the processes and programs used to generate this piece. Most of my digital experience has mostly been limited to still, 2-D flat work involving Photoshop or illustrator, so a lot of this is new for me. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks